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Notify your clients about changes in therapy practice rates with our comprehensive Therapist Rate Increase Letter Template. Professional and transparent.

By Karina Jimenea on Jul 15, 2024.


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What makes therapists increase prices?

Running a successful and rewarding private practice can be challenging. In today's economic circumstances, navigating rising costs, inflation rates, and increasing business expenses is a reality for many therapists. Remember that you can set higher rates with all of these. Let's discuss how these reasons influence price increases. 

  • Rising costs and inflation: Rent, office supplies, and malpractice insurance are susceptible to inflation. Adjusting your rates can help ensure your income keeps pace with the rising cost of living without breaking the bank. 
  • Increased business expenses: Beyond increased inflation, you may face specific cost increases for services you utilize within the practice, such as specialized software, subscriptions, or ongoing education to maintain your expertise.
  • Staff salary considerations: If you have administrative or support staff, salary increases might be needed due to a competitive job market. This ensures you can continue to offer competitive compensation to your staff. 
  • Demand and availability: Raising rates can be a way to manage your workload and keep wait times reasonable, significantly if expanding your practice isn't feasible. This allows you to continue providing high-quality care to your existing clients without sacrificing your well-being.

Understanding these reasons will allow you to develop a new pricing strategy without sacrificing profit margins.

Therapist Rate Increase Letter Template

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Therapist Rate Increase Letter Template Example

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How to convey rate increases to clients

Now that we've established the main reasons for price increases, the question is how to communicate this without losing clients. Here are some helpful advice on how to convey fee increases. 

  1. Understand exactly why you must raise rates (increased costs, improved services, industry standards).
  2. Decide on a flat increase or tiered pricing based on service level.
  3. Give clients 30-90 days notice for budget adjustments.
  4. Use price increase letters and send them via email. Messages or phone calls can also help explain the fee increase and its benefits.
  5. Explain the reason for the increase and client benefits.
  6. Quantify your value and highlight results and how rates reflect that value.
  7. Acknowledge the client's feelings. Recognize that price increases can be difficult.
  8. Offer options if you can. Consider tiered pricing or introductory discounts.
  9. Be prepared for potential objections and responses. However, address them politely and sincerely.
  10. Thank clients for patronizing you and your continued partnership.

Doing these requires a thoughtful approach to minimize resistance and complaints from your current clients or scare new ones.

What makes an effective therapist rate increase letter?

A well-crafted price increase letter for therapy services can minimize client pushback and maintain strong relationships. Here are three crucial elements for a compelling message:

Transparency and clear communication

A successful therapist rate increase letter requires transparency. Explain why you raise fees, like increased costs, and the value you deliver (positive client outcomes, expertise). Give clients ample notice (30-90 days) to adjust their budgets. This allows clients to adjust their budgets and avoid financial stress.

Empathy and openness

It is a great idea to acknowledge the impact on clients. Recognize that raising prices can be challenging for them. Additionally, express your willingness to answer questions and address clients' concerns about the rate change.

When your clients feel valued, they value your business too. Communication allows you to address concerns directly and potentially prevents clients from feeling like they have to find a new therapist due to the higher rates.

Emphasis on value, not just the price

Craft your therapist rate increase letter to focus on value, not just price. Frame the increase as an investment in clients' well-being, highlighting service enhancements or benefits accompanying the new rate. For existing clients, consider honoring current pricing for scheduled sessions but communicate the new rate's start date for future appointments.

How to use our Therapist Rate Increase Letter Template

You don't have to worry about brainstorming for a price increase notice. Follow the steps below to utilize our Therapist Rate Increase Letter Template effectively:

Step 1: Download the template

Begin by downloading the Therapist Rate Increase Letter Template from the provided link. You can save it to your device or print copies if you plan to give a physical copy to specific clients. 

Step 2: Personalize the letter

You can easily customize the template with your practice's information, including your name, position, healthcare facility name, and the effective date of the price increase. This ensures that the letter reflects your practice and provides accurate contact details so your existing clients can contact you.

Step 3: Customize the rate comparison table

Unlike some templates, we've included a customizable rate comparison so you can update the therapy service names and previous and new rates according to your specific fee structure. Ensure accuracy in the rates listed to provide clear information to all your clients about changes in therapy costs.

Step 4: Review

Review the personalized letter and rate comparison table to ensure accuracy, clarity, and professionalism. Proofread the content to eliminate errors, especially with confusing client rate changes.

Step 5: Distribute to patients

Once finalized, distribute the personalized Therapist Rate Increase Letter to your existing clients through preferred communication channels such as email or mail. If you use practice management software, you may upload it through their patient portal. Ensure that each client receives the letter well before the effective date of the price increase to allow for any questions or concerns they may have.

Benefits of using this template

Using this template has several benefits:

  1. Clear communication: It lays out everything you need to say in a way that's easy to understand. You won't miss any important details when talking to your clients about the rate increase.
  2. Professional yet friendly tone: It strikes the right balance between professionalism and friendliness, which helps you maintain a good relationship with your clients even when discussing financial matters.
  3. Easy to customize: You can tweak the template to fit your style and the client's needs, making the message more personal and genuine. However, we've left the second page blank if you want to craft your own after reading the guide. 
  4. Aids in client retention: The strategies in the template are designed to help you keep your clients happy and coming back for more, even after the rates go up. That means less worry about losing clients over money issues.
  5. Saves time: Instead of starting from scratch, you can use the template as a starting point and then add your touches. It's a real time-saver when you've got a lot on your plate.

In short, this template helps you communicate rate increases to your clients clearly and professionally. 

How to retain therapy clients after increasing rates

An increased service rate, especially for private practice, is normal for any business. In order not to lose clients, you may consider doing the following tips: 

  1. Be flexible: Offer payment plans or options to make it easier for them to manage the increase. Giving them choices can make the change feel less overwhelming.
  2. Bundle up: Give discounts for multiple sessions booked in advance. It's a win-win: they save money, and you keep their commitment.
  3. Stay supportive: Reassure them that you're still there for them, price increase or not. Let them know you're still dedicated to their well-being.
  4. Welcome feedback: Encourage them to share any concerns they have. Being open to feedback shows you care about their experience.
  5. Add more value: Introduce new services or perks to sweeten the deal. Whether it's extra resources or special events, it shows you're always looking for ways to make things better for them.

These might be simple steps, but they can help you retain and gain more clients without settling for a lower rate.

Why should I charge more for therapy?
Why should I charge more for therapy?

Commonly asked questions

Why should I charge more for therapy?

Increasing your rates can reflect your growing expertise and experience and ensure fair service compensation. Plus, it helps you keep doing what you're good at.

How do I figure out how much to raise my prices?

Evaluate your level of expertise, market demand, cost of living adjustments, and the value you provide to clients to arrive at a rate that aligns with industry standards and reflects your worth.

How do I tell my clients I'm increasing my rates?

Just be honest with them. Tell them why you're raising your prices, reassure them they'll still get excellent service, and give them time to get used to the idea.

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