Grief and Loss Worksheet

Check out this Goodbye Letter grief and loss worksheet to help your patients come to terms with their loss and healthily process their grief.

By Matt Olivares on Jun 20, 2024.

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Grief and Loss Worksheet PDF Example
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What is a grief and loss worksheet?

Grief is something that everyone will go through at some point in their life. It’s inevitable and it’ll come through a loss, whether it’s the loss of a job, relationship, or a loved one. Depending on the person and what they’ve lost, it might just be one of the most difficult things that they’ll have to deal with.

The experience of grief often sticks and never really goes away. It resurfaces from time to time, especially when we would least expect it, but over time, we grow and learn new ways to better contain and manage it.

In order to help patients work their way through their loss, grief and loss worksheets are wonderful tools that can serve in creating pathways for them to recognize, elaborate, and process how they feel about their loss, to help them grieve healthily, and to assist with determining the next steps for them to cope and move on!

Here at Carepatron, we have different grief and loss worksheet samples that you can use, such as this Goodbye Letter!

Printable Grief and Loss Worksheet

Download this Grief and Loss Worksheet and guide your client through the process of grieving.

How to use this Goodbye Letter grief and loss worksheet?

The Goodbye Letter grief and loss worksheet was designed specifically for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. More often than not, when people lose loved ones, there are regrets and things left unsaid that they wished they had done before their loved ones departed this earth.

This particular grief and loss worksheet sample will help a person in mourning to articulate themselves when it comes to processing how they’re dealing with the loss. Additionally, since this worksheet is framed in such a way that they are speaking to their departed loved one(s), they are able to talk to them in a way and say what they’ve always wanted to say,

It’s fairly easy to use and it has starting phrases to help frame what the patient wants to say.

Lines of the Goodbye Letter to fill:

All the patient needs to do is take their time and write what they want to say based on the following starting phrases of each line:

  • I am saying goodbye because…
  • And saying goodbye to you makes me feel…
  • I remember a time when we…
  • Ever since you’ve gone, things have been different because…
  • The thing I miss the most about you is…
  • You taught me…
  • I will always remember…
  • Something I want you to know is…

I love you, always.

From: [insert name here]

Goodbye Letter Grief and Loss Worksheet Sample

We have created a sample of a filled-out goodbye letter worksheet, to give you insight into how a client may respond to each of the prompts.

Download this Grief and Loss Worksheet Example (Sample) here: 

Grief and Loss Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who can use this printable grief and loss worksheet (PDF)?

The person who is grieving will be the one to use this printable grief and loss worksheet. Any person old enough to write can definitely use this worksheet.

The Goodbye Letter is here to help them:

  • Confront and articulate how they’ve been feeling over the loss of a loved one
  • To help them say things left unsaid (if any)
  • To help them say goodbye
  • And, hopefully, make them more determined to carry on after the loss

Why is this grief and loss worksheet useful for grief therapists?

It can aid in helping their patient confront their loss.

  • Discussing a loss with someone, whether to family, a close friend, or even a grief therapist might be hard for certain people, especially if the loss is recent
  • This structured goodbye letter can help give that nudge for the patient to take a step back and process their grief

It can help determine and set the course for coping for their patient!

  • Parts of this grief and loss worksheet are lines like “You taught me” and “Something I want you to know,” which are lines where patients can write certain things (e.g. promises, what they’re going to do after, etc.)
  • Whatever they write on those lines could help both the grief therapist AND the patient determine what they could try and do to kickstart the coping and healing process
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Benefits of the Goodbye Letter grief and loss worksheet template

Besides being a good tool to use for grief therapists and counselors, the goodbye letter can also help the patient with the following:

  • Create distance between the patient and their grief
  • Enable them to reflect on, confront, and articulate how they feel
  • Talk to their dearly departed loved one and say things that were left unsaid
  • Establish possible pathways to move forward and cope based on what they’ve written and if they’ve had any epiphanies while writing
  • It’s also a way for patients to open up to their counselor. Sometimes they are able to say more in writing than through speech

Why Use Carepatron For Grief Software?

Here at Carepatron, we care about helping healthcare practitioners improve productivity and efficiency, especially when it comes to streamlining their clinical documentation. By taking advantage of our easy-to-navigate EHR system, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of grief worksheets such as this Goodbye Letter grief and loss worksheet!

Using these worksheets will help you with your counseling and make it easier for you and your patients to navigate and work through their grief.

You can even store these notes in a HIPAA-compliant manner and secure them by setting up who can access these documents besides you.

Not only is our grief software intuitive, but it’s also easily accessible! Whether you’re using an office desktop, a laptop, or even just your phone, you can access your grief worksheets anytime, anywhere!

Convenience. Accessibility. Security. You get all three with Carepatron.

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What is a grief worksheet?
What is a grief worksheet?

Commonly asked questions

What is a grief worksheet?

A grief worksheet is something that grief counselors and therapists may issue to patients in order to help them work through their grieving process. There are different kinds of grief worksheet examples, with this Goodbye Letter being one of the most simple ones.

How do I write grief worksheets?

It depends on the worksheet a patient is given. There are different types, and each one has its own structure and format. As for the Goodbye Letter worksheet, it has set phrases to serve as prompts. All the patient needs to do is to take their time when reflecting on what they want to say, and write what they feel when the time is right for them given that the letter is a way for them to talk to their loved one and say their goodbyes.

Who uses grief worksheets?

Grief counselors and therapists use these in order to have their patients write how they are dealing with the loss they’ve experienced. This becomes an opportunity for the patients to reflect on what they’re going through at their own pace. This could create opportunities for the patient to determine what they need to do in order to cope, and for the grief counselor or therapist to provide suggestions to help aid the patient as they work through their grief.

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