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Check out our ACT Therapy worksheets to produce high-quality psychological outcomes. Encourage greater mindfulness, acceptance, self-awareness, and understanding.

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What Is an ACT Therapy Worksheet?

ACT therapy worksheets encompass acceptance and commitment therapy principles, in order to promote healthy and positive thinking patterns within clients. With , you can work towards strengthening psychological and emotional openness within patients. This is in addition to helping provide a pathway for clients to acknowledge their emotions and incorporate effective steps to induce greater resilience and state of mind. ACT therapy worksheets cover the six core components, which include acceptance, cognitive defusion, the idea of being present, the self as context, values, and committed action. These worksheets aim to reduce feelings of suppression, as well as denial, and help clients reconcile with their struggles and hardships. They are designed with mental health practitioner needs in mind and can be adapted to suit both your therapeutic approach, as well as the client's needs. Consider checking out this ACT therapy worksheet if you wish to elevate clinical therapy outcomes, and alleviate client mental struggles.

Printable ACT Therapy Worksheets

Download these ACT therapy worksheets to improve your client's treatment outcomes and experience.

How To Use This Worksheet For ACT Therapy

ACT therapy worksheets are quite comprehensive in nature, as they cover multiple dimensions. As a result, you may be wondering how to complete them, which is why we're here to help! It's actually super easy to integrate ACT therapy worksheets, and all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Download the worksheet

Although this may seem obvious to state, make sure that you download our free ACT therapy worksheets for this modest experience. All you have to do is click the link on this page, which should open automatically within your device's PDF reader. Each section is clickable, meaning that you can electronically distribute this to your client to fill out, or you can use the old-fashioned pen-and-paper method. Simply print out the document, and hand it to your client during your session.

Step 2: Complete the sections

The next step is to then fill out the ACT therapy worksheet. The ACT therapy worksheet encompasses a variety of different writing exercises, including freethought, scale ratings, lists, and small exercises. It is recommended that you work through the worksheet with your client during your session, however, you are free to hand this to your client as homework for them to complete in between appointments. It is up to you whether all sections are completed, or if you wish to focus on a particular ACT therapy dimension.

Step 3: Secure within a HIPAA-compliant database

As the final step, you must secure the worksheet within a HIPAA-compliant database, if you have the client's permission. The client may wish to keep the ACT therapy worksheet, in which case, you may need to store notes of your collaboration experience. Regardless, all your information must be kept within an encrypted server to protect the client's confidential data.

ACT Therapy Worksheet Example (Sample)

If you wish to take a look at what an ACT therapy worksheet example looks like, then search no further. We've created a complete ACT therapy worksheet of what it looks like in practice, and what level and quality of information is typically expected. We've also provided blank worksheets for you to keep and incorporate within your own practice if that's what you prefer!

Download this ACT Therapy Example (Sample) here: 

ACT Therapy Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable ACT Therapy Worksheet (PDF)?

ACT therapy worksheets can be used across a variety of mental health practices. You don't have to be an ACT therapy expert in order to use the worksheets, as they encompass versatile and useful psychological principles across various schools of thought. Quite simply, if you wish to promote positive thinking patterns within your clients, then consider integrating ACT therapy worksheets. They can be used to provide greater depth and introspection to your appointments, and can also be used to reveal valuable insight when it comes to assessing client behavior, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Using ACT, you can work towards eliminating denial and bringing repressed feelings to the surface to work towards committed actions and changes. Some mental healthcare professionals that can benefit from implementing ACT therapy worksheets include the following:

  1. Psychologists
  2. Psychiatrists
  3. Therapists
  4. Psychotherapist
  5. Counselors
  6. Life coaches
  7. Holistic coaches
  8. Mental health specialists

Why Is This Form Useful For Therapists?

There are also various practical uses to ACT therapy worksheets that you may want to consider.

  • Enhanced client insight - With ACT therapy worksheets, you can uncover many repressed thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that can highlight potential causes for effective treatment. Quite simply, with ACT therapy worksheets, you can encompass a greater understanding when it comes to the client’s well-being and psychological state. Obtain a greater grasp on what is affecting the client, and what could potentially alleviate many of their symptoms.
  • Greater organization - ACT therapy worksheets organize the six core principles of ACT succinctly, and in a way that allows for broad understanding without extensive paperwork. All the relevant information is compiled for you in a clean format, which means you can spend less time planning and modifying worksheets.
  • Simplified workflow - Because these worksheets have been created with mental health professional needs in mind, all you have to do is download and distribute. You can work towards an optimized and streamlined workflow, that doesn't complicate things any further. Healthcare can be overwhelming enough as it is, so consider implementing ACT therapy worksheets for efficient business processes.
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Benefits of ACT Therapy Worksheet

Not only are there numerous uses to ACT therapy worksheets, but there is also a multitude of benefits that you would be remiss to not also consider.

Greater client connections

Naturally, incorporating ACT therapy worksheets means that you can connect with patients on a more intimate, professional level, and in a shorter amount of time. When it comes to therapy, Improvement is often dependent on the client's experience with the therapist, the level of vulnerability they present, and sharing their honest thoughts and feelings. ACT therapy worksheets are a great way to become acquainted with the depth and extent of a client's feelings, through a non-invasive process that prioritizes client control.

Faster progress

ACT therapy worksheets touch on all essential components when it comes to evaluating a client's state of mind, as well as introducing ways to overcome psychological challenges. With these worksheets, you can use them as a supplementary tool to your appointments to encourage consistent improvements, and as an aid to reveal useful client insight within the early stages.

Develop cognitive framework

You can also use ACT therapy worksheets to work towards developing a robust cognitive framework over time. The worksheets can help consolidate your knowledge when it comes to certain patient and mental disorder cases, and you can familiarize yourself with how they may present in different people. They are excellent reference points, and you can also witness changes across time within specific clients, and better understand what worked and what did not.

Reveal honest experiences

As touched on, these worksheets are great at uncovering thoughts and feelings that have often been suppressed and denied within clients. It provides a space for clients to shed greater vulnerability, without fear of judgment. These experiences can be used towards treatment, as well as a better understanding of the scope of their mental health issues at hand.

Encourage proactivity

These act therapy worksheets can be used inside your appointments, or they can be assigned as homework tasks. Both options allow clients to work on improving their mental health state in an abstract sense and beyond your office.

Commonly asked questions

Who completes ACT Therapy Worksheets?

ACT therapy worksheets are completed by the client. If you choose to work on them during your sessions, keep in mind that it is not you driving the worksheet, rather, it is still your client. You should not add any information, and should only be transcribing the thoughts and feelings of your client.

What is the difference between an ACT vs. Narrative therapy worksheet?

ACT treatment, like narrative therapy, includes the cognitive defusion part, in which a person is detached from their situation. Both strategies enable clients to reduce the weight of their problems and externalize order in order to deal with them more effectively. Narrative therapy stresses a storyline approach, whereas cognitive defusion is more 'bare bones' and uses simple reframing. ACT therapy worksheets in general focus on various dimensions such as values and acceptance, whereas story therapy is a single lens used to treat clients with mental health concerns.

Does the client have to complete all parts of the ACT therapy worksheet?

It is not required for the client to complete all parts of the ACT therapy worksheet, especially if you deem some aspects as irrelevant. However, as a mental health professional, it is up to you whether you enforce this or not. It is recommended that the client completes the entirety of the ACT therapy worksheet in order to receive the most benefit and highest value.

Why Use Carepatron For Therapy Worksheet Software?

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Who completes ACT Therapy Worksheets?
Who completes ACT Therapy Worksheets?
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