Esthetician Client Intake Form

Give your esthetics clients the best possible start at your practice with our esthetician client intake form.

By Priya Singh on Jun 20, 2024.

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Esthetician Client Intake Form PDF Example
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What Is An Esthetician Client Intake Form

This asks all the questions your new clients need to answer to give you a good understanding of their medical and skincare history, and any considerations you need to take into account for their treatment.

Client intake forms are key tools used by estheticians to get important information on their clients before they begin treatments. The intake form is typically completed by the client prior to their first session with the esthetician, or on the day of the first session at the esthetician’s practice.

The information gained from this form is crucial for ensuring the safety of your client, and the efficacy of their treatments with you.

Printable Esthetician Client Intake Form

Download these templates for esthetician client intakes to improve your paperless intake process and HIPAA compliance.

How To Use This Esthetician Client Intake Form Template 

To fill in this form, your clients just need to follow these simple steps.

Step One: Fill in the Client Information section

The first step is for your client’s basic information. This includes contact details like their name, contact phone number, email, and address as well as an emergency contact name and phone number.

Step Two: Fill in the applicable medical history questions

The medical history section is important for determining medical considerations you need to take into account before you treat your client. Not every question will be applicable to every client, so if they have no past medical conditions, or are not using any medications, they can just write “none” or “N/A”. 

Step Three: Complete the skin care history section

There are a few questions here relevant to past treatments so you understand the condition of their skin and what treatments if any, they have had recently. There is also space for your client to write their concerns about their skin that have brought them to see you today. 

Step Four: Read the client agreement and sign

The client agreement is brief and simply indicates that the information they have provided is true and that they have not withheld anything from you that could be relevant.

Esthetician Client Intake Form Example (Sample)

To see what our template might look like once an esthetics client has completed it, take a look at our sample client intake form below. This sample is designed to illustrate how to use this template, and your own clients may have very different, or similar answers.

Download the Esthetician Client Intake Form Example here: 

Esthetician Client Intake Form Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Esthetician Client Intake Form (PDF)?

This esthetician client intake form is designed for practicing estheticians to provide to their new clients. The specialties of the professionals using this template could include:

  • Microneedling
  • Waxing
  • Skincare
  • Facials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser hair removal
  • Lashes and brows.

Additionally, esthetic trainees or assistants may also use this template if they have a role in the intake process at their practice.

Why Is This Form Useful For Estheticians?

This form is designed to save estheticians time, as well as improve the quality of the information gathered during a client’s intake to their practice. Some useful features include:

  • Open-ended questions: rather than having your clients read through long lists of medical conditions or allergies, we have left the intake form open-ended with space for your clients to write their own entries, if applicable. This has the advantage of not limiting the possible allergies or medical conditions to a checkbox list and keeps the form compact and easy to read.
  • Several types of contact information: we have included space for phone, email, and physical address for your client so you can be sure you will have at least one valid contact method for them. 
  • Emergency contact information: we never expect things to go wrong, but when they do, it’s always best to be prepared. By gathering an emergency contact for your patient you are taking the first step for your practice.
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Benefits of Esthetician Client Intake Forms PDF

Keep your intake forms confidential

This form has the advantage of being able to be completely digital. Keeping your records digital is the way to go for secure storage, as well as accessibility. This is crucial for your client intake forms which contain sensitive medical information that you have a legal obligation to securely store. 

Treat every client equally

Giving every client the same template for their intake interview ensures you are giving everyone the same opportunity to share their confidential and sensitive medical information. 

Save time on intake interviews

Our template does the interview work for you with a clear structure, simple format, and spaces for important information. You can send your client this intake form digitally and have them complete it prior to their first session to maximize your time spent with your client. 

Don’t rely on your memory

You don’t need to worry about forgetting to ask an important question again with our client intake form template. 

Address your client’s concerns

Our template includes a dedicated space for your client to write their main concerns and challenges with their skin. This gives you a chance as their esthetician to ensure you are addressing their concerns in your treatment and prioritizing what they consider most important. This will ultimately improve your client satisfaction, which is a big part of building up a loyal clientele.

Why Use Carepatron For Your Esthetician Client Intake Form?

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When should I give my client this intake form?
When should I give my client this intake form?

Commonly asked questions

When should I give my client this intake form?

The intake form is designed to be completed prior to your client’s first session with you. You can send it to your client prior to their first appointment to maximize time during your session or have them complete it on the day of their first appointment so you can answer any questions they might have. Ensure if you are sending the document that your data transfer processes for your client intake form are secure, for example, by using secure practice management software to share your forms.

What is the main purpose of the esthetician client intake form?

The main purpose of this form is to ensure the safety and efficacy of your client’s treatment by gathering information on their medical and skincare history.

How long should an intake form be?

Your client will fill out this intake form and we have left space for them to elaborate or explain several of their answers. While the answers in this intake form should be kept precise and to the point, if your client is unsure if a piece of information will be relevant for their treatment, encourage them to include it anyway as it is better you know the allergy or procedure they underwent than for them to assume it won’t be relevant.

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