Carepatron vs WebPT

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Carepatron vs WebPT
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If you are interested in elevating the organization and efficiency within your physical therapy business, it’s time to look into practice management software. This type of technology allows practices to streamline various processes, saving them significant amounts of time whilst simultaneously generating revenue. In this guide, we’re going to outline the benefits and drawbacks of WebPT’s software before comparing it with a better alternative: Carepatron. Hopefully, after you finish reading this guide you’ll be equipped with the right knowledge, ready to find the perfect practice management software for your business. 

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What is WebPT and what are its features?

WebPT offers practice management software that is integrated with advanced documentation, online payments, scheduling, and electronic benefit verification. These features are designed to elevate the internal procedures within healthcare businesses, improving efficiency and communication between practitioners and patients. All of the tools contained within WebPT’s software are HIPAA-compliant, meaning that you can improve the creation and storage of documentation without compromising patient confidentiality or privacy. Depending on the needs of your practice WebPT offers three different pricing plans, beginning at $3 USD/day. Although the core packages of the practice management system include various features, additional products (including reach, outcomes, revenue management, and interoperability) can be purchased at an additional price.

Why consider an alternative for WebPT?

Although WebPT has some suitable features, there are some aspects of the technology that have been shown to be challenging.

Does not offer mobile dedicated app for Android users

Having a mobile app is a necessary aspect for most healthcare businesses in today’s digital age. Unfortunately, however, WebPT’s mobile app isn’t suitable for Android users, making it fairly limited in its accessibility.

Additional cost to integrate each aspect separately

The requirement of paying for additional products adds a lot of hidden fees when it comes to WebPT. If your business wants to integrate a variety of tools, they should expect to pay quite a lot.

Cannot be integrated with other existing/ new applications

Unfortunately, interoperability isn’t WebPT’s strong suit. Essentially, this means that if you use pre-existing applications, they can’t be integrated into WebPT’s practice management software, posing various challenges for your business.

Lacks the option for custom reporting

Whilst WebPT offers standard reporting, these cannot be customized. WebPT is, however, currently developing a more flexible reporting system.

Not suitable for inpatient rehab practices

WebPT has been designed for outpatient care, meaning that it is not suitable for inpatient rehab practices.

Carepatron: The perfect alternative to WebPT

Fortunately, there is a wide range of alternative solutions to WebPT, including Carepatron. We have completed a comparison of Carepatron and WebPT’s practice software, and identified various areas that display Carepatron’s strengths.

End-to-end workflow tool

Carepatron’s software has an end-to-end workflow tool that is designed to optimize the efficiency of your practice’s daily operations. This allows your business to prioritize tasks and achieve its goals.

Better client relationships

With a fantastic patient portal, Carepatron facilitates improved client relationships. Focusing on increasing transparency within the healthcare system, Carepatron encourages patients to have a more involved role in their own care, leading to higher rates of loyalty and client satisfaction.

Voice to text transcription

Creating clinical documentation is a time-consuming task for all practitioners. With Carepatron’s voice-to-text transcription feature, writing documentation is streamlined, saving practitioners significant amounts of time.

HIPAA compliant

Every aspect of Carepatron’s practice management software is entirely HIPAA compliant. This means that you can store, access and share patient data on a centralized platform without compromising privacy or confidentiality.

Robust free pricing plan for unlimited users

Every healthcare business wants to find ways to save money - and Carepatron’s free pricing plan offers the perfect solution. Without compromising on essential features, Carepatron has free practice management software that can boost operations whilst saving you money. 

Patient portal

Carepatron’s patient portal provides a secure platform for patients to access their appointment, payment, and medical information, improving transparency and communication simultaneously.

Online payment option

With an online payment option, paying for services has never been easier. Patients can finalize their bills from the comfort of their own homes, streamlining the payment process and leading to faster reimbursements.

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Other practice management software alternatives to WebPT

Given the recent surge in the development of healthcare software, there is a wide range of practice management systems that will be perfectly suitable for your business.


TheraNest offers practice management software that integrates with scheduling, billing, telehealth, analytics, and e-prescription features. Designed to improve health outcomes whilst lowering costs, the payment plan begins at $39/month. If you want to find out more, have a look at our Carepatron vs TheraNest software comparison.


With a focus on simplicity, Doxy’s practice management software has solutions for patients, individual clinicians, and healthcare businesses. Doxy has good compliance features and extensive telehealth tools - if you’re interested in these, check out our Carepatron vs Doxy features and benefits comparison

Simple Practice

One of the most popular practice management systems in use, Simple Practice has paved the way for healthcare technology. Integrating with a wide range of operational features, Simple Practice is designed to streamline administrative tasks and optimize efficiency. Have a look at our Carepatron vs Simple Practice software comparison for more information. 


In addition to scheduling, billing, credit card processing, and telehealth features, Therapy Notes technology is integrated with extensive clinical note templates. As an alternative to Carepatron’s practice management software, these tools streamline the internal processes at your healthcare business and help improve the organization. 

Clinic Source

Clinic Source’s practice management software is essentially categorized into four areas: billing, scheduling, documentation, and management. Each of these targets a specific aspect of healthcare work, helping your business optimize efficiency. If you’re interested, feel free to check out our Carepatron vs Clinic Source practice management software comparison.

Fusion Web Clinic

With practice management software designed for a wide range of healthcare fields, Fusion Web Clinic is bound to have a solution for you. Integrated with assisted billing, insights, and teletherapy features, Fusion Web Clinic is a leading option in healthcare software. Check out our Carepatron vs Fusion Web Clinic comparison for more information.

Practice Perfect

Practice Perfect offers an all-in-one EMR and practice management system designed to improve your organization whilst simultaneously facilitating growth. The software is priced at $180 USD/month with no long-term contracts or additional up-front costs - if you’re interested, have a look at our Carepatron vs Practice Perfect software comparison.


Halaxy’s practice management software is designed to be a modern and innovative system for healthcare businesses. Integrated with features for practitioners and patients, Halaxy is helping change the way the healthcare system is operating - for the better. Have a look at our Carepatron vs Halaxy practice management software comparison for more information.


Cliniko integrates with standard practice management features, in addition to extensive and innovative telehealth tools. With six different price plans, Cliniko can be customized to suit your business needs, remaining affordable without compromising on quality. Feel free to check out our Carepatron vs Cliniko comparison for more information.

Shift from WebPT to Carepatron: A software built exclusively for healthcare professionals

Whilst we don’t want to discredit the aspects that WebPT’s technology has going for them, we think it might be time for you to consider your alternatives. Carepatron’s software is highly innovative, offering a fresh take on managing healthcare businesses whilst simultaneously boosting efficiency and organization. Carepatron believes that achieving success should be affordable, which is why they offer a highly effective free plan that can be upgraded at any time with no hidden costs. If you want to hit your KPIs and watch your healthcare business flourish, it’s time to make the change and move to Carepatron!

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