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This high-quality PIRP note template will boost the standard of care in your clinician practice by improving clinical outcomes and developing a more streamlined workflow.

By Emma Hainsworth on Jul 15, 2024.


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What is a PIRP Note Template?

PIRP notes are an excellent way for you to document patient health progress, without compromising on quality. are a problem-focused healthcare solution that allows you to create clinical documents that work towards a specific treatment plan and can help streamline your workflow whilst increasing organization across health processes. PIRP note templates include the following sections:


The problem is the health concern of the client and could be anything from a specific condition or a simple complaint. This helps establish the challenge at hand as well as the purpose of the session and ensures that the following sections are guided by what is described.


The intervention includes any strategies, advice, evaluations, or assessments provided to the patient with the aim of alleviating the specified problem. This should include professional reasoning of why the intervention was prescribed.


This section outlines how the patient responded to the intervention. This should be highly specific as to whether there has been any progress if there were any barriers, and if so, what they were, as well as if there are any reasons for their lack of improvement.


Finally, the plan section outlines specific steps for the patient to take as part of their treatment. This can include referrals or specific exercises, as well as medication prescriptions.

How To Use This Template For PIRP Notes

To make sure that you’re using the PIRP note example to its greatest potential, consider following these steps.

Step One: Download to access the PDF template

First, you need to download the PIRP template. Once you’ve done this, the template should open within a PDF reader, where all you have to do is click on the relevant sections and fill them in. If handwriting is your thing, just click print!

Step Two: Fill in your credentials

Authorize the document by noting the full name of the client, their ID, and their date of birth, in addition to the date of your session. You should also sign the document at the bottom to complete the PIRP note.

Step Three: Complete all 4 PIRP sections

The next step is to complete and fill out all 4 PIRP sections. Make sure that you fill out each one, even if you don’t think you have much to take up space. It’s quality over quantity, and you must make a comment on each aspect.

Step Four: Securely store your notes

If you’re happy with your notes, make sure to store them securely. One of the best ways to do this is through a HIPAA-compliant platform that employs encryption procedures. You can rest easy knowing your information is all in good hands.

Who Can Use this Printable PIRP Note Template?

There’s no one healthcare practitioner that would most benefit from implementing PIRP notes. PIRP notes are a great way to solve healthcare concerns from a problem-oriented point of view, and they apply to anyone who treats patients or clients. Each clinician will have a different approach to conducting PIRP notes, and will also include different types of evidence and details according to their specialty, which is no problem. Just make sure you’re writing succinctly, and in alignment with your own needs and health goals. Focus on the goals you want to achieve, and the type of treatment you wish to apply to your patient.

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Dentists
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Social workers
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors

Why is This Template Useful For Clinical Practitioners?

PIRP notes are versatile and highly adaptable tools that can simplify the workload within your practice. They provide various uses, including the following:

  • Easy client management - You can oversee all your clients and their health concerns, with PIRP notes outlining all essential health information in an organized format. You can have greater control over your information management, which is always a huge plus.
  • Universal formatting - PIRP is a universal progress note format that can help you track client health. This means that many other healthcare practitioners and clinicians will be able to easily review your evidence, and understand how you reached your professional judgments and conclusions.
  • Solid reference points - Healthcare is a learning curve, and PIRP notes are no exception. PIRP notes track health conditions over time, as well as record information from each type of case, which means that you can reference these cases for future clients. You can return to these notes at any time to improve upon previous treatments and work towards developing a robust clinical framework.
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Benefits of PIRP Note Format 

Integrating PIRP notes can also provide an abundance of benefits for your healthcare practice that are immensely worth taking note of. 

Increase coordination of care

By implementing PIRP notes, you can increase the coordination of care across your practice. Establish greater consistency across documentation, and incorporate standardization, allowing you to have greater managerial care and control across operations. Smoothen your business processes to run more efficiently, in not only your line of work but your staff responsibilities too. 

Save time

Naturally, using PIRP templates with specific headings for all critical information means that you can inevitably save time. Cut down on copious hours, and simply fill in the document. You don’t need to spend more time considering what goes into a PIRP note, and you can get straight to the point. Healthcare is tricky enough as it is!

Develop meaningful professional relationships

PIRP notes work to enhance communication with patients, as you work with clients to accurately identify health issues, and help them overcome them in a way that accommodates their needs. You can develop more meaningful professional relationships through careful consideration of their health goals, and their response to treatments, which also works to increase satisfaction. 

Legal and insurance protection

PIRP notes are good evidence of your professional judgment and can hold up in legal cases if they were to arise. Additionally, PIRP notes are a good record of all evidence, assessment, and medical tools used during treatments, which is an essential component of insurance claims. You can receive reimbursement for the exact number of tools used, which is always beneficial. 

Elevate clinical outcomes

Finally, having PIRP notes means you can increase clinical outcomes. The math is simple; having more accurate notes means that you’re correctly identifying and assessing the condition at hand, and therefore, you can prescribe the most efficient treatment to patients. You can see faster recoveries, and without compromise.

How to write a PIRP note?
How to write a PIRP note?

Commonly asked questions

How to write a PIRP note?

There is no single correct technique to create patient notes. When it comes to patient notes and what should be included, every healthcare practitioner will have a different opinion, so do what works best for you. Keep in mind that it’s quality over quantity and that your notes should be clear, relevant, concise, and include all significant supporting evidence to aid in effective treatment.

What is better, SOAP or PIRP?

Both progress note formats are excellent, and there is no one method vastly better than the other. It helps to take some time to evaluate what you’re wanting to achieve, and how these formats both contribute to your desired outcome. For example, SOAP is useful for having distinct subjective and objective sections to distill client conditions into specific details, with assessments working to encourage certain interventions. Whereas, PIRP is problem-oriented, considers a broader overlook in terms of a condition in general, and provides on-the-spot intervention introspection.

How long should a PIRP note be?

This can differ from practitioner to practitioner, however, as a general rule, PIRP notes should be 1-2 pages in length. Anything beyond this becomes excessive, and it’s best to keep things short and sweet. Having simple and concise notes means they can be understood by a wider range of people, which is always a plus.

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