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A comprehensive therapy worksheet template that improves patient engagement. This worksheet will allow you to obtain accurate data and greatly enhance your treatment plans.

By Joshua Napilay on Jul 15, 2024.


Fact Checked by RJ Gumban.

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What is a Therapy Worksheet?

Therapy worksheets refer to resources that are used during therapeutic treatment with a patient. These documents can vary depending on the specific kind of treatment that a patient is receiving, and what kind of clinical outcomes they are hoping to achieve. By implementing worksheets within your therapy practice, you will be able to keep your patients engaged and focused in-between sessions, helping them visualize and work toward their goals.

To help ensure this worksheet is as applicable to as many types of therapeutic treatment as possible, we have designed a form that is based on weekly reflection tasks. Therapists can distribute the worksheet and encourage patients to complete the form at the end of each week. Incorporating this effective and engaging therapy worksheet into your practice will have advantages for both therapists and patients, guaranteeing a better healthcare experience for all. In this guide, we’re going to introduce you to our therapy worksheets, explain how you can access and implement it into your work, and highlight some of the associated advantages.

How to Use This Worksheet for Therapy

Using the therapy worksheet requires very little effort from all parties! In order to implement it into your practice, simply follow this step-by-step guide.

Step One: Access the worksheet

The first thing you need to do is access our worksheet. We’ve included a link to the document on this page, and when you click it the worksheet will open in a PDF reader on your device. From here, you can save the worksheet to your computer so it can be quickly and easily accessed at a later date.

Step Two: Distribute to patients

When you are treating a patient who you think will benefit from using the worksheet, you should distribute the form to them. You can either print out physical copies of the worksheet or send your patient an electronic version for them to complete online. While both of these options are fine, we would recommend the electronic method, as it will guarantee automation, while also helping your practice stay organized.

Step Three: Patient completes the worksheet

For the next part of the process, the patient needs to complete the therapy worksheet. Although this isn’t a strict requirement, we recommend encouraging your patients to complete a worksheet every week. When they have completed the form, they can bring it into their next therapy session and you can collaboratively discuss the answers they have supplied. This will help keep patients focused and engaged in their therapeutic treatment.

Step Four: Store the worksheet securely

If you hold onto a copy of the therapy worksheet, you need to make sure it is stored securely. These documents contain personal information regarding the patient and as such, HIPAA guidelines apply to them. Regardless of whether you are storing electronic or physical copies of the worksheets, they need to be protected by safeguards that guarantee patient privacy.

Who Can Use this Printable Therapy Worksheet (PDF)?

Our therapy worksheet has been designed to be used by healthcare practitioners specializing in therapeutic treatments. These may include:

  1. Mental Health Therapists
  2. Psychologists
  3. Psychiatrists
  4. Grief Counselors
  5. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors
  6. Social Workers
  7. Youth Counselors
  8. Mental Health Nurses
  9. General Practitioners

If the field of healthcare that you work in isn’t on this list, don’t worry. As long as you are a healthcare practitioner who uses therapeutic treatments then you and your patients will benefit greatly from the worksheet.

Why is This Form Useful for Therapists?

This form has a range of different uses for therapy practices, including the following:


Using a worksheet that has already been designed is guaranteed to optimize organization at your practice. Staying on top of keeping resources and documents well-organized can be time-consuming, which is why we’ve already done most of that for you. All you have to do is download the worksheet and give it to your patients.

Saves time

Without having to create or design your own therapy worksheet, you’ll be able to save a lot of time. Utilizing these resources is an important aspect of working as a therapist, but they can quickly become time-consuming if you are tasked with creating them yourself. By utilizing our worksheet, you can automate this process and skip straight to using them.

Go paperless

Many healthcare practices are looking for solutions that enable them to conduct their work electronically. Our therapy worksheet can be accessed, distributed, and stored online, helping your business go paperless.

Therapy software benefit

Benefits of Therapy Worksheet

The therapy worksheet that we have designed will lead to a wide range of different benefits for you, your patients, and the practice that you work at. Some of these advantages include:

Increase patient engagement

Finding ways to keep patients engaged in their own treatment is a very important aspect of working as a therapist. Patients are more likely to achieve clinical goals if they are invested in their own health, and encouraging them to complete tasks in-between sessions is a fantastic way to enable this.

Track patient progress

Although therapy worksheets aren’t necessarily designed to track patient progress, they can nevertheless be helpful in this area. You can store all of your patient’s worksheets in one place to be accessed and compared at a later date. Drawing a comparison between how your patient has been functioning in their day-to-day life will allow you to identify any considerable progress, as well as areas that may require further work.

Insight into the efficacy of your treatment

Additionally, the responses that a patient leaves on their therapy worksheet will give you insight into how effective the treatment plan has been. Feedback is critical to professional improvement, and although the responses on these worksheets aren’t a direct reflection of your therapy skills, they will give you an insight into how the patient is responding to treatment.

Devise an effective treatment plan

As you obtain this kind of data directly from the patient, you will be able to devise a more effective treatment plan. Considering how much improvement the patient has made, and ascertaining strategies that are working effectively will allow you to amend and alter the treatment plan where necessary.

Achieve better clinical outcomes

Ultimately, these advantages will result in better clinical outcomes. Having a higher degree of organization and patient input will lead to a collaborative and meaningful relationship with your patients, increasing the likelihood of them achieving their treatment goals.

When do you use therapy worksheets?
When do you use therapy worksheets?

Commonly asked questions

When do you use therapy worksheets?

This therapy worksheet is able to be used in almost every kind of therapy treatment. Regardless of what your patient is being treated for or how long they have been seeing a therapist, this worksheet will enable them to work toward their goals.

How many worksheets should a patient complete?

As we mentioned before, these worksheets have been designed to be completed once every week. That being said, there is a lot of flexibility, and you may find the worksheet is more helpful when it is completed every fortnight, or even every month. These worksheets can theoretically be completed for the entire duration of a patient’s treatment in therapy, but if you think they are having less of a positive impact, then you may decide to stop incorporating them.

How should I store the completed therapy worksheets?

Therapy worksheets contain confidential information regarding a patient’s health condition, and as such, they are protected by HIPAA. You need to ensure that completed worksheets are stored somewhere safe and secure so as to maintain patient privacy at all times.

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