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Enhance the quality of your notes by incorporating our nursing charting notes template. Say goodbye to copious administrative tasks, and say hello to a clean, organized progress note format.

By Alex King on Jun 20, 2024.

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What is a Nursing Charting Notes Template?

Nursing charting notes are an essential component of every healthcare organization that serve as a way for nurses to keep track of their patient’s healthcare progress. It's a standardized process that we're sure you're familiar with; each time a patient visits the hospital or health clinic, they will need to fill out a form in order to outline their primary health concerns to be treated more efficiently. While this is typically for new visitors, are applicable to continual assessment of patients at different stages in their healthcare journey and ensure that no piece of information is missed. Nurse chart notes can follow a range of different formats including SOAP, DAP, PIRP, and BIRP, however, to keep things simple, we've created a high-quality template that focuses on a generalized format that you can implement right away. Produce rich insights, and elevate the level of treatment and care you provide your patients, with more efficient notes that reach the heart of the issue every time.

Free Nursing Charting Notes Template

Download these templates for Nursing Charting Notes to improve your clinical documentation intake process and HIPAA compliance.

How To Use This Free Nursing Charting Notes Template

To ensure that you're using nurse charting notes effectively, we've created a step-by-step example guide for you to follow within your practice. Integrating these steps is intuitive, and guarantees that you're on the right track.

Step One: Download the PDF template

The first step, although self-explanatory, is that you download the free PDF template to be accessed on your preferred device. If you prefer to handwrite notes that's totally okay! Your PDF reader should have a printer-friendly function.

Step Two: Fill in the patient information

The next step is to fill in all the relevant patient information with supporting evidence. Double-check that all your information is correct, free from errors and arbitrary abbreviations, and maintains objectivity. Each nurse will approach this step differently, however, it is important you represent your patient’s condition truthfully. If you’re stuck on what to include, check out our nursing notes example with the link below. 

Step Three: Store securely

After signing the document, the final step is to store the charting notes securely within a HIPAA-compliant platform. This ensures that all your patient information is safe from any potential security breaches and that you are able to impart full confidence to your patients that they are in good hands.

Nursing Charting Notes Example (Sample)

Sometimes it's easier to understand information when witnessing it in practice, which is why we've created a high-quality nursing charting notes example for you to integrate. If you would like to see the basic skeleton structure of widely used nursing charting notes, then feel free to click the link below. However, if you would like to see a fully completed nurse chatting note, then feel free to check this out also.

Download this Nursing Charting Notes Example here:

Nursing Charting Notes Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Nursing Charting Note Template?

As the name suggests, nursing charting notes are applicable to all nurses within healthcare. The templates are designed with the needs of registered nurses in mind, specifically those who work within a hospital or inpatient setting, where continuous notes are needed for each patient's scene. However, because nurse charting notes are standardized, they leave plenty of room for flexibility. A wide range of nurses from a number of different disciplines can benefit from incorporating the notes into their practice. Some nursing professionals include the following:

  • Perioperative nurses
  • Geriatric nurses
  • Occupational health nurses
  • Cardiac care nurses
  • Pediatric nurses
  • Hematology nurses
  • Rehabilitative nurses
  • Hospice care nurses

It's important to keep in mind that this template is also available for other nurses to use who may not fall within the registered nurse discipline. These include:

  • Nurse assistants
  • Trainee or student nurses
  • Healthcare assistants

Why is This Template Useful for Nurses?

Nursing charting note templates have a multitude of practical uses for nurses, including the following:

  • Health progress tracking - One of the most important reasons to integrate nurse charting notes is so that you can closely monitor and track client health conditions. You can evaluate health progress over time, including how patients respond to certain conditions, whether they make improvements, as well as many other important treatment factors.
  • Simplified workflow - Additionally, you can also work towards a more simplified workflow. You don't have to put any extra thought, time, or effort into creating nursing charts, with the template outlining all of this for you. Eliminate unnecessary tasks and ensure that you're able to assess all your patients for the day.
  • Greater accuracy - With the nurse charting note templates you can increase the accuracy of your notes without compromising on quality. The templates provide dedicated sections for all relevant information so you can ensure that you're only noting down critical details without missing the important stuff.

Benefits of Nursing Charting Notes

Of course, there are also many benefits to integrating nursing charting notes, with these including the following:

HIPAA Compliance

One of the major benefits of having nursing charting notes is that you can increase your HIPAA compliance tenfold. Using nursing charting notes is a great way to keep track of patient information, so you have a clear paper trail of how patients arrive at certain diagnoses, and how they are treated for them. It holds you accountable for all your medical judgments and decisions and ensures that you are acting according to medical standards.

Legal and insurance protection

Using nursing charting notes also means that you can implement legal and insurance protection in the workplace. In the case that a patient finds themselves in a court of law, your notes can serve as sufficient evidence to prove medical expertise and authoritative decisions. This can also increase the likelihood of insurance claims being accepted, as you can note the exact equipment resources assessments evaluations, and tests used.

Save time

Not only this but using nursing charting notes means that you can save time where it counts. Nursing charting notes are simple to use, meaning you don't have to worry about what goes into them, and you can cut right to the chase. Healthcare is busy enough as it is, and we recognize that nurses and health practitioners need to maximize their time where possible, with nurse charting notes enabling this to happen.

Higher medical outcomes

Utilizing nursing charting notes also means you can increase the quality and standard of medical outcomes within your practice. Having all information available at one glance means you can assess patient progress over time, and more clearly identify where improvements must be made. Sometimes, medicine incorporates a bit of detective work, with nursing charting notes enabling health professionals to pinpoint problems exactly when they occur, and prevent them from complicating any further.

Greater shareability 

Finally, using nursing charting notes allows for greater shareability when it comes to referrals and additional support from other healthcare practitioners. Because they are a general standardized format, any nurse or doctor can pick up right where you left off without any additional exposition. Patients can be referred seamlessly, and receive the same high-level quality of care without compromises.

Why Use Carepatron For Nursing Progress Notes?

Carepatron is one of the leading practice management software platforms that can help nurses create high-quality notes, and store them in a safe manner. Have access to a wide resource library with a multitude of guides and templates, to help support you in writing charts that represent patient health conditions with no compromises. Join a professional network of over 10,000 healthcare professionals, and hit the nail on the head with your charting notes every time. Once you've completed your notes, you can also store them within the platform, which is armed with advanced encryption barriers to ensure HIPAA compliance and protect your client information from potential security breaches. Carepatron is secure and world-renowned, and is a great option to simplify your workload and optimize your nursing processes.

Not only this, but you can access a variety of other high-quality features, such as appointment booking and scheduling, appointment reminders, medical billing and coding, online payments, video and messaging consultations, as well as many more. Prioritize your patient needs, and save time and money to allow what you do best with Carepatron.

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How to write nursing progress notes?
How to write nursing progress notes?

Commonly asked questions

How to write nursing progress notes?

There's no black-and-white approach when it comes to writing nursing progress notes or charts. However, there are some simple guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you have high-quality notes every time. It's important that whenever you make a mistake you cross it out with a simple line, and you sign with your name and date. It's also best to avoid abbreviations to minimize confusion, and to only include information that is relevant to the patient's health progress. Your notes should be succinct and objective at all times.

Can I include pictures?

You can include pictures if it is absolutely vital to understanding the patient's health condition. Including unnecessary images can clog up the page, and make it difficult to identify and decipher important insights. If you would like to include pictures, feel free to attach them where you deem appropriate.

Does the patient view nurse charting notes?

Yes, the patient can view nursing progress in charting notes if requested, therefore, it is important that you include information that is acceptable for the patient and their friends or family to read. It is fully within the patient's right to edit or move information by request.

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