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By Chloe Smith on Jul 15, 2024.


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What is the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale?

Anxiety, in its most basic form, is a reaction to stress or fear. It's a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone feels anxious from time to time; it's a normal response to stressful events. However, these emotions can become persistent and overwhelming for some individuals, interfering with daily life.

The Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale, developed by Charles D. Taylor in the mid-20th century, is a psychological tool designed to assess the level of anxiety an individual experiences. It consists of various items that explore different aspects of stress, helping professionals gauge an individual's anxious tendencies.

It includes 50 questions divided into six categories: Somatic Anxiety, Worry and Oversensitivity, Tension and Irritability, Fearfulness and Inhibition, Social Concerns, and Cognitive Instability. Each category contains a series of prompts designed to assess a person's level of anxiety in that particular area that relates to abnormal and social psychology.

Mental health professionals use it as part of their assessment process, which can be administered orally and written, depending on the individual's preference. It's also used to measure progress when an individual undergoes treatment or therapy for anxiety-related issues.

Looking for other assessments to evaluate anxiety? Check out the video below:

Printable Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale

Download this Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale to assess anxiety in clients.

Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale Template

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Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale Example

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How does it work?

Our free printable Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale template allows you to assess and quantify an individual's anxiety tendencies. Follow these steps to get started:

Step One: Access the template

Download the free Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale template from the link provided on this page. You can also retrieve it from the Carepatron app or our resources library.

Step Two: Explain the scale

Introduce the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale to your client and explain how it works. Make sure to address any queries they may have before proceeding.

Step Three: Complete the assessment

Ask your client to respond to the items on the scale, indicating the extent to which each statement reflects their feelings and experiences related to anxiety.

Step Four: Interpret the results

After completing the assessment, you can interpret the results to understand the individual's anxiety tendencies. Higher scores may indicate a higher level of manifest anxiety.

Step Five: Discuss the findings

Together, review the results and address any questions your client may have. Emphasize that the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale offers valuable insights into anxiety tendencies, but other assessment methods also exist.

Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale scoring and interpretation

This scale includes 50 items that can be used to measure manifest anxiety. Each item is true or false, scoring one for every accurate response. The total score is then interpreted in the following way:

  • 0-5: No anxiety
  • 6-25: Mild anxiety
  • 26-50: Moderate to high anxiety

It's important to note that the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale offers insights into manifest anxiety but doesn't provide a comprehensive diagnosis. Anxiety is a complex condition, and an individual's score on this scale is just one aspect to consider.

When is this template useful?

The Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale template is valuable for assessing anxiety tendencies in individuals. You can leverage this tool to understand your client's anxiety levels better. Additionally, this free template can be utilized to:

Track changes in anxiety levels

You can use the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale to monitor shifts in an individual's anxious levels over time. It is beneficial for those exploring their anxiety triggers or managing anxiety-related concerns.

Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment

This template can also be used to evaluate the success of different anxiety treatments. By tracking your client's progress over time, you can assess how their current interventions work and if adjustments need to be made.

Foster a safe space for discussing anxiety

You can use our free template to create a safe and supportive space for discussing anxiety. It's important that your client feel comfortable sharing their anxieties so you can help them tackle them most effectively.

Support a more holistic understanding of your client

In addition to examining anxiety levels, the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale can help you better understand your client's overall mental state. The scale's questions can illuminate other possible mental health concerns and uncover patterns contributing to their anxiety.

Facilitate therapist-client communication

Using the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale can also enhance communication between you and your client. The scale's structured format can make it easier for clients to express their experiences, feelings, and concerns, which can help you address their needs.

Benefits of the free Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale Template

Here are some advantages of utilizing Carepatron's free Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale template:

It's fully digital.

This template is entirely digital, allowing instant access from any device with internet connectivity. Say goodbye to printing and storing physical copies!

It's backed by research.

The Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale is rooted in empirical research, ensuring that results obtained through this scale are reliable and credible.

It's versatile.

You can use the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale template for individuals of any age or background. Its questions are broad enough to capture the experiences of numerous populations, making it a flexible and comprehensive tool for assessing anxiety levels.


Taylor, C. D. (1953). Manifest anxiety scale. Psychological Reports, 4(3), 397-401.

Who uses the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale?
Who uses the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale?

Researchers, clinical psychologists, therapists, and educators utilize the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale. It helps explore anxiety patterns, comprehend the nuances of anxiety, and study changes in anxiety levels over time. Additionally, the scale is employed in clinical settings to help individuals understand and express their anxiety tendencies.

When is the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale used?

You can use this scale to quantify and comprehend the spectrum of anxiety levels. It is suitable for studies, surveys, and assessments to gather insights into an individual's anxiety experiences and tendencies.

How is the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale used?

The Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale involves individuals rating themselves based on various statements, resulting in a numerical score that indicates their manifest anxiety level. The scale provides a structured way to evaluate anxiety tendencies.

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