Carepatron vs Heydoc

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Carepatron vs Heydoc
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Deciding on a practice management software that not only meets the needs of your business but also streamlines business operations, can be a difficult choice. There are a multitude of features that factor into high-quality systems, and when dipping your toes into the online healthcare software market, it can often feel overwhelming. However, we’re here to help! With this guide, we’ll be comparing the leading options of Heydoc and Carepatron when it comes to managing your client’s information, and help you towards making the right move in regards to your practice management. 

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Overview on Heydoc practice management software

Heydoc is a great option for managing healthcare and growing your business, with it being clinically suitable for a variety of disciplines. Regardless of whether you are in psychology, physiotherapy, or elsewhere, Heydoc can work towards simplifying processes and improving functionality across all your operations. As a web-based service, Heydoc provides appointment scheduling features to help you see as many patients as resources allow, and ensure that you’re always organized with an up-to-date calendar syncing system. Integrated with appointment reminders, you can significantly reduce no-shows, and save your practice time and money to add value and invest in other business areas. With a detailed EMR, EHR, and client system, you can also have an interoperable database that provides rich information accessible from just one place. This makes for a highly convenient option for both you and your clients, as well as increasing the accuracy of your client’s medication background and history. In terms of finances, you’re completely set to go with Heydoc, with medical billing and inventory management working in conjunction to increase the likelihood of you being reimbursed on time. 

Shortcomings of Heydoc software

Despite Heydoc’s numerous benefits, it’s important to acknowledge that there are several pitfalls when it comes to their practice management software. 

Does not offer free version 

Heydoc does not provide a free version, meaning that in order to experience the entirety of its features and their efficiency within your business, you must pay a premium per month. This can quickly add up; especially if you discover that their software is not the best fit for you. 

Cannot request holidays

When working in a healthcare practice, it’s highly likely that you have other staff on board, and if not now, this could become a reality. Heydoc doesn’t allow staff to request holidays through the platform, which can create an inconvenient manual process. 

Charges for making online booking

Heydoc has a significant disadvantage when it comes to online booking, as they charge according to each one. Many other services have made greater leaps with no hidden or additional costs in regard to booking systems. 

Does not integrate with Healthcode 

Healthcode is a commonly used healthcare solution, and Heydoc is unable to fulfill operability concerns when it comes to this platform, which can cause significant issues. 

Carepatron: The best alternative to Heydoc

Used by over 10,000+ healthcare professionals, Carepatron makes for a perfectly viable alternative to Heydoc. With a variety of features customizable to the needs of your business, and at free and premium price points, you can be sure to set yourself up for success. 

End-to-end workflow tool

Working across a variety of business functions and operations, you can be sure to have a streamlined system that incorporates efficiency across the board. You can elevate the quality of your workflow, and work smarter, not harder. 

Better client relationships

With an easy to use interface, as well as communication channels in place at the tips of your fingertips, it’s no surprise that Carepatron increases client relationships. Clients feel comfortable with its secure features that work round-the-clock to ensure all information is recent and relevant to patient goals and treatment. 

Voice to text transcription

Clinical documents and notes can be especially timely to create, with Carepatron working to significantly reduce the time it takes through voice-to-text transcription. You can cut out hours, and focus on what you do best; attending to your patients. 

HIPAA compliant

Naturally, with online data, you must ensure that you maintain privacy across all client information and that you comply with HIPAA standards. Fortunately, Carepatron excels when it comes to security, as we regularly monitor all channels to minimize security breaches. 

Robust free pricing plan for unlimited users

Healthcare can be expensive, and it shouldn’t be. With Carepatron, you can work with a free pricing plan for an unlimited number of users so you can continue growing without compromise. 

Patient portal

Carepatron realizes the value of their clients and ensures that all patients have some level of control over their healthcare experiences. With a patient portal, they can easily connect with practitioners and view important information at any time. 

Online payment option

With online payments, you can generate invoices in seconds, and avoid having to chase patients up on their outstanding finances. 

