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Increase accuracy in identifying and recognizing negative thought patterns by downloading our automatic negative thought worksheets. Promote positive outlooks within your clients, and disrupt harmful and destructive behaviors.

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What Is An Automatic Negative Thoughts Worksheet?

Automatic negative thought worksheets are a great way to help clients identify and recognize negative thought patterns. Automatic negative thoughts refer to immediate and instantaneous negative self-talk, that does not require any prompting. They are often the result of poor mental health and can be intensely distressing and overwhelming for clients to deal with. These worksheets are a great way to prevent negative thoughts from spiraling and provide a place for clients to vent without fear of judgment. Automatic negative thought worksheets can disrupt negativity cycles, and break habits when it comes to unhealthy thought patterns, which is always a win. Reduce anxiety and rumination, and implement these worksheets to produce higher mental health levels.

Printable Automatic Negative Thoughts Worksheets

Download these Automatic Negative Thoughts Worksheets to improve your therapy outcomes and mental health journey.

How To Use This Worksheet For Automatic Negative Thoughts

There are multiple ways to use automatic negative thought worksheets, however, we're here to help you with the most basic steps. It's important to consider the following three steps when approaching these worksheets.

Step 1: Download the worksheet

Although this may seem redundant to point out, it is important that you have the worksheet downloaded and ready to go. You have to just click the link on this page which should open automatically within your designated PDF reader. All sections are editable, meaning that all you have to do is open the worksheet and distribute it to your clients right away.

Step 2: Distribute the worksheet to your patient

The next step is to distribute the worksheet to your patient to complete. It is up to you whether this is assigned as a homework exercise or whether you work through the document or your client during your session. Either way, it is important that you print the document out, or forward it electronically.

Step 3: Secure the document safely

Once completed, you'll then need to store the document within a HIPAA-compliant platform to ensure that it is at minimal risk from potential security breaches. Automatic negative thought worksheets are highly personal documents, and the patient should have the right to their confidentiality at all times.

Automatic Negative Thoughts Worksheet Example (Sample)

To help you out, we've created an automatic negative thoughts worksheet template for you to download within your practice right away. However, we acknowledge that sometimes it can be difficult to understand the level of quality and information required, which is why we have also created a completed automatic negative thought worksheet for you to view. This is a fictitious case and outlines some of the negative thoughts that these worksheets typically entail.

Download this Automatic Negative Thoughts Example (Sample) here: 

Automatic Negative Thoughts Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Automatic Negative Thoughts Worksheets (PDF)?

Negative thoughts are a common component of all types of cases within mental healthcare. As a result, numerous mental health care professionals can take advantage of the uses and benefits that these worksheets have to offer. No matter the size of your organization, or how long you've been in the business, automatic negative thought worksheets are a good supplementary tool that can significantly boost the level and quality of your services. You will find that many mental health care practitioners incorporate these worksheets to identify negative thought patterns and help clients work towards a more positive mindset. This can include those with extensive qualifications such as psychologists, but also those who are new to the profession, or who may not have as lengthy experience or education, such as some life coaches. Multiple specializations can also work with these worksheets, especially those who deal with anxiety and depression. Here is a list of those who may incorporate automatic negative thought worksheets within their care: 

-   Psychiatrists

-   Psychologist

-   Social workers

-   Therapists

-   Psychotherapists

-   Counselors

-   Life coaches

-   Child and family counselors

Why Is This Form Useful For Therapists?

There are many practical uses for incorporating automatic negative thought worksheets, including the following: 

  • Simplify workflow - Healthcare is complex enough as it is, which is why we've created these automatic negative thought worksheets. To take the hassle out of your day, these worksheets are ready-made and compile all relevant information for you to start using right away. Simply print out the worksheets when needed, and get to doing what you do best.
  • Identify negative thought patterns - While the most obvious use, it is perhaps the most important. Incorporating these worksheets allow you to help clients recognize their negative thought patterns. While it's easy enough for you, as the mental health practitioner, to pinpoint the causes and effects as well as the ebbs and flows of the client's destructive behavior and habits, it is considerably harder for the client to reconcile these thoughts. This worksheet helps clients identify negative thought patterns head-on, and allows them to implement better changes.
  • Save time - Naturally, implementing this automatic negative thought worksheet means that you can also save tremendous amounts of time when it comes to your patients. You don't have to plan what goes into the worksheet if you don't want to, and you can elevate other areas of your business and business processes.
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Benefits of Automatic Negative Thoughts Worksheet Template

This automatic negative thought worksheet also incorporates numerous benefits for you and your patients. Consider the following:

Healthier coping mechanisms

One of the greatest benefits of integrating automatic negative thoughts worksheets is that you can induce healthier coping mechanisms within your clients. These worksheets provide a place for clients to write down and think over their negative thoughts, why they may be, and how they are not productive for positive daily functioning. Clients can better acknowledge their feelings and ways to overcome them.

Eliminate disruptive behavior

With these worksheets, you can also eliminate disruptive behavior among the clients. Sometimes, all it takes is thoughts written down to see how they can reinforce and encourage negative habits and behaviors. These worksheets are a great starting place to break habits and help clients see how behavior is created and reinforced over time to cause a repetitive negative thought cycle. Prevent these behaviors from solidifying by encouraging clients to face their issues head-on.

Higher clinical outcomes

Naturally, being able to recognize negative thought patterns is a valuable stepping stone for better coping mechanisms, as well as higher clinical outcomes. It is not surprising that practices that incorporate automatic negative thought worksheets are also likely to have higher recovery rates within clients. These worksheets are a supplementary tool to highlight areas for the client to work on overtime.

Greater client connections

These worksheets are excellent in prioritizing client needs and their experiences, as they allow the client to work through the questions independently, and from a place of no judgment. You can connect with clients on a professional level, and help them realize that they are valued and respected, regardless of what their brain is telling them. Collaborate with the client to better understand their state of mind, as opposed to approaching from a clinical and imposing perspective.

Provide a safe space

For many clients, the expression of inner thoughts and feelings is a repressed practice that isn't rewarded in their homes. With these worksheets, you can encourage clients to freely explore their feelings without judgment, and as a result, these worksheets are a safe space for clients to work through the turmoil they are experiencing. Never underestimate the value of a safe space within mental health care, with these worksheets fostering a welcoming environment for clients to partake in.

Commonly asked questions

When can automatic negative thought worksheets be used?

Automatic negative thought worksheets can be used when the client encounters a roadblock when it comes to recognizing negative or unhealthy behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and habits. They provide greater insight into the client's state of mind and can be used if you wish to get to know your client on a more personal level, without feeling invasive. You can assign the worksheets as homework for the client to complete independently outside of your office, or they can be used within sessions to work through together.

How do clients complete an automatic negative thought worksheet?

To complete an automatic negative thought worksheet, clients simply have to answer the questions on the sheet. There is space for clients to freely express their thoughts and feelings, which provides some flexibility, however, it is recommended that they complete the sheet in its entirety. Of course, if the client is not comfortable, then you can skip questions. The worksheets are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, meaning that clients should be able to work through these reasonably quickly and without confusion.

Can I share the client’s automatic negative thought worksheet?

If you would like to share the automatic negative thoughts worksheet, always ask for permission from your client. These worksheets contain highly sensitive and personal information, so if you wish to edit, store, manage, or share this document, then you must receive explicit permission from the client.

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Automatic Negative Thoughts Software
When can automatic negative thought worksheets be used?
When can automatic negative thought worksheets be used?
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