GIRP Notes Template

This GIRP Note Template makes it easy for healthcare professionals to create patient visits and interaction notes.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Mar 06, 2024.

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What is a GIRP Note Template?

are commonly used in mental health services as a progress note format. GIRP is an acronym that stands for goals, intervention, response, and plan. It can focus on short or long-term goals set by the patient under the guidance of mental health professionals. It helps establish tangible and achievable goals for the patient. The process of achieving short-term goals can provide encouragement and motivation for the patient to further achieve their long-term goals, and eventually lead to better treatment outcomes.

A GIRP note template is a premade template designed to maximize the time efficiency of mental health professionals, providing an easily accessible PDF that can be either digitally filled or printed.

The following are the 4 sections that constitute the GIRP note:


This is the section where the goals of the patient are documented. It can consist of short-term goals or long-term goals or a mixture of both. It helps maintain focus on the goals throughout sessions to improve therapeutic outcomes.


This is the section where any form of intervention is documented. The documentation helps mental health professionals to keep track of their methods, providing better continuity of care.


This is the section where the patient’s response to the intervention is documented. This helps with keeping track of patients’ progress and identifying methods that are the most effective.


This is the section where mental health professionals write down plans for future consultations, therapies and treatment.

Printable GIRP Notes Template

Download these GIRP Notes Templates to improve clinical records, productivity, and client outcomes.

How to Use This Template for GIRP Notes

Our free GIRP note PDF template is easy to use and available to download. A prefilled GIRP note example PDF can also be found further down the page.

Step One: Download the PDF Template

Download the PDF template with the link above. You can fill it out either digitally or print it out. Adobe Acrobat works best with our template, and the free version is sufficient.

Step Two: Fill Out Patient Credentials

Fill out your patient basic information, including first name, last name, date of birth, and date/time of the session.

Step Three: Fill Out the GIRP Note

Fill out the goals, interventions, responses, and plans for your sessions as required. With our fillable pdf format, you can directly type within the boxes.

Step Four: Sign the Document, Store it Safe

After everything is filled out, remember to sign the document and put it somewhere safe. It protects your patient’s privacy and is a legal requirement by HIPAA. Carepatron is a HIPAA-certified platform. You can create an account and keep your patient records digitally.

GIRP Notes Example (Sample)

It might not be as intuitive when you approach GIRP notes for the first time. We have created a sample to give you an idea of what the GIRP note template will look like in a healthcare setting. This example aims to give you a general idea of the structure and format, but you will need to adjust it to fit your needs.

Download the GIRP Notes Example here: 

GIRP Notes Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable GIRP Note Template?

This printable GIRP note template can be used by any medical professional, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. It is designed to help medical professionals create organized and comprehensive notes for their patients, which can then be used for billing, diagnosis, and medical record-keeping purposes. The mental healthcare sector has a particular emphasis on the use of GIRP notes because it provides a goal-oriented and comprehensive framework for clinicians to document their assessment and treatment. The following are some examples of medical professionals who would benefit from using this template: 

  • Psychiatrists
  • Family physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Counseling therapists
  • Psychiatric nurses

Sharing the same GIRP note template improves efficiency and communication among these healthcare professionals, allowing for the best possible care.

Why is This Template Useful for Clinical Practitioners?

Easy Access

The GIRP note template provides an easy and organized way for clinical practitioners to track patient information that could otherwise be difficult to sort through. Having all this information in one place makes it easy to reference patients’ information, minimizing data entry mistakes quickly. This is especially beneficial for healthcare providers dealing with a large volume of patients.

Convenient Storage

The template also makes it easy to store information digitally, providing a secure way for clinical practitioners to store patient health data and easily access it when needed. Our template also includes all the elements that you will need on a GIRP note, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to add important details. 

Easy to Edit

We made this template so it is in an editable PDF format. This allows you or any healthcare professionals that you share with to be able to adjust any information easily without worrying about the basic structure of the template being messed up.

Why Use Carepatron For GIRP Note?

Carepatron is a medical software system that is integrated with tools for writing and tracking individualized GIRP notes. It was created with the aim of simplifying the administrative process of note-taking and storage of GIRP notes. The Carepatron interface is also incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for clinicians to quickly and accurately create GIRP notes. It allows your organization to easily track and review patient information, document care plans, create customized templates, and document participant plans over time. Additionally, Carepatron is a HIPAA-compliant platform, meaning all your data is stored securely, providing maximum protection for your patient privacy.

GIRP note software
Why should I use the GIRP note?
Why should I use the GIRP note?

Commonly asked questions

Why should I use the GIRP note?

The GIRP (Goals, Intervention, Response, Plan) note is an evidence-based model that focuses on improving treatment outcome of patients. It encourages the clinicians and patients to work together to identify, clarify, and respond to the needs of each patient, helping their achieve their goals and improve quality of life.

How to format a GIRP note?

A GIRP note includes 4 sections: goals, intervention, response, and plan. Beyond these 4 sections, it is also important to include patient information, including their name and date of birth. At the end, don’t forget to sign the document and mark the date and time of the session. Luckily, our template at Carepatron has all these sections sorted out for you, and all you have to do is to download the PDF template, or create an account on our website and access it from our online template library.

Who uses GIRP notes?

GIRP notes have wide application across multiple fields within the healthcare system. It is particularly popular within the mental health sector, as it helps the patient reify abstract solutions to psychological problems into tangible and achievable goals, boosting their confidence for recovery and improving overall outcomes.

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