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Clinical appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Control your therapy schedule and workload from within your EHR System. Send automatic email and SMS appointment reminders to your clients. Use your patient portal to ensure your clients always have the booking details they need.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documents

Always have your client records at the tips of your fingers with your own powerful PMS system. We help you keep your therapy documentation safe and secure with our HIPAA-compliant solution.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Online Therapy Payments

Mobile Payments make therapy more accessible by helping your clients manage these bills and payments online. You will reduce the time required to generate invoices or process payments. Use automated payment reminders to keep on top of your invoices.

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“Compared with the prior Therapy system, I've saved a lot of time with Carepatron, capturing my notes, storing documents, and scheduling my therapy sessions (group and individual). I also run all of my invoicing and payments on the platform. My clients like the easy online payment process for credit cards.”
Melissa P.
Therapy practice manager
“I am delighted with Carepatron. It is helpful to our entire practice team working from the same platform. We now have a single PMS for all of our practitioner's notes, scheduling, invoicing, and payments. I can keep track of our team's work while managing the financial aspects of the business.”
Hana A.
Therapy Practice Manager
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“The most important thing for me with this mental health software is the time it saves. I love everything about Carepatron. It is a perfect app for our therapist community. I have been using it for the past nine months and rate it as the best therapy management software. Whenever I have had issues, the practice support team responds to me within a few minutes. Many reasons to love the Carepatron platform include HIPAA Compliance, Easy to use, Affordable, and Online client payments.”
Tina F.
Private practice Therapist photo
“Fantastic for clinical notes and billing your patients. The invoices look very professional and are easy for the patients to pay at their end. Overall I really could ask for anything more; it is the best practice management solution I have found. I will not change anything!”
Dominic T.
Private Practice Therapist

Therapy Billing Software

Therapy billing software provides you with an integrated practice management and payment tools suite. You can automate the invoicing, billing and online payment processes end to end for your private practice—a complete game-changer for most therapists, saving up to 2 hours everyday. By bringing your clinical work, business administration, and payments together in one HIPAA-compliant platform, you can effectively streamline your therapy business, reducing overdue invoices and the need to follow up on outstanding payments. The best thing of all, it's better for your clients! When you streamline their therapy billing, you help them focus more on their treatment, health, and well-being with an intelligent client portal.
Using Therapy Billing Software

Therapy Scheduling Software

Managing your therapy calendar can be a real pain at times. You are consistently booking appointments then coming back to reschedule or cancel them later when your client's availability changes. Streamline your healthcare business with an intuitive therapy scheduling app. You can schedule appointments from anywhere while automating your SMS or email reminders, reducing no-shows by up to 99%. Sync your Outlook, Google, and iCal calendars with one click.  The Carepatron Client portal will support your patients to better manage their treatment plan with online scheduling, appointment reminders, or credit card payment processing. Ensure you can continuously monitor your schedule with desktop, IOS, or Android access.
Benefits of Therapy Scheduling Software
Billing Services For Therapists

Billing Services For Therapists

Carepatron billing services enables Therapists to integrate invoicing and online payments into the core of their practice management. Accept credit or debit card payments by sending an invoice via email for payment or in-person with our digital merchant capability.  Paperless invoicing and billing services help Therapists to streamline their practice, removing unnecessary administration while reimagining the client and treatment outcomes they support. Whether you are a solo therapist or independent therapy practice, when you improve your workload, it creates space and time for you to provide more billable services or deliver more mental health treatments. Our excellent practice support team will be here to support your team at every step of the process with both electronic claims or insurance claims and more.

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