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What is an AA Step 4 Worksheet?

The AA Step 4 Worksheet is a powerful tool used within the context of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This well-known mutual support group assists individuals struggling with alcohol addiction. Step 4 is considered a crucial stage in AA's 12-step recovery program, which involves conducting a searching and fearless moral inventory of oneself. This step plays an instrumental role in helping individuals in recovery identify their character defects, resentments, fears, and past wrongdoings, forming the foundation for personal growth and transformation.

Similar to the 4th Step Worksheet, this is designed to provide a structured approach to facilitating the self-inventory process. Typically, it consists of questions and prompts to foster self-reflection and introspection. The worksheet encourages individuals to take an honest and deep look at their past actions, relationships, and behaviors, enabling them to gain insights into the underlying causes of their alcoholism and the patterns that may have contributed to it.

Printable AA Step 4 Worksheet

Download this AA Step 4 Worksheet to help clients in completing Step 4 of the program.

How to use the AA Step 4 Worksheet

The AA Step 4 Worksheet is crucial for the fourth step of AA's 12-step recovery program. It helps take a moral inventory and provides a structured approach. Here's how to use it effectively:

Step 1: Download the worksheet

To get started, download the AA Step 4 Worksheet using the link on this page. You can also get it from the Carepatron app or our resources library.

Step 2: Find a quiet place

Having a quiet and comfortable space to work on the worksheet is important. This will help you focus and reflect without any distractions.

Step 3: Set aside dedicated time

The AA Step 4 Worksheet requires significant time and effort, so it's important to set aside a specific block of time to work on it. This can range from an hour to several hours, depending on your personal pace.

Step 4: Read the instructions carefully

Before starting, make sure to read through the instructions provided on the worksheet. This will give you a better understanding of how to approach each section and what is expected from you.

Step 5: Be honest

The purpose of the AA Step 4 Worksheet is to take a personal inventory and be honest about your character defects, resentments, and fears. It's important to approach this step with an open and nonjudgmental mindset.

Step 6: Start with the resentments section

The first part of the worksheet focuses on identifying and analyzing resentments. Take your time to list down all the people, institutions, or principles you hold resentment towards and reflect on why they bother you.

Step 7: Move on to the fears section

Next, move on to the fears section of the worksheet. Think about your deep-rooted fears and how they may have influenced your behavior and decisions in the past.

Step 8: Identify your character defects

The final section of the AA Step 4 Worksheet is all about identifying your character defects. This requires a deep introspection and an honest look at yourself. Remember to be gentle with yourself during this process.

Step 9: Continue the reflection process

Once you have completed the worksheet, take some time to reflect on your inventory. Think about how it has helped you gain a better understanding of yourself and what changes you can make in your life moving forward.

AA Step 4 Worksheets example (sample)

The AA Step 4 Worksheet is a crucial tool in the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program, aimed at facilitating the fourth step of the 12-step recovery process. It initiates a reflective process of self-examination, beginning with personal information, such as your name and date, to set the stage for your moral inventory.

The worksheet focuses on identifying resentments, urging you to list individuals or situations that evoke such feelings and explore their causes and effects on your life. Fear is also addressed, with spaces provided to record your fears and confront your character defects, such as dishonesty or selfishness.

Upon completion, the worksheet invites you to reflect on your findings. This self-inventory fosters personal growth and provides a foundation for making amends and healing. AA Step 4 Worksheets, often available as PDFs, offer a convenient way to engage in this transformational process as you progress toward recovery.

Download this AA Step 4 Worksheet example: 

AA Step 4 Worksheets Example (sample)

When would you use this form?

