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Enhance your healthcare journey with AA Step 5 Worksheets—a valuable resource for personal growth and recovery support.

By Bernard Ramirez on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is an AA Step 5 Worksheet?

An AA Step 5 Worksheet is a vital tool within the context of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a well-known and highly regarded mutual support program designed to help individuals overcome alcohol addiction. Step 5 is one of the 12 steps of the AA program, and it involves admitting to a higher power, oneself, and another human being the exact nature of one's wrongs and past mistakes.

The AA Step 5 Worksheet serves as a structured guide to assist individuals in completing this crucial step. It encourages members to reflect deeply on their past actions, behaviors, and the harm they may have caused themselves and others due to alcoholism.

Typically, an AA Step 5 Worksheet consists of a series of questions and prompts that prompt individuals to:

  • Make a comprehensive moral inventory of themselves, acknowledging character defