Subscapularis Anatomy Diagram

What is the subscapularis muscle? How does it function as part of the rotator cuff muscles? Download our free anatomy diagram to gain a detailed understanding of this crucial muscle.

By Olivia Sayson on Jul 15, 2024.


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What is the subscapularis muscle?

The subscapularis is one of the four rotator cuff muscles, alongside the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor. It is a large triangular muscle that originates from the subscapular fossa on the anterior surface of the scapula. The subscapularis tendon inserts onto the lesser tubercle of the humerus. Its primary function is the internal rotation of the arm at the shoulder joint.

The brachial plexus's upper and lower subscapular nerves provide subscapularis muscle innervation. The subscapularis muscle is crucial for upper limb movement and stability, and injuries such as subscapularis tendon tears or a subscapularis tear can significantly impact shoulder function and may require attention similar to other rotator cuff muscles.

Subscapularis Anatomy Diagram Template

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Subscapularis Anatomy Diagram Example

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How does our Subscapularis Anatomy Diagram work?

Use the Subscapularis Anatomy Diagram template to enhance your practice, patient education, and professional collaboration. Here's how:

Download the template

Access the provided link to download the free PDF of the Subscapularis Anatomy Diagram. Save it to your device for easy access.

Review the diagram

Open the PDF and familiarize yourself with the detailed illustration of the subscapularis muscle, including its origin, insertion, and relationship with other rotator cuff muscles like the supraspinatus, and shoulder structures such as the clavicle, acromion process, and humerus.

Utilize for clinical practice

Use the diagram during patient consultations to explain the anatomy of the shoulder and the role of the subscapularis muscle. This can help in discussing conditions such as subscapularis tendon tears or chronic shoulder pain.

Educate patients and colleagues

Share the diagram with patients to help them visualize and understand their condition, the nature of their injury, or the rationale behind their treatment plan.

Incorporate into reports and presentations

Include the diagram in your clinical reports, presentations, or educational materials to provide a clear visual reference.

What movements does the subscapularis muscle perform?
What movements does the subscapularis muscle perform?

Commonly asked questions

What movements does the subscapularis muscle perform?

The main action of subscapularis is internal rotation of the humerus. It also contributes to arm adduction and anterior stability of the glenohumeral joint.

How is a subscapularis tendon tear diagnosed?

Special physical exam tests like the lift-off test, bear hug test, and belly press test can detect subscapularis tears. MRI provides the definitive imaging diagnosis.

What is the blood supply to the subscapularis muscle?

The subscapular artery, a branch of the axillary artery, is the main blood supply to the subscapularis muscle.

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