Group Therapy Case Notes Template

Organize your clinical documentation with our group therapy case note template. Designed to save you time while optimizing your note-taking, this template will help you achieve your goals.

By Harriet Murray on May 15, 2024.

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What is a Group Therapy Case Note Template?

Group therapy is a form of therapy that involves a number of patients (somewhere between 5-15) being treated by a therapist at the same time. These group therapy sessions could be open, meaning new participant are able to join, or closed, where only a core group of clients attend. Group therapy is used for a range of different reasons and can be effective in treating generalized anxiety disorder, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse disorders. It can also help people learn how to cope with divorce, chronic pain, anger management, grief, and domestic violence. Just like with any other type of therapy, group therapy requires the therapist to write clinical documentation, including case notes. These case notes provide information regarding what was covered in a particular session and how involved the participants were. Keeping accurate and effective case notes helps therapists plan future group therapy sessions and ensures they are informed about how their patients are progressing. To help therapists write these case notes in a more efficient manner, we have designed a PDF case note template that can be downloaded and either edited online or printed out into physical copies. This group note template will help ensure you are writing the best possible case notes, allowing you to devise informed treatment plans and achieve good clinical outcomes.

Printable Group Therapy Case Notes Template

Check out these case note templates for group therapy to improve clinical documentation, productivity, and treatment outcomes.

How to Use This Template for Group Therapy Case Notes

We understand that therapists don’t have an abundance of time to spend learning how to navigate new tools which is why we’ve made sure that using our group case notes is very easy. To implement this resource into your practice, simply follow these steps. We’ve also created a group note example using our template so you can see what it looks like in action.

Step One: Access the PDF

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is access the PDF template. We’ve included a link to the document a little further down on this page and by clicking on this you should be taken to a PDF reader. From here, you can either edit the document directly or print it out if you would prefer to write using a physical copy.

Step Two: Complete the case notes

After you have had a group therapy session, it’s time to complete the case notes. We recommend completing one case note per participant so you can effectively keep track of each patient’s progress. It is up to you when you complete your case notes, but we recommend writing them immediately after the group therapy session so the information is still fresh in your mind. 

Step Three: Store the note securely

When the case notes have been finished, it’s time to store them securely. Case notes contain confidential information regarding patient identity, meaning you are legally required to store them with safeguards in place. There are a couple of options in this regard: you can either store notes online using an EHR platform, or you can store the physical copies using a filing cabinet.

Group Therapy Case Notes Example (Sample)

To help you visualize what our template looks like in action, we’ve created an example case note. The actual case notes will evidently differ depending on what type of therapy you specialize in and the type of patients that you treat, but this example should give you an insight into how they can be used.

Download this Group Therapy Case Notes Example (Sample) here:

Group Therapy Case Notes Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Group Therapy Case Note Template?

As I’m sure you are aware, there is a range of different specializations that incorporate group therapy into their treatment. We’ve tried to ensure that our group therapy case notes template is applicable to as many of these different fields as possible, including the following:

  • Cognitive behavioral groups
  • Interpersonal groups
  • Educational groups
  • Support groups

Additionally, this template can be used for groups whose members regularly attend therapy sessions as well as those who attend sporadically. The dynamic treatment methods used during group therapy sessions differ slightly from individual therapy practice, and we’ve designed this case notes template to reflect these differences. As such, any therapist who is involved with treating patients in a group setting will be able to utilize the template.

Why is This Template Useful for Therapists?

This case notes template has a range of day-to-day uses for therapists. Some of these include:

  • Increased organization: Implementing this template into your therapy practice will improve the organization of your documentation. Staying on top of writing notes and keeping them stored in an organized way can be time-consuming, particularly when you have a very busy schedule. With this template, you can streamline organization by leaving formatting up to us. 
  • Accuracy: Our template includes all of the aspects of a group therapy session that need to be recorded. By having different sections for each of these components, you can feel confident that you have detailed everything necessary to gain a comprehensive insight into how each of your patients are progressing. 
  • Saves time: This template has also been designed to save you time. You no longer have to structure or format your case notes, and can instead simply access the document and make the relevant changes. With the time that you save, you can instead focus on caring for your patients.
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Why Use Carepatron For Group Therapy Case Notes?

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Group Therapy Case Notes
How do you write a SOAP note for group therapy?
How do you write a SOAP note for group therapy?

Commonly asked questions

How do you write a SOAP note for group therapy?

If you prefer to use a format like SOAP when writing your case notes, that is completely fine. We have left blank space in our template to allow for these formats, so that you can stick to the method you prefer the most. SOAP stands for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan, and is a specific structure that healthcare professionals use to write their clinical documents. It can help organize information in a clear and concise way, ensuring that all important details are recorded.

How long should a group therapy case note be?

Although this will depend on the content of a session, the general length of a case note will be around 1 page per person. This is understandably flexible, and if you have a longer session then it will make sense that that note is longer. Additionally, a patient who participates more in a session may have a longer case note than a patient who was quite quiet.

When should I write my case notes?

We recommend writing your case notes immediately after the group session so that the information is still fresh in your mind. Just as it is with writing any type of clinical documentation, you really need the data to be accurate. To ensure the greatest possible accuracy, you should prioritize getting your case notes written as soon as possible. 

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