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Good for individuals or small teams just starting out. Upgrade at anytime.

  • Free cloud storage
    1GB storage
  • Unlimited health practitioners
    Unlimited client & staff
  • Unlimited patient appointments
    Unlimited appointments
  • Telehealth appointments
    Unlimited 1-on-1 video calling
  • Automated patient appointments
    Free appointment reminders






For those looking to boost productivity and grow their team.

  • All carepatron features
    All carepatron features
  • Unlimited health records
    Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Telehealth
    Unlimited group video calls
  • Support team
    Concierge customer support
  • 99% uptime
    99.99% guaranteed uptime

Everything you need in one platform

Health practice features
Stop switching tools for every task. Keep client records, scheduling, video calling, and more - in one place.
Medical transcription
AI voice transcription
We know it's faster to type with your voice. Generate rich text with your integrated transcription service.
Enjoy the freedom of seamless telehealth software - conduct video consultations from anywhere.
Private practice clients
Client portal
Give clients access to a shared workspace, so you're always on the same page.
Client appointment
Manage all your appointments and workflow. Plus, enjoy our automated client reminder service.
Mobile practice management
Mobile friendly
Carepatron works from any device. Handle everything that comes your way anytime, anywhere.
Progress notes
Documentation & notes
Manage all of your client information in one place. We autosave so you'll never lose work again.
Worlds best practice management
Award-winning Support
Our superstar customer success team is here to help you anytime. 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

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Don't just take our word for it.

Adam P.
North Shore Medical
5 stars
My team uses carepatron to help manage our HIPAA compliance. It's great to have complete confidence that we can pass an audit anytime.
Dr. Na'eemah Y.
Re-Energise Clinic
5 stars
Carepatron allows me to focus on my clients instead of being tangled up with a bunch of tools I need to switch between continually.
Dr. Jack H.
East Bay Clinic
5 stars
It is simple to use, even for a person like me without many technology skills.
Sandra D.
Sixteen Mile Stand Counseling
5 stars
You guys are knocking it out of the park with your software. My team are amazed each week with how many new features and improvements you have made. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Dingxiang D.
Birmingham Wellbeing Practice
5 stars
Fantastic! Sleek, beautiful and the best PMS I have ever experienced. Trust me; I've nearly tested them all. Carepatron is the way of the future!
Damian T.
Berkeley South Family Clinic
5 stars
I've been looking for something like carepatron for over two years and had almost given up. Now I have the platform I can focus on my team and clients.
Xue H.
Mount Lebanon Psychologists
5 stars
Helps me focus more on my clinical work. Extremely simple to use, user-f genuinely fantastic. The best tool I have used in 35 years of practicing.
Trevor W.
Leawood Family Clinic
5 stars
Love at first sight! Even though they still lack some features, I can honestly say this is the best so far.

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