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Health practice features
Stop switching tools for every task. Keep client records, scheduling, video calling, and more - in one place.
Medical transcription
Medical Voice Transcription
We know it's faster to type with your voice. Generate clinical notes faster with your own integrated Medical transcription service.
Telehealth Video Calls
Enjoy the freedom of seamless telehealth software - conduct video consultations from anywhere.
Private practice clients
Patient Portal
Give clients access to a shared workspace, so you're always on the same page.
Client appointment
Scheduling & Workflow
Manage all your appointments and workflow. Plus, enjoy our automated client reminder service.
Mobile practice management
Mobile Friendly
Carepatron works from any device. Handle everything that comes your way anytime, anywhere.
Progress notes
Clinical Notes & Documentation
All of your client information stored safely in one place. We autosave so you'll never lose work again.
Worlds best practice management
Award-Winning Practice Support
Our superstar customer success team is there to help you anytime. 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
Private practice clients
Medical Billing & Online Payments
Carepatron Payments make it easier for your clients to pay online, you save time while getting paid twice as fast. What great way to improve your cashflow!

One app for all of your work

Virtual, in-office, or both. Carepatron allows you to work from anywhere. Manage clients, organise appointments, automate your workflow and provide telehealth.
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Healthcare professional

Security you can trust

Practitioners around the globe trust Carepatron to keep millions of records safe, everyday. The security of your information will always be our number one priority.
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Private practice security

A shared workspace for you and your clients

  • Automate workflow
    Share documentation and notes
  • client collaboration
    Simplify communication and decision-making
  • Digital workspace
    Manage appointments and workflow
  • Clinical workflow
    Client access from any device 
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“I knew from the moment I started using Carepatron that we had made the right decision. We improved our efficiency in just one week, amazing!”
Dr. Alice Morgan

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