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Other practice management software alternatives to Heydoc

The healthcare software industry is very broad, with new entrants constantly developing suitable systems. As a result, it’s important that you’re aware of other options out there as an alternative to Heydoc. 


TheraNest provides practice management software that interacts with scheduling, invoicing, telehealth, analytics, and online prescription capabilities, which all work towards optimizing performance. The payment plan, which is designed to enhance health outcomes while cutting expenses, starts at approximately $39 per month. If you want to learn more, feel free to check out our Carepatron vs TheraNest software comparison. 


Doxy's practice management software is designed with patients, individual health practitioners, and larger healthcare corporations in mind. Doxy also provides strong compliance features and significant telemedicine options such as appointments and communication channels that work towards higher quality. If you would like to know more, check out our comparison of the features and advantages of Carepatron and Doxy.


Simple Practice, one of the most widely used practice management systems, has widened the industry of healthcare technology. Simple Practice is utilized to minimize administrative processes and maximize productivity by integrating with a wide variety of operational features, such as consulting and medical record systems. For more information, please see our Carepatron vs Simple Practice software comparison.


Therapy Notes technology is a popular choice for practice management systems due to its variety of services. It includes extensive clinical note templates in addition to scheduling, invoicing, credit card processing, and telemedicine functions. These solutions, which are an alternative to Carepatron's practice management software, assist to streamline internal operations at your healthcare firm and enhance your organization.


Clinic Source's practice management software focuses on billing, scheduling, documentation, and management. Each of them focuses on a distinct component of the healthcare job, which can significantly help in assisting your company in optimizing efficiency. If you're interested in learning more, you may view our Carepatron vs Clinic Source practice management software comparison.

Fusion Web Clinic 

Fusion Web Clinic is a top alternative in healthcare software since it is integrated with aided billing, analytical, and teletherapy capabilities. It can work towards streamlined operations, and for more details, see our Carepatron vs Fusion Web Clinic comparison.

Practice Perfect 

With no long-term commitments or hidden costs, Practice Perfect can make for a viable option for you to simplify processes and improve efficiency within your business. To experience typical healthcare features, such as billing and consulting, with no tricky contracts, feel free to check out our Carepatron vs Practice Perfect comparison


Halaxy's practice management software is intended to be a cutting-edge and innovative system for healthcare organizations, and can revolutionize the way your system operates. For additional details, see our Carepatron vs Halaxy practise management software comparison.


With six different price plans, in addition to telehealth features and tools, Cliniko can be a great option for you to increase efficiency within your healthcare practice. To view details, and assess their flexibility, consider viewing our Carepatron vs Cliniko comparison


For all your physical therapy needs, consider WebPT, which is a highly efficient and responsive physical therapy software. You can communicate with clients and access notes in the nick of time, and for more information, refer to our comparison of Carepatron and WebPT practice software


IntakeQ is a great option for improving your electronic form production and collection when it comes to your patients. You can connect at any time, and commit to greater growth in terms of your operations. Feel free to check out our Carepatron vs IntakeQ software comparison


Patientpop is the jack of all trades when it comes to healthcare, and works to streamline and modernize all your business processes. With no additional costs, you can increase traffic and growth. For more information, see our Carepatron vs Patientpop practice software comparison.


With free round-the-clock support, Powerdiary can help you get started on your healthcare journey, with effective appointment management and communication services. For more, see our Carepatron vs Powerdiary practice management software comparison


As the name suggests, Chirotouch works to increase efficiency and satisfaction in chiropractic businesses. Built and designed with chiropractors in mind, this could be the service for you. See our comparison of Carepatron vs. Chirotouch software for more details. 

Make the switch from Heydoc to Carepatron

As you can see, Heydoc, along with many other services, makes for a perfectly viable practice management system for you to incorporate. However, while each one has its pitfalls, Carepatron responds to each of these challenges and is created with healthcare practitioners’ needs and goals in mind. This works towards a system that is cohesive, streamlined, and effective in boosting quality and efficiency within your practice. For the future growth of your practice, and to increase customer satisfaction, consider implementing Carepatron today.

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