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Reduce the administrative burden of physical exams using our customizable physical exam template, suitable for both simple and comprehensive, with an interactive checklist and bonus space for additional information.

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What Is A Physical Exam Template?

A physical examination is a routine procedure performed by a primary care provider (PCP) such as a family doctor or nurse practitioner. While a physical examination may in some cases be conducted for a particular reason, often they are routine, preventative exams designed to catch any potential signs of a medical condition.

For some patients with underlying health conditions that require ongoing monitoring, or with a family history of certain diseases, the physical exam may have a particular focus. For other patients, the physical exam may be conducted for purposes of employment or insurance screening, and for some, it may be a purely routine check-up. As you can see, there are many reasons patients may require a physical examination, and these reasons will often differ between patients.

With this in mind, we have created a simple-to-use Physical Exam Template to help you streamline this process and save you time. This template is customizable for all your patients, regardless of the purpose of their physical exam. Just keep reading to see how you can incorporate this template into your practice and start reaping the benefits!

Printable Physical Exam Templates

Download these physical exam templates to improve your client's physical therapy outcomes and experience.

How To Use This Template For Physical Exam Templates

Step One. Download the Template

The first step to start using this template is, of course, to get your hands on the template. You can download the free PDF version of this template for physical exams from the link on this page, find it in Carepatron’s community library of templates, or print out the PDF to use a paper copy if you prefer.

Step Two. Fill in Patient Details

First things first, fill in your patient’s details either digitally using the interactive text boxes or by hand. These details include their date of birth, identifier, and the date of the examination. 

Step Three. Complete the Sections you Examined

The beauty of this template is it does not dictate the way in which you must conduct your physical examination. Instead, you can complete your physical exam however you prefer- including whichever tests you feel are appropriate. Once you have completed the examination, or part of the examination, simply tick the relevant body-system from the template to say if there were any abnormal findings. For any body-systems you did not test, there is space to tick “Not examined” as well. 

Step Four. Add additional information

Physical examinations often combine results from radiology, histology, or the patient’s history. This additional information can be added in the Notes section on the last page of the template. 

Step Five. Save Securely 

The last step is to sign the record, add your name and designation, and save the completed Physical Exam Template securely in your patient’s medical record.

Physical Exam Example (Sample)

To demonstrate how this template can be used flexibly to suit your needs, we have included a sample physical exam template for you to take a look at. This example demonstrates a physical examination where some body-systems were not examined, and one abnormal finding was detected. Take a look at this example below.

Download this Physical Exam Example (Sample) here: 

Physical Exam Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Physical Exam Template (PDF)?

The answer to this question is simple, anyone who conducts physical examinations! Whether your patients are having physical exams for annual check-ups, or for a particular underlying health condition, this template can be effectively utilized. Physical exams are generally conducted by a primary care provider (PCP) and some examples of PCPs are given below:

  • Family Doctor
  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Registered Nurse

Additionally, trainees or residents of the above professions will find this template very useful as they begin conducting physical examinations independently. Taking comprehensive but concise documentation is a great habit to start early on, and our physical examination template can help residents and trainees do just that.

Why Is This Form Useful For Primary Care Providers?

We designed this Physical Exam Template with several useful features for primary care providers. These include:

Better Readability

Using a printed, pre-formatted template for your Physical Examination notes and results helps ensure you can understand what you wrote when you come back to read over it! We have clearly spaced each body section, with extra space for notes on each.

Flexible Physical Exam Options

Templates can often be overly prescriptive and demand that you change the way you conduct your procedures in order to utilize them effectively. Not the case here! You can conduct your physical exam exactly how you like, and this Physical Exam Template can work for you. Simply select “Not Examined” for any body systems you did not include.

Space for Additional Notes, Results, or Information

On the theme of flexibility, add any extra notes, results, or exams conducted in the spacious Notes page included in this template.

Why Use Carepatron For Physical Exam Software?

For busy primary care providers, Carepatron offers a whole new way of working. Reduce the time spent on administration and practice management tasks, and get back to providing care for your patients.

Carepatron is a state-of-the-art software solution for all of your administrative needs. Here are just a few of the ways Carepatron can improve the way your practice operates:

  • Manage your team’s calendar and appointment bookings
  • Automate your patient’s SMS or email appointment reminders and reduce no-shows to your practice.
  • Explore Carepatron’s community library of useful templates including worksheets, intake forms, report forms, and many more.
  • Offer your client’s their own patient portal, including appointment scheduling capability and secure video calling
  • And finally, rest easy knowing your patient’s sensitive data is secure in Carepatron’s digitally encrypted, HIPAA-compliant data storage system.

Best of all, Carepatron is designed simply and intuitively to minimize the learning curve, but we also offer dedicated customer help and blog posts to help you get the most out of our comprehensive suite of tools.

Physical Exam Software
Who completes a Physical Exam Template?
Who completes a Physical Exam Template?

Commonly asked questions

Who completes a Physical Exam Template?

A physical exam is typically conducted by Primary Care Providers, such as Physicians, Family Doctors, Registered Nurses, or Nurse Practitioners. This is because conducting a physical examination requires medical training to complete the required palpitation, percussion, auscultation, and interpretation of any additional tests such as histology or radiology. 

Why is it important to individualize a Physical Exam Template?

Not every patient will have the same requirements for their physical exam. While some patients will be seeking an integrative physical check-up, others are required to have specific examinations due to their family history or diagnosed conditions. As such, it is important to ensure your physical exam reflects the individual nature of your patients and can be flexible to adapt to any abnormalities discovered during the exam.

How do I fill in this Physical Exam Template?

One of the useful features of this template is that it can be completed digitally using interactive check-boxes and text boxes. Alternatively, you can print out the template and fill it in by hand if you prefer.

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