Therapy Termination Worksheet

Coming to the end of therapy treatment can be a daunting prospect for many clients. Ensure you handle the end of their sessions with care using our therapy termination worksheet.

By Harriet Murray on Jun 03, 2024.

Fact Checked by Ericka Pingol.

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What is a Therapy Termination Worksheet?

There can be many reasons for a client or therapist to terminate their therapy sessions. Clients’ needs may change and become outside of the therapist's scope of practice, a client may move away and no longer be able to attend sessions, or the client and therapist may reach the natural end of their progression in therapy.

Regardless of the reasons for termination, ending therapy can be a daunting prospect and should be handled with care to ensure the best possible outcome for both the client and the therapist. Therapy may have become part of the client’s routine, and the thought of no longer having that safe space or person to talk to can be a big issue to process.

With these issues in mind, we have created a for your clients to complete prior to their final session with you. The questions in this worksheet are open-ended and designed to help your client put their thoughts and feelings about the end of their therapy into words.

Printable Therapy Termination Worksheets

Download these therapy termination worksheets to discharge clients with empathy and professionalism.

How to Use This Worksheet for Therapy Termination

In many cases, it will become apparent to you as a mental health professional when your client has progressed sufficiently that they no longer need therapy sessions with you. Or in some cases, a client will initiate the termination of sessions due to their personal circumstances. In either of these situations, our Therapy Termination Worksheet can be a useful tool for thoughtfully closing your client’s time with you. We’ve created a simple step-by-step guide for you to start using this worksheet in your mental health practice.

Step One. Confirm the Termination of your Client’s Therapy

The first step is to ensure that your client intends to terminate their therapy with you. This may be either on your recommendation or their request. Set the final session date so you both are on the same page about when their sessions with you will be terminated.

Step Two. Offer your Client the Therapy Termination Worksheet

Prior to this final session, give your client the Therapy Termination Worksheet, either in an electronic or paper copy. Be sure to allow them sufficient time to complete the worksheet prior to your final session.

Step Three. Address the Content of your Client’s Therapy Termination Worksheet

Assuming your client is happy to share their responses with you, set aside time in one of your final sessions to go through their answers, address their concerns, and ultimately reflect and celebrate their progress with you. 

Step Four. Store the Worksheet Securely

The final step is to store the worksheet securely, and wish your client the best of luck as they move forward.

Therapy Termination Worksheet Example (Sample)

To get an understanding of the thoughts, concerns, or ideas your clients may choose to include in their Therapy Termination Worksheet, just take a look at our completed example. Of course, your clients will likely have very different answers from each other, and very different answers depending on the reason for their termination. However, it can still be worthwhile to see a finished version of a template before you provide it to your clients.

Download this Therapy Termination Example (Sample) here: 

Therapy Termination Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Therapy Termination Worksheet (PDF)?

There is a wide variety of mental health practitioners who can benefit from incorporating this worksheet into their therapy termination process. This includes:

  1. Therapists and Psychotherapists
  2. Counselors
  3. Coaches
  4. Mental Health Nurses
  5. Psychologists
  6. Mentors
  7. Psychiatrists.

In terms of clients who can benefit from completing this worksheet, any client of the above practitioners who is nearing the end of their therapy can use this Therapy Termination Worksheet to help them work through this process.

Why is This Form Useful for Therapists?

Standardize Therapy Termination Process

Utilizing a dedicated worksheet for the therapy termination process ensures you are giving every client the same opportunity to voice their reflections on therapy, the impact it has had on their life, and any concerns they have about life after therapy.

Ensure Thoughtful Responses

Worksheets are wonderful tools to provide to your clients as they can take them away, spend the time needed to really consider their responses, and return them at a later date. As such, the use of our worksheet will likely produce more considered responses from your clients than simply asking them questions in a rapid-fire interview style under the time constraint of a therapy session.

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Who should complete a Therapy Termination Worksheet?
Who should complete a Therapy Termination Worksheet?

Commonly asked questions

Who should complete a Therapy Termination Worksheet?

This worksheet was designed for clients who have come to the end of their progress in therapy with a particular practitioner in mind. This worksheet will help them reflect and put their thoughts and any concerns down on paper. However, clients who are leaving therapy due to personal circumstances may also complete this worksheet depending on the duration of their therapy and their relationship with the therapist.

When should I provide my client with a Therapy Termination Worksheet?

The worksheet should be provided once a termination date has been decided, but prior to the final session or two. This allows your client time to think about their answers, as well as giving you both time to work through their responses in their final session or sessions with you.

What is the purpose of Therapy Termination Worksheets?

Just like starting therapy, ending therapy can be a daunting prospect for many. The purpose of our Therapy Termination Worksheet is to help your client work through the termination process, address concerns they may have, reflect upon their progress and achievements, and solidify learnings from their therapy to carry forward in their lives.

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