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Enhance the quality of your notes, and work towards more effective treatment outcomes with a BIRP note template.

By Chloe Smith on Jun 20, 2024.

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What Is A BIRP Notes Template

BIRP notes are a form of progress note, that enable healthcare professionals and practitioners to keep track of a patient’s health condition. Not only can they enhance notetaking procedures, but they can also help you meet insurance and legal obligations, as well as ensure you’re developing treatments that directly address the health concerns at hand. refer to the four main components:


This involves both subjective and objective information concerning the patient’s health condition. As a result, this section typically includes direct quotes, examinations, test results, and professional judgments of their physical state.


This section summarizes the patient’s overall health condition, but with an aim of providing goals and objectives. Strategies can be developed here, in what exercises or treatments are needed.


The response entails the patient’s reaction to the session and interventions used, as described in the previous section.


The final section pertains to the future course of action for the patient, and what specific steps need to be taken.

BIRP Notes Template

Check out our BIRP progress note template to integrate within your practice. Enhance the quality of your notes, and work towards more effective treatment that prioritizes high clinical outcomes.

How To Use This Template For BIRP notes

It can sometimes be tricky knowing where to start, especially if you’ve never used BIRP notes before. However, they’re easy to use and don’t require extensive knowledge to be effectively utilized. It’s as simple as following the steps below.

Step One: Download the PDF template

The first step is to download the BIRP PDF template, which requires clicking on the link provided. This should automatically open in your PDF reader software, where you can edit the document or print it for handwriting purposes. 

Step Two: Enter your credentials

Next is to enter all the relevant details pertaining to you and your client’s session. This involves filling in the BIRP note with the date of your session, in addition to their name, and ID (if applicable). 

Step Three: Complete the 4 BIRP sections

Fill out the corresponding behavior, intervention, response, and plan sections in a concise manner. Only include what is relevant, and what is essential to understanding your patient and their treatment. 

Step Four: Sign and date the note

Once you’ve completed the whole BIRP note, include your signature and today’s date for authorization purposes.

Step Five: Safely store BIRP notes 

Store your completed BIRP notes through a secure software that incorporates HIPAA security protocol and procedures. This can protect sensitive patient information, and ensure the longevity of your practice.

BIRP Notes Example (Sample)

To help make things easier, we’ve created a BIRP note structure that allows for higher-quality assessments and evaluations to implement in your practice. Additionally, if you’re interested in understanding what a completed BIRP progress note looks like in the context of healthcare, we also have this available for you to access.

Check out the BIRP Note Sample here:

BIRP note sample

Who Can Use this BIRP Note Cheat Sheet?

The beautiful thing about BIRP progress notes is that they are relevant to a wide range of healthcare practitioners. Each healthcare professional and clinician can customize BIRP to suit their needs, and accommodate their own unique approach when it comes to healthcare solutions. The format is both flexible and universal, meaning that it can be adapted through an iterative process, and is also accepted across various health clinics and organizations.

Many different healthcare professionals can incorporate BIRP notes into their business, including the following:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Social workers
  • Therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Occupational therapists

Incorporating BIRP into your practice will see greater organization and productivity to ensure that you meet patient needs, and are providing the highest level of care possible. Regardless of your specialty, BIRP can improve your notetaking, and ensure that you are recording information that will benefit the patient’s health. Keep in mind that each BIRP note will look a little different depending on the type of clinician you are and that each section can encompass various factors unique to your area of expertise. However, each should be concise in detail and should center around the patient.

Why Is This Template Useful For Mental Health Professionals

There are multiple reasons why BIRP notes are immensely useful for mental health professionals, and otherwise, including the following:

  • Track progress - With BIRP, you can track patient health progress over time, and monitor the success of your treatment and services offered. 
  • Easy sharing - BIRP notes take advantage of a universal format, meaning that they are easily accessible across healthcare professionals. Fellow clinicians can pick up where you left off in the case of referrals and can follow your train of thought when it comes to treatment.
  • Subjective and objective - BIRP provides a place to comment on both subjective and objective perspectives when it comes to a patient’s condition. This allows for a more comprehensive evaluation that considers both sides of the coin when it comes to developing relevant health solutions.

Benefits of BIRP Notes 

There are many benefits to incorporating BIRP into your practice, including the following:

Minimizes miscommunication

Because BIRP outlines all relevant medical and health information in a transparent format, that is also universally accepted and acknowledged, you can communicate evaluations more effectively. This can work towards reducing miscommunication across clinicians, especially in the case you’re needing to refer the patient or consult with another professional. 

Legal and insurance

BIRP notes can protect you in any legal scenarios that may arise, and they can also safeguard you when needing to file insurance claims. You can receive accurate reimbursements, with BIRP notes serving as sufficient evidence for you to refer to the exact treatments and medications given. 

Save time

BIRP notes structure all essential medical information so it can be understood at just one glance, meaning you don’t have to worry about the formatting or what needs to go into the document. You can note all the most important information, and cut down on time massively. 

Increases accuracy

In the same vein, because you note information according to each section and its requirements, you can develop a more robust framework to treat the patient. You can be more accurate with your target areas, and work towards achieving health goals much faster. 

Fosters meaningful relationships 

BIRP notes place the patient’s needs at the forefront of their treatment, meaning that instead of working ahead, you can work alongside the patient for quicker recovery. Strengthen professional relationships, and work towards more developed evaluations.

Why Use Carepatron For BIRP Notes?

Carepatron is one of the best options out there when it comes to BIRP notes, as you can manage your notes online, without hassle. You can create notes according to highly established templates, and use the resource library to improve your practice and operations, whilst prioritizing patient needs. Develop highly comprehensive and intensive notes, that cut down on time, and allow you to build up business processes elsewhere. Produce higher clinical outcomes, and join a professional network with over 10,000+ healthcare practitioners from a variety of backgrounds.

Additionally, using Carepatron means you can take advantage of advanced security software, that encrypts your data and keeps patient information safe. Stay HIPAA compliant, and work towards effective management that is organized, streamlined, and intuitive to use. Healthcare is complicated enough as it is, so why make things harder for yourself? Consider Carepatron, and come out on top.

How is BIRP different from SOAP?
How is BIRP different from SOAP?

Commonly asked questions

How is BIRP different from SOAP?

BIRP is like SOAP in that they are both common notetaking formats, however, BIRP combines the subjective and objective sections, and places a larger focus on developing specific interventions and how patients respond in real-time.

How many interventions should I list?

This is entirely dependent on your practice, your resources, your specialty, and of course, your client's needs. You should, however, outline all interventions used within the single session with the patient, as there is no limit.

How long should a BIRP note be?

A good rule of thumb is to keep BIRP notes within 1-2 pages long. Anything beyond this is considered excessive. Remember that you want to be succinct and concise, as it makes for better comprehension for other healthcare professionals who may utilize your notes!

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