The AA Step 4 Worksheet is a valuable resource primarily intended for individuals seeking recovery from alcohol addiction through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

However, it can also be helpful for various practitioners and professionals involved in addiction treatment and mental health support. Here's a concise list of situations where the AA Step 4 Worksheet can be appropriately utilized:

  • Substance abuse treatment programsAddiction counselors and therapists can incorporate the AA Step 4 Worksheet into their treatment plans for clients dealing with alcohol addiction. It is a structured tool for exploring underlying issues, fostering self-awareness, and aiding recovery.
  • Within 12-step programs: Professionals leading 12-step programs, whether in a clinical setting or community support group, can use this worksheet to guide participants through Step 4. It helps participants thoroughly examine their past and lay the groundwork for subsequent steps.
  • Supporting dual diagnosis clients: For individuals dealing with both addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, therapists can use the AA Step 4 Worksheet to address the emotional and psychological aspects contributing to addiction.
  • Aftercare and pelapse prevention: The worksheet can be employed in aftercare and relapse prevention programs to help individuals maintain their sobriety by revisiting and refining their moral inventory periodically.
  • Correctional facilities: Counselors working with incarcerated individuals struggling with addiction can use the worksheet as part of rehabilitation programs, aiding inmates in addressing their past behaviours and making positive changes.


Using the AA Step 4 Worksheet comes with myriad benefits. Take a look at how it can help you and your patients:

Structured self-examination

The AA Step 4 Worksheet offers a structured and organized moral inventory approach. It guides individuals through a thorough self-examination process, helping them systematically delve into their past actions and experiences. This structure makes it easier for users to address potentially difficult or painful memories.

Enhanced self-awareness

By using the worksheet, individuals are encouraged to engage in deep introspection. They reflect on resentments, fears, and character defects that may have contributed to their addiction. This heightened self-awareness is a crucial first step towards personal growth and recovery, as it enables individuals to understand the root causes of their behavior.

Identification of triggers and patterns

The worksheet prompts users to recognize patterns and triggers in their thoughts and behaviors. Through this process, individuals can identify recurring themes that have played a role in their addiction. Recognizing these patterns is essential for making conscious choices and breaking free from destructive cycles.

Foundation for recovery

Working through the AA Step 4 Worksheet is foundational to the 12-step recovery process. It helps individuals acknowledge their past wrongdoings and understand how these actions have affected their lives and the lives of others. This self-inventory is a solid foundation for subsequent steps, including making amends and achieving lasting sobriety.

Why use Carepatron as your AA Step 4 app?

Using Carepatron as your AA Step 4 app is a smart choice for several compelling reasons. Carepatron offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to facilitate the AA Step 4 process effectively. Here's why Carepatron stands out as the best place to engage in this critical work:

  • Structured and guided experience: Carepatron provides a structured and guided experience for individuals working through the AA Step 4 process. The app offers clear prompts and questions that align with the principles of Step 4, ensuring that users comprehensively address their resentments, fears, and character defects.
  • Easy accessibility: Carepatron is easily accessible from various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This accessibility means that individuals can engage in their Step 4 work whenever and wherever it's most convenient.
  • Privacy and security: Privacy and security are paramount in self-exploration. Carepatron prioritizes the confidentiality of users' personal and sensitive information, ensuring that individuals can open up and address their issues in a safe digital environment.
  • Progress tracking: The app includes features for tracking progress throughout Step 4. Users can save their work, revisit it at their own pace, and track their personal growth and insights over time.
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Who uses AA Step 4 Worksheets?
Who uses AA Step 4 Worksheets?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses AA Step 4 Worksheets?

AA Step 4 Worksheets are widely used by individuals who are struggling with addiction and are seeking help through the Alcoholics Anonymous program. These worksheets provide a structured way for individuals to reflect on their past actions, behaviors, and relationships, take responsibility for their mistakes, and make amends.

When are AA Step 4 Worksheets used?

AA Step 4 Worksheets are typically used during the fourth step of the Alcoholics Anonymous program after individuals have completed the inventory of their past actions and behaviors in the third step. This is an important stage in the recovery process as it allows individuals to understand their patterns and triggers for addiction fully.

How can the AA Step 4 Worksheet help a person?

The AA Step 4 Worksheet can help a person in various ways. Individuals can identify their harmful behaviors and patterns by completing the inventory and reflecting on past actions. This allows them to take ownership of their mistakes and make amends with those they have hurt.

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