About Carepatron

Our mission is to make healthcare accessible through beautiful software

Carepatron helps practitioners see more clients, manage their schedule and record their notes—all in one place. With our practice management software, you can automate your busy work and stay on top of your to-do list, saving time and money so you can grow your business.  
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Our core values

Why we do it

All healthcare staff

Something for all humans

We believe in the pursuit of improved health through universal access to powerful software.
Client safety

Keep people safe

The security and privacy of our community mean everything to us!
Beautiful health experience

Deliver beautiful experiences

We aim to make every interaction with our community engaging and inspiring.

What we do

We build beautiful software for modern practices, enabling teams to organise, communicate and collaborate across locations, tools, and time zones — without constraint or limitation.
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How we do it

We’re a 100% global remote team. We know that talented people live across all corners of our wonderful planet. We unlock these unique humans to contribute from wherever they choose.
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