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Streamline the registration, admittance, and onboarding process by using this patient intake form template. Click here to download a free copy for your practice!

By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 20, 2024.

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What is a Patient Intake Form?

A , also known as a client intake form, is a document that healthcare organizations utilize to gather information on a patient. Though the form’s look and content may vary depending on the creator of the document, it usually has the following sections:

  • Patient Details
  • Medical and Social History
  • Insurance Information
  • Reason for their visit

For the past few decades, patients have been asked to complete physical copies of these printed forms before proceeding with their emergency or scheduled appointments. However, during the pandemic, medical personnel decided to offer a digitally editable version of this document to lessen face-to-face interactions. What was a practice before was adopted post-pandemic soon after seeing its benefits, such as saving time, effort, and money that would’ve been spent on registration, admittance, and onboarding.

If you haven’t switched to or offered digital copies or need an updated version of the document you use, we’ve created a template just for you. With our template, you won’t only be able to gather information effortlessly but edit the content to suit your needs. Aside from that, we also provided a guide below on how to download and utilize the template, as well as the benefits of not starting from scratch.

Printable Patient Intake Form

Download this Patient Intake Form to improve the intake process at your practice.

How Does it Work? 

Step One. Access the Template

To access and download our printable patient intake form template, do either of the following:

  • Click the “Use the Template” or “Download Template” button above
  • Searching “Patient Intake Form” on Carepatron’s template library on our website or app

If you need to add or remove sections, you can edit it right on Carepatron. 

Step Two. Fill Out the Form 

After you obtain a copy and edit it accordingly, you can either print it out or, better yet, save a digital copy and send it to your patient to be filled out. You can give it to them ahead of time or have them answer it right before their appointment. During emergencies, you can have this on hand to fill out while they, and a companion, if they have one, answer the form verbally. 

Step Three. Upload the Form 

Once finished, don’t forget to upload the information to your system. That way, practitioners who need this information can easily access it. To add, if the practitioner requests that the patient create an account in Carepatron’s patient portal, the document can be used as a reference. 

Patient Intake Form Example (Sample)

Check out our example of a filled-out Patient Intake Form available as a PDF file. Hopefully, you’ll gain insight into how this assessment may look completed. 

Get an offline copy you can use as a future reference by clicking the sample below or by pressing the “Download Example PDF” button above.

Download this Patient Intake Form Example (Sample) here:

Patient Intake Form Example (Sample)

When would you use this Template? 

Similar to other intake forms, you can use the patient intake form template for the following:

  • To gather information on new patients or to update information on old patients
  • To know the reason behind one’s visit 

Depending on the practitioner, the patient intake form template can be edited to be more comprehensive and fulfill additional purposes the referring physician may have. 

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Saves Time, Effort, and Money

Without the need to interpret a patient’s handwriting because they can simply type out their answers on our digital patient intake form template, practitioners can save much time and effort. Additionally, since patients can fill up their intake forms at home, they save time and effort that would’ve been spent in the waiting room. Less time spent in waiting rooms is beneficial to hospitals and practitioners because it means that they can care for more patients daily. 

Streamline and Organize

With a patient intake form, practitioners and staff can streamline the registration, admittance, and onboarding process, which can also effectively speed up and simplify the process post-fill-up. If the healthcare organization decides to store digital copies of templates on Carepatron, they can also better organize, search, and access the forms needed using the patient portal or tags, especially when they need information for scheduling, billing, or checking their insurance eligibility. 

Accurate Data and Accessibility

Since a patient can fill out the form in the comfort of their home and at their own pace, you are reducing the risk of rushed interviews or questioning via a phone, increasing the risk of obtaining inaccurate data. Furthermore, since our template is digital, relevant practitioners can access the relevant information on any gadget they have on hand at any time. 

Improved Patient Experience

As mentioned above, with shorter waiting times, patients don’t feel like they’re wasting their time, and practitioners can spend more time focusing on their patients. Furthermore, patients won’t have to provide the same information multiple times whenever they meet. By doing these things, such as filling out a patient intake form at their convenience, they’ll have a better patient experience. 

Research & Evidence

It goes without saying that healthcare organizations and practitioners are well aware of the importance of patient intake forms when gathering information. Hence, the existence of it even prior to it being digitized. 

However, the digital version of a patient intake form proved extremely useful and beneficial during the pandemic. According to Hastings, a hospital patient manager, digitizing patient intake forms help patients feel more satisfied. Practitioners also feel just as satisfied because they have information at their fingertips and don’t need to follow up or confirm information. This then makes certain processes, such as ones related to insurance, easier for practitioners. 

In addition, according to a study by Vanguard Communications, patients' biggest complaints about physician offices are “inadequate communication, wait times, and disorganized operations.” And though the solution to fixing these problems wasn’t stated in the study, utilizing digital patient intake forms can help resolve some of these problems. As a result, hospitals, clinics, and practitioners will leave a good and long-lasting impression on patients and make them feel like they’re receiving stellar patient care even before their appointment. 

Why use Carepatron as your Patient Intake Form App?

Aside from being software where you can get a patient intake form template and guide, Carepatron is also a leading practice management software. Have it on hand so you are equipped with the means and tools to automate administrative tasks and streamline business and processes. That way, most of your time, effort, and focus go directly toward patient care.

After downloading and editing the patient intake form on our app, feel free to explore the other following tools and resources you can access on Carepatron:

  • Over 100 digitally editable, downloadable, and printable templates in PDF form of surveys, tests, assessments, and other medical documents.
  • A secure EHR that’s HIPAA-compliant for all your digital notes and your client’s medical records.
  • Integration of telehealth software applications and multiple calendars
  • An automated payment system you can set up for your client

Get all of these and more if you download our application on your desktop or iOS/Android gadgets and sign up today!

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Who uses a Patient Intake Form?
Who uses a Patient Intake Form?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses a Patient Intake Form?

All healthcare practitioners can utilize a patient intake form. To be more specific, here’s a list of ones who are more likely to use it:

  • General Practitioners
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
How do you store a Patient Intake Form?

You can store a physical copy of a patient intake form by placing it in a drawer at a location with security measures set in place. Digital copies, on the other hand, should be stored in a HIPAA-compliant, secure EHR platform like Carepatron.

Does a client complete a Patient Intake Form?

Ideally, the client is the one completing the form. However, in case of emergencies or if the patient is physically incapable of entering data, their companion or the referring physician can do it on their behalf.

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