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Jump into the future of healthcare with Carepatron’s telehealth platform. It's like having a doctor in your pocket but without the need for pockets! Our platform is designed to make healthcare accessible, secure, and free. Ready to change how you think about doctor visits?

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The perfect telehealth software for your healthcare team

Think of our telehealth software as a do-it-all tool for your team. It makes your job easier and helps you care for your patients better. Simple, effective, and ready for anything.

Use it anywhere

Our telehealth software empowers patients to consult with their doctors from the comfort of their homes or any location they choose. This flexibility ensures that geographical barriers do not hinder access to healthcare.

Quick and easy

Designed for efficiency, our platform saves significant time for both doctors and patients. Streamlining the consultation process minimizes wait times and administrative delays.

Better care for patients

Enhancing patient satisfaction is at the core of our telehealth service. By facilitating smoother doctor-patient interactions and making healthcare more accessible, we contribute to a more positive healthcare experience.

Saves money

Our telehealth software is a solution that makes healthcare more affordable for patients and providers. By reducing the need for physical office visits, we help save on transportation costs and minimize overhead expenses.

Portrait of a woman
Lorena Pérez
Physical Therapist

“Our clients love how easy it is to book an appointment.”

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Jude Lee

“Carepatron saves me 2 hours every day.”

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Dr. James Thompson

“Carepatron has made getting paid on time a breeze.”

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Dr Julie Graham

“Carepatron helps me look and feel more professional.”

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Olivia Chen

"Carepatron's customer service is amazing"

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Aegeus Luca
Health Coach

“My clients love the client portal.”

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Andrea Magnus
Practice Manager

"My team love how simple it is to use."

Carepatron’s telehealth features

Our features make you feel like you're right there with your patients. You can talk clearly, share files easily, and manage your day smoothly.

See and talk clearly

Our platform offers high-quality video and audio capabilities, simulating an in-person consultation experience. This clarity in communication ensures that consultations are effective and personal.

Safe file sharing

With robust security measures in place, our software facilitates the secure exchange of files between doctors and patients. This ensures that sensitive health information is protected, maintaining patient confidentiality and trust.

Book appointments easily

Our user-friendly appointment scheduling feature makes managing consultations hassle-free for healthcare providers and patients. We help reduce administrative burdens and improve the overall healthcare experience.

Message quickly

Our telehealth platform enables instant messaging, allowing doctors to provide advice or answer patient questions promptly. This feature ensures continuous communication between doctors and patients.

Carepatron works wherever you do.

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Trusted by more than 3 million people

For Therapists, this platform is excellent. It adapts very well to home nursing and in-clinic teams. Our team can now document services and manage their daily schedule seamlessly.”

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Maria Fonseca

Physical Therapist

Carepatron is truly a lifesaver. It empowers me to focus on providing better client outcomes and services, not doing admin work.”

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Dr. Richard Bailey


It has enabled us to completely automate our patient experiences, including intake, scheduling, and billing - Saving me up to 10 hours weekly.”

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Nisha Kaur

Speech therapist

The benefits of telemedicine

Telemedicine means getting great care without the hassle of travel or waiting rooms. It’s care that fits your schedule.

No waiting around

Telemedicine eliminates the need for travel and waiting rooms, offering a more convenient and time-efficient healthcare experience. Patients can receive care from anywhere, fitting consultations into their schedules.

Care reaches everywhere

Our telehealth solution extends healthcare access to remote and underserved areas, ensuring that distance is no longer a barrier to receiving quality medical advice and care.


By saving on travel and associated costs, telemedicine offers a more economical option for receiving healthcare. This cost-effectiveness makes medical services more accessible to a broader range of people.

Talk more

The ease of communication facilitated by telemedicine encourages more frequent interactions between doctors and patients. This increased communication helps build stronger relationships and ensures better monitoring of health conditions.

The telehealth solution for every healthcare team

Our telehealth service is flexible – it fits what every team needs, big or small. It's the one tool that truly works for everyone.

Just right for one doctor

Our telehealth service is perfectly tailored for solo practitioners, offering a simple, effective, and comprehensive solution that enhances the quality of care.

Great for a group

Our platform facilitates seamless collaboration and communication for healthcare teams. It supports multiple providers working together smoothly, ensuring patient care is coordinated and efficient.

Special features for specialists

We offer specialized tools that cater to the unique requirements of different medical specialties. These custom features ensure that specialists can provide targeted care with precision and efficiency.

Works for hospitals

Our telehealth software is scalable and secure, making it suitable for hospitals managing large volumes of patients. It streamlines patient tracking, consultation scheduling, and information sharing.

Brief breakdown: how to use our telemedicine software

Starting with our software is straightforward. Here's how to begin offering or getting care with just a few steps.

Quick setup

Getting started with our telemedicine software is straightforward, with a setup process designed for ease and efficiency. This allows healthcare providers to adopt telehealth capabilities without any hassle or extensive training.

Schedule easily

Our platform offers an intuitive scheduling system that keeps appointments well-organized and easy to manage. This feature simplifies the process of booking and managing consultations, reducing administrative workload.

Video visits

Our patient portal software makes video consultations feel as personal and effective as in-person visits. High-quality video ensures doctors can conduct thorough examinations and communicate clearly with patients.

Share health records

Secure health record sharing is a cornerstone of our platform, facilitating the safe and efficient exchange of vital health information. This ensures doctors can access the information they need to provide the best possible care.

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Commonly asked questions

Can I access telehealth services for any type of medical consultation?
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Yes, telehealth platforms like Carepatron offer a wide range of services, from mental health support to routine check-ups, making healthcare accessible from the comfort of your home.

Is telehealth as effective as in-person visits?
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Studies and patient feedback suggest that telehealth can be just as effective as in-person visits for many types of healthcare needs, offering convenience without compromising on quality.

How secure is my personal health information on a telehealth platform?
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Carepatron prioritizes your privacy and security, using encryption and compliance with healthcare regulations to protect your personal health information during every telehealth session.

What do I need to start using telehealth services?
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All you need is an internet connection, a device with a camera and microphone (like a smartphone, tablet, or computer), and to sign up on the Carepatron telehealth platform to begin.

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