Carepatron vs Cliniko

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Carepatron vs Cliniko
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Practice management software is one of the greatest business assets available to increase the quality of your healthcare business. Both popular options, Carepatron and Cliniko, offer unique features that make them excellent candidates for streamlining your operations and optimizing your resources. However, it's critical that you take the time to thoroughly investigate your options, as they can be the difference between your failures and your successes. Because of recent developments and advances in the healthcare industry, there’s an ever-expanding range of platform options, so you should always conduct a thorough assessment of the management system environment. Luckily, we’re here to help!

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Cliniko: practice management software for clinics and allied health practitioners

Cliniko serves as a great health practice management software for practitioners from a variety of different disciplines. Your clinical patient documents, notes, and electronic health records can be kept safe through top-notch security systems, with Cliniko catering to a number of price points to accommodate businesses large and small. Additionally, you can benefit from free online and email chat help to have 24/7 customer support, which is especially ideal within the healthcare environment. You’re more than likely to encounter challenges, and Cliniko’s robust service will help increase your engagement and satisfaction with clients.

Reasons to look for a Cliniko alternative

However, keeping this in mind, it’s important to note that there are various reasons why seeking an alternative may prove more financially and logistically viable for your healthcare practice. For more information, check out our Carepatron vs Cliniko comparison

Expensive for small teams

Not every starting business will have an abundant share of income ready to spare, and with Cliniko starting at $49/mo per user, it’s not the most ideal option. There are a variety of alternatives out there that offer far cheaper services, including free ones, without compromising on quality. 

No online payments

With no online payment options, Cliniko can create more boundaries than they alleviate. Online payments are essential for faster reimbursements, and quite simply, they are the most convenient option for all customers. 

No client portal

The lack of a client portal is a missed opportunity to directly connect with clients from any place and time. Portals act as an excellent one-stop-shop for all things healthcare, and failing to build one can create miscommunication issues, and waste practitioner time in having to follow up on tedious tasks. 

Difficult to use

Practice management systems must be intuitive and user-friendly, as this allows for a more streamlined workflow when it comes to business operations. Unfortunately, Cliniko also appears to fall short in this area, with its platform taking some time to get used to navigating. 

Carepatron: The best practice management alternative

Used by 10,000+ healthcare professionals, and designed in collaboration with practitioners, Carepatron is one of the leading options when it comes to practice management software. Accessible from different price points, all of which offer high-quality features, consider branching out from Cliniko and implementing a platform that is truly intuitive.

End-to-end workflow tool

Carepatron works to streamline business operations by increasing interoperability, and implementing a variety of everyday features to simplify your workload. You can access appointment scheduling features, in addition to video consulting, online payments, patient portals, clinical documentation storage, and production, as well as coding and dictation services. 

Better client relationships

With patients in mind, Carepatron has designed its platform in a way that can be easily accessed and navigated by the average user, regardless of their technical skill. Patients have more control over their healthcare experience and can connect with practitioners more closely, and from any place and time. All of its seamless services work together to elevate the customer which can be seen in the consistently positive feedback and high customer satisfaction. 

Voice-to-text transcription

A large part of healthcare is writing clinical notes and documents, which can be a highly tedious task. However, Carepatron eliminates the need for long hours spent with manual writing and enhances the note-taking experience by typing with your voice. It’s much faster, more accurate, and can save your business hours that can add value elsewhere.

HIPAA compliant

Carepatron implements bank-level encryption to ensure HIPAA compliance, and to protect your business information, as well as your patient data. You can rest easy knowing that your security is prioritized and that your details are secure. 

Robust free pricing plan for unlimited users

Healthcare is expensive enough as it is, and Carepatron works to alleviate financial stress by offering both free and paid plans. Each one presents its own unique features, with a very robust plan in place that allows you to get started for free, and to continue to expand without sacrificing clients.

For more information, continue exploring our Carepatron vs Cliniko comparison

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Other practice management alternatives to Cliniko

While Carepatron is a very strong contender as an alternative to Cliniko, it’s also important to acknowledge other options that are also revolutionizing the way healthcare solutions are delivered. Depending on the needs of your business, other choices listed below may provide perfect solutions to your resource constraints and healthcare practice goals. 


You can streamline all of your business operations and emphasize patient health with HIPAA-compliant software that results in greater clinical outcomes. TheraNest works round the clock to save you time and boost rapport amongst clients, especially with its toolset that allows for appointment scheduling and billing features. Reduce your costs and improve client satisfaction with its paperless methods, and if that isn't enough to persuade you, feel free to explore our Carepatron vs TheraNest software comparison.


Doxy is a great way to simplify your workload and ensure that all your operations are completed to a high standard with minimal fuss. Doxy doesn’t require any downloads, meaning you can get started in telemedicine right away with no delays! It’s free to use and is also HIPAA compliant, so you can have full confidence that your patient data is in safe hands. With mobile device compatibility, you can also review and access information and channels from the comfort of your own pocket. If this intrigues you, consider viewing our Carepatron vs Doxy features and benefits comparison


SimplePractice is one of the most widely used healthcare platforms, featuring unique telehealth and telemedicine features. It is used by over 100,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide, which makes it both a reliable and credible option. Client portals, scheduling, documentation, and billing services are all available at any time and from any location with accessibility from mobile and laptop devices. Consider our Carepatron vs. SimplePractice software comparison for more details.


TherapyNotes is an all-in-one practice management system that allows you to manage your records, billing, and appointments all in one place. The service provides excellent support, with customer service and security available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your data safe. TherapyNotes is a certain potential alternative to Carepatron practice management software because it offers similar features, and also prioritizes the needs of your patients, coupled with the drive to execute your own business goals and desires. 


ClinicSource is a terrific way to manage paperwork and billing processes, and all information is secure thanks to HIPAA compliance. You can easily navigate the interface, as it is very user-friendly, and if you want to know more, check out our comparison of Carepatron vs. ClinicSource practice management software.

Fusion Web Clinic 

Fusion is a fantastic service for people working in a variety of healthcare fields, regardless of your specific discipline. It aims to provide regular clinical documentation and payment services while also generating unique insight through analytical tools that can aid in trend identification. See our comparison of Carepatron vs Fusion Web Clinic for more details.

Practice Perfect 

Practice Perfect serves as a jack of all trades in supplying an all-in-one EMR system that prioritizes scheduling, notes, insurance billing, and metric reporting. You can significantly elevate the quality of your business by implementing these features that optimize a streamlined workload. Check out our Carepatron vs Practice Perfect comparison for this potential quick solution.


Halaxy includes features such as a smart sync calendar, patient clinical record storage, resource aids, personalization, and customer assistance all at no cost. It's a terrific and quick alternative, with more information available in our Carepatron vs Halaxy practice management software comparison.


WebPT works across invoicing and record storage operations to ensure you're meeting your clients' physical therapy demands as a physical therapy software solution. As a result, this makes for a great service for those in the physical therapy industry specifically, with an abundance of built-in resources aiming to elevate the quality of your practice. Check out our comparison of Carepatron and WebPT practice software for more information.

Don't settle for an older style product, Use Carepatron

Choosing a practice management software system can make or break a business, as in many ways, these tools serve as the backbone for your operations and ensure you’re running a tight ship. While these applications all offer unique benefits, it can be difficult to know what is truly beneficial for your business, until it is too little too late. While we hope that this guide has opened your eyes to the options out there, we think that you should seriously consider choosing Carepatron, as a reputable service trusted by over 10,000+ healthcare practitioners, to ensure that you can hit the ground running. 

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