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Improve patient satisfaction, data accuracy, and clinical outcomes. This new client intake form template will help automate your practice’s onboarding process.

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Bernard Ramirez
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What is a New Client Intake Form?

Every time that a client signs up to a new healthcare practice, they will be requested to complete an intake form. The primary purpose of these intake forms is to gather information that is necessary in order for the healthcare provider to make well-informed clinical decisions. Although the specific data collected in intake forms will differ depending on fields of healthcare, they typically include personal details, past medical history, insurance information, and the reason why the patient is seeking treatment. With all of this information, the healthcare practicioner can better prepare for the appointment with the patient and effectively develop a treatment plan.

In order to help automate the onboarding process, we have developed a template. This resource can be stored either electronically or as a physical copy, and can then be distributed to patients as necessary. By utilizing a well-designed template, you will facilitate a smoother onboarding process and help to save time at your healthcare practice. In this guide, we’ll walk you through exactly how you can utilize the template before highlighting some of the specific benefits and advantages that are associated with it.

Printable New Client Intake Form

Download these New Client Intake Form templates to improve your paperless intake process and HIPAA compliance.

How to Use This Template for New Client Intake Form

The client intake form template has been designed to be easily implemented into any kind of healthcare business, whether you work as a solo practitioner or in a larger practice. To maximize usage of the resource, just follow these steps:

Step One: Access the PDF

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is access the PDF. If you click on the link to the template on this page it will open the form in a PDF reader. From here, you can save the document onto your device where it can be printed or accessed at a later date. 

Step Two: Give to patients

The next thing you need to do is give the intake form to patients when they sign up to your clinic. Depending on your preferences and the way your usual onboarding process works, you can either send the form to patients electronically or you can give them a physical copy when they come in to the clinic on the day of their appointment. The most important thing is that the client returns the completed form to you prior to their first session. 

Step Three: Upload patient data into your system

When the patient returns the completed intake form to you, you need to upload the corresponding data into your practice’s system. From here, you will be able to prevalidate insurance information, and begin developing an informed treatment plan. The earlier that you complete this process, the more seamless a patient’s first appointment will be.

New Client Intake Form Example (Sample)

We have drafted a client intake form example with the various sections filled in. This should hopefully give you a better insight into how the intake form works and the type of information that the patient will include. Evidently, the data will differ from patient to patient, but being able to visualize the template in action should help you understand its function and format.

Download this New Client Intake Form Example here:

New Client Intake Form Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable New Client Intake Form (PDF)?

The healthcare industry is diverse, and many practitioners work at businesses that specialize in a range of different care fields. For this reason, we’ve tried to ensure that our intake form template is as applicable to as many different specializations as possible, including the following:

  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • General Practitioner Businesses 
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Counseling 
  • Nutrition 
  • Life Coaching 

The template that we have created is broad enough to cover these fields, while also being specific enough to be informative. Nevertheless, there may be some areas that are unique to your field that you want to enquire new patients about. If this is the case, then you may opt to also conduct an intake interview with a new client: a first session where you can ask the client various questions regarding their health status and what they are looking to achieve at your practice.

Why is This Form Useful for Clinicians?

This client intake form has a range of different day-to-day uses for healthcare practitioners. Some of these include:

  • Saves time: One of the best aspects about using an intake form is how much time it will save both you and your patients. Instead of having a convoluted and time-consuming intake process, you can just distribute these forms to patients who can complete them in their own time. Administrative staff won’t have to follow patients up about any questions and can instead focus on completing more important tasks.
  • Organization: This template has been created to help elevate the organization at healthcare practices. Separated into distinct sections, the intake form ensures that information can be quickly and easily read. 
  • Accuracy: Additionally, the intake form template will guarantee that the patient data you obtain is accurate and comprehensive. We have done research into the various elements of an intake form and our template reflects this. Using this document will guarantee that your practice has access to all the information they need to make well-informed and accurate clinical decisions.
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Why Use Carepatron for New Client Intake Forms?

Carepatron is the leading practice management software that is currently available. With various tools designed specifically to streamline healthcare processes, Carepatron can greatly assist with your practice’s onboarding. In addition to having a robust set of templates and resources, Carepatron is integrated with voice-to-text transcription software, guaranteed to save you precious time. Further, after you have completed your forms or documents, they can be stored securely on the HIPAA-compliant platform. With various electronic and physical safeguards in place, Carepatron takes patient privacy very seriously and ensures that all data is protected against unauthorized access. Finally, Carepatron isn’t just great for intake processes. The system also offers billing, coding, patient engagement, documentation, mobile health, and scheduling tools, all of which have been designed in collaboration with healthcare practitioners. Developed with the aim of automating burdensome tasks, these tools will help your practice save both money and time.

New Client Intake Form Software
What information does a new client intake form gather?
What information does a new client intake form gather?

Commonly asked questions

What information does a new client intake form gather?

Although the specific kinds of information contained in an intake form may differ depending on the specialization of healthcare that you work in, most forms include the following:

  • Personal information, including name, DoB, address, and contact details
  • Past medical history, both personal and family
  • Any current medications or diagnoses the patient has
  • Insurance information (if applicable)
  • Emergency contact details
  • Signatures
What is the main purpose of the new client intake form?

The primary purpose of the new client intake form is to gather information that will facilitate a more informed care delivery process. When a patient is first being treated at a healthcare practice, it is important the practitioner has access to relevant data. This may include any allergies, conditions, or medications that the patient has. It’s also important to know whether the patient’s family has a history of conditions or diseases, so the practitioner can test for predispositions and engage in preventative care.

Why do you include insurance information in the new client intake form?

Insurance information is often included in intake forms so the healthcare practice can prevalidate insurance prior to the patient’s first appointment. As I’m sure you know, the medical billing process is complicated and validating insurance early helps to ensure that reimbursement is timely and claims are valid.

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