What Is a Doctor's Note?

A Doctor's Note, also referred to as a medical certificate or doctor's excuse note, is a crucial official document that verifies an individual's visit to a healthcare professional. It serves as concrete evidence of the consultation and may contain comprehensive details regarding the diagnosis, treatment plan, and any necessary restrictions on the patient's activities.

Medical practitioners, including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, can issue Doctor's Notes. These notes are official clinical documentation of a patient's medical condition and may be necessary in various situations. For example, they can be vital for work or school absences, physical examinations required for sports or travel, or when making insurance claims.

Apart from providing proof of a consultation, a Doctor's Note is also an essential communication tool between the patient and the employer or school administration. It outlines any necessary accommodations or restrictions the patient may require, ensuring their health and well-being are adequately taken care of.

Printable Doctor's Note Template

Download this Doctor's Note Template, which verifies an individual's visit to a healthcare professional.

How Does It Work?

Carepatron's free Doctor's Note template lets you write a  comprehensive and professional note in minutes. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Download The Form

Access the printable Doctor's Note template using the link on this page. You may also get a copy from the Carepatron app or our practice management software's resources library.

Step 2:  Fill in The Required Information

Using the document as a guide, provide all necessary information accurately. Ensure to include your doctor's name, medical practice/hospital name and address, phone number, email address, and date.

Step 3: Include Details About The Patient's Condition

Provide a brief description of the patient's medical condition and any necessary accommodations or restrictions they may require. Remember to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality when writing the note.

Step 5: Print and Sign The Note

Once completed, print out the document and sign it. The note is now ready for submission to the patient's employer, school administration, or any other relevant party.

Doctor’s Note Example (Sample)

Our team has created a sample Doctor's Note template PDF to help guide you in filling out the form.  You can use this as a reference when writing notes for your patients or as a  basis for creating your personalized template. Feel free to view the sample here or download a PDF for easy access.

Download The Free Doctor’s Note Example

Doctor’s Note Example (Sample)

When Would You Use This Template?

You can use our free  Doctor's Note template when your patients require proof of a medical visit or condition for work, school, or other reasons. Moreover, you can utilize this template to:

Provide Documentation for Medical Leave or Disability Benefits

You can use our Doctor's Note template to provide documentation for medical leave or disability benefits. This note will serve as proof of the patient's visit and their medical condition, which may be required by their employer or insurance company.

Request Accommodations or Restrictions

If a patient has certain restrictions or accommodations that need to be made at work or school due to a medical condition, you can use our Doctor's Note template to request these adjustments on their behalf.

Verify an Absence or Excuse

Sometimes, a patient may need proof of their absence from work or school due to a medical appointment. You can use our Doctor's Note template to verify and provide an excuse for their lack.

Serve Medical Legal Obligations

You can also use our Doctor's Note template to fulfill medical-legal obligations for specific conditions or treatments. This will ensure that you and your patient follow proper protocol and meet all requirements.

Support Insurance Claims

Our Doctor's Note template can also support insurance claims for medical treatments or procedures. This documentation will provide evidence of the patient's visit and condition, which may be necessary for insurance coverage.

Benefits of Free Doctor’s Note

Carepatron's printable Doctor's Note template offers the following benefits:

Fully Digital

You can easily download our Doctor's Note template and fill it out electronically, making it a convenient option for you and your patients. This eliminates the need for paper copies and physical signatures, saving time and effort.


The template allows you to customize the note according to your patient's needs and requirements. You can add or remove sections as needed,  making it a personalized and accurate reflection of their medical condition.

Compliant with Regulations

Our Doctor's Note template is compliant with medical-legal regulations and standards. It includes all necessary information and meets the requirements for a valid medical excuse.

Convenient and Time-Saving

Our Doctor's Note template saves you and your patients time, eliminating the need for multiple visits or phone calls to obtain a note. It also ensures that all necessary information is included in one document, avoiding confusion or delays.

When are Doctor's Note Templates used?
When are Doctor's Note Templates used?

Commonly asked questions

When are Doctor's Note Templates used?

Doctor's Note templates are typically used when a patient needs to provide proof of their medical condition for various reasons. These may include missing work or school due to an illness or injury,  requesting accommodations for a disability, or providing proof of a medical condition for insurance purposes.

What information is included in a Doctor's Note Template?

A Doctor's Note template typically includes the patient's name and relevant personal information, the date of the note, the doctor's contact information and signature, and details about the patient's medical condition. It may also include any necessary restrictions or accommodations for the patient.

How are the Doctor's Note Templates used?

Doctor's Note templates can be used in various ways, including being presented to an employer or school, submitted to insurance companies or government agencies, or kept for personal records. They serve as a formal document that verifies the patient's medical condition and provides evidence for any necessary accommodations or absences.

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