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DAR Note Template

Make charting easy with our DAR Note template designed for nurses to take comprehensive but concise chart notes in the well-known DAR format.

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What Is A DAR Note Template

A DAR note template is a handy guide you can use every time you want to write a DAR note in your patient’s chart.

DAR stands for Data, Action, and Response. The Data section includes all the relevant information you gathered from your patient during this interaction. This could include subjective reports from your patient or relevant parts of their medical history, or objective information such as vital signs, test results, or exam findings. The Action section is where you write the action you took in response to the data gathered in the previous section. This action could be a change in medications, ordering a test or a scan, or as simple as helping them get more comfortable. The final section is for the patient’s response to the action you took in the previous section, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

This template also includes a section for Focus, which is commonly included in DAR or F-DAR notes to give context to your note. Just fill in each section in the interactive PDF which is already labeled for you to start using DAR notes in your chart notes.

Printable DAR Note Template

Check out these templates for DAR Notes to improve clinical documentation, productivity, and healthcare outcomes.

How To Use This Template For DAR Note

Once you’ve downloaded the PDF template at the link on this page, just follow these easy steps to fill out your DAR note template.

Step One: Patient credentials

The patient credentials are located at the top of the template. Fill in your patient’s information as well as the date and time of writing. 

Step Two: Determine your focus

The focus is a small but important section of your DAR note. This section is for a concise summary of the primary focus of the interaction with your patient that you are capturing in this DAR note.

Step Three: Fill in Data, Action, and Response sections

Next, fill in the Data, Action, and Response sections appropriately. The information you include in each section will vary from patient to patient but should include all the relevant information you use to inform your clinical decisions for the patient.

Step Four: Add your name, signature, and designation

At the bottom of the template is space for you to add your name, signature, and designation to complete the note.

Step Five: Store the note securely

The last step is to ensure your DAR note is stored somewhere it is secure due to the sensitive patient information it contains, but also accessible for other members of your patient’s care team. We recommend an electronic health record system to utilize digital encryption.

DAR Note Example (Sample)

To get an idea of what completed DAR notes might look like using this template, we have created an example DAR note for you to have a look at. Your DAR notes might look different from this example, but luckily our template is versatile enough to allow for different note-taking styles within the DAR structure. Have a read of the sample DAR note below:

Download the DAR Note example here: 

DAR Note Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable DAR Note Template?

DAR is a widely used acronym in clinical note-taking for all health practitioners who need to take focused progress notes on their patients- which is a lot of them! Nurses in particular benefit from incorporating DAR, sometimes expanded to F-DAR, in their progress notes but many other practitioners may benefit from using this DAR note template, including:

  • Nurses, nurse assistants, or nursing students
  • Health care assistants
  • Allied health workers
  • Resident doctors and medical specialists.

Additionally, anyone wanting to learn how to chart using the DAR acronym will definitely benefit from using this template, whether they are students, new graduates, or seasoned professionals looking to improve their note-taking practice.

Why Is This Template Useful For Nurses?

Keep your notes focussed

DAR is an acronym designed to help you practice focus charting. This is a form of clinical documentation designed to be concise and related to a specific focus for your patient. Our DAR template will help you to take notes in this format with the pre-made sections and headings ready for you to start writing.

Don’t rely on your memory

Our template includes a handy header with important patient credentials to ensure you don’t leave out any important details in your DAR note, a big no-no in charting!

Improve your organization

Keeping your notes consistently structured with our DAR note template is a great way to improve the organization of your chart notes and ensure the information contained within your chart notes is easily findable when you need it.

Why Use Carepatron For DAR Notes?

Carepatron is a state-of-the-art practice management software guaranteed to save you time. Nurses can interact with patients all day (and night!) and as a result, can produce mountains of clinical documentation that needs to be organized, safely stored, and accessed by others on the patient’s care team. Luckily, Carepatron is here to lift the administrative burden so you can get back to caring for your patients.

Carepatron offers HIPAA-compliant, electronic storage of all your patient’s medical records, including their DAR notes so you don’t need to worry about data breaches. Additionally, all the important documents are easily accessible by others in your team using Carepatron’s desktop or mobile platforms.

Streamline your documentation process using Carepatron’s comprehensive library of clinical templates just like this one, and even fill them out using our AI-powered, smart dictation software.

Find this template and many others from within Carepatron today and see why more than 10,000 people worldwide have chosen Carepatron for their practice.

DAR Note Software
How do I format a DAR note?
How do I format a DAR note?

Commonly asked questions

How do I format a DAR note?

Luckily with our DAR note template, you won’t have to worry about the bulk of the formatting of your DAR notes! Some people may choose to add additional headings or sub-headings, just ensure these are understandable to other members of your patient’s care team, and if you choose to use acronyms, make sure they are widely understood in your practice.

Is a DAR note a chart note?

The DAR note forms part of your patient’s medical record, also called their chart. DAR notes are a form of focussed charting or note-taking, so ultimately a DAR note is a method of taking a chart note! Often people use charting and note-taking interchangeably, but what is essential for you to understand is that your DAR note forms part of your patient’s legal, medical record and therefore needs to be accurate, concise, and clearly written.

When should I write DAR notes?

It’s a good idea to write your DAR note as soon as you can following your interaction with your patient. This is so the information is still fresh in your mind and will improve your charting accuracy. Waiting too long is not recommended as you could forget crucial details, or mix up one patient for another.

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