HIPAA-compliant online forms

Tired of filling out endless forms for patients and storing them manually? Carepatron offers an efficient solution that simplifies managing medical information online. Our HIPAA-compliant online forms feature is designed to make your workflow more convenient, secure, and streamlined.

Introducing Carepatron’s HIPAA-compliant online forms
HIPAA-compliant online forms

Improve your process with HIPAA-compliant online forms

Carepatron’s HIPAA-compliant online forms feature eliminates the need for paper forms, saving you time and effort. With our intuitive form builder, you can easily create customized medical forms specific to your practice's needs.

Your unique needs met

Create forms that meet the unique requirements of your practice with our easy-to-use form builder. Tailor each form to capture the exact information you need from patients.

Future-proofed for security

With end-to-end encryption, our system ensures that patient information collected through online forms is kept confidential and secure, in alignment with HIPAA regulations. Your peace of mind is ensured.

You've got it when you need it

With our user-friendly cloud-based storage system, you can securely retrieve forms from any device, whether you're at the clinic, hospital, or even on the go. Our seamless solution ensures quick and convenient access to essential data, promoting efficiency and patient care.

Improved productivity

Reduce the time spent on paperwork and increase your team's efficiency. Our online forms can be quickly shared and filled, allowing for smoother patient interactions and more focused care.

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Lorena Pérez
Physical Therapist

“Our clients love how easy it is to book an appointment.”

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Jude Lee

“Carepatron saves me 2 hours every day.”

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Dr. James Thompson

“Carepatron has made getting paid on time a breeze.”

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Dr Julie Graham

“Carepatron helps me look and feel more professional.”

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"Carepatron's customer service is amazing"

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“My clients love the client portal.”

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"My team love how simple it is to use."

Securely store and access patient information

We know how important it is to keep patient information safe and confidential. That's why our HIPAA-compliant online forms feature includes secure cloud storage, keeping all patient data encrypted and protected.

Effortless accessibility

Elevate your operations effortlessly with our cloud-based platform. Access patient information with ease, eliminating the need to sift through filing cabinets. Streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency with our innovative solution.

Flexible and convenient

Enhance efficiency by accessing patient data from any device, anywhere. Share and fill out online forms effortlessly for smoother patient interactions and focused care.

Robust protection

Rest easy with our top-tier security measures. Our advanced encryption methods ensure data safety during all transfers, keeping patient confidentiality intact.

Incredible integration

Seamlessly integrate our HIPAA-compliant forms into your workflows. Boost productivity without compromising compliance standards.

Carepatron works wherever you do.

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For Therapists, this platform is excellent. It adapts very well to home nursing and in-clinic teams. Our team can now document services and manage their daily schedule seamlessly.”

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Physical Therapist

Carepatron is truly a lifesaver. It empowers me to focus on providing better client outcomes and services, not doing admin work.”

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It has enabled us to completely automate our patient experiences, including intake, scheduling, and billing - Saving me up to 10 hours weekly.”

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Effortless integration with EHR systems

At Carepatron, we understand the importance of seamless workflow and integration for healthcare professionals. Our HIPAA-compliant online forms feature is designed to integrate easily with your existing electronic health records (EHR) system.

Effortless data entry

Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to saved time! Watch as fields auto-populate, seamlessly integrating data into your EHR for a smooth data entry experience.

Personalized form designs

Cater to diverse patient needs with our customizable forms. Shape documentation to suit your specialization, enriching the value and precision of patient information gathered.

Hassle-free care collaboration

Elevate patient care with real-time updates that keep everyone in the loop. Any changes made are instantly shared across the care team, promoting unified treatment strategies.

Ironclad data sync

Rely on our secure syncing capabilities to update your EHR without compromising data security. Rest assured that patient records remain accurate and uninterrupted.

HIPAA-compliant online forms for all practitioners

Keeping up with paperwork in healthcare is now easier, regardless of your role. Our online forms feature is tailored to simplify and streamline tasks for doctors, nurses, therapists, and administrators.

Optimized for physicians

Streamline patient care with smart forms that automatically merge with your EHR, reducing administration and allowing more time for patient interaction. Create, collaborate, and share forms with colleagues to ensure the best care for patients.

Nurse-friendly navigation

Nurses can take advantage of forms designed to facilitate the swift and accurate recording of patient vital signs. This streamlined process enables efficient patient monitoring and enhances care coordination.

Therapist-centric customization

Tailor your patient forms to capture essential therapy progress notes and assessments, offering therapists a more accurate track of patient progress. Document therapy outcomes and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Administrative accuracy

Enhance the efficiency of your administration by seamlessly integrating user-friendly forms that not only reduce errors but also optimize the patient intake, billing, and scheduling procedures, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Brief break down: Using HIPAA-compliant online forms

Harness the power of our HIPAA-compliant online forms to maintain confidentiality and enhance the efficiency of patient data management. Ready to create custom online forms for your practice? Follow these easy steps:

Access your account:

Sign up for Carepatron to begin utilizing all the features. Once you have created your account, you can log in at any time by clicking on the "Log In" button on the Carepatron homepage.

Explore our HIPAA-compliant online forms

Once you have logged in to your account, you can access a variety of HIPAA-compliant online forms that will allow you to securely store and manage your patients' information.

Craft your note

To begin, choose a client from the list and then proceed by clicking on 'Create note.' Look for the '+' icon located in the toolbar and click on it to add a new note entry. Use other Carepatron features to make documentation easy.

Customize for your practice

Choose the type of field you want for your form, like short text or multiple choice. Make your own forms and publish them to ensure you have the forms that work best for your practice.

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Commonly asked questions

Is it difficult to create online forms on the Carepatron platform?
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Not at all. Carepatron has a user-friendly form builder that allows you to create and customize professional medical forms without requiring any technical expertise. You can easily add and customize fields until your form is complete.

How does Carepatron ensure the security of the information on its online forms?
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Carepatron is a HIPAA-compliant platform, which means we follow strict guidelines to ensure the protection and secure handling of all patient data.

Can I make certain fields required for the client to answer in the form?
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Definitely, when creating your form, there's an option to toggle the 'required' option for each field. This ensures the client fills in the necessary information before submitting the form.

How do I send the completed online form to my client?
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Once you are satisfied with your form, a 'Send Form' button will deliver the form to your client's secure inbox.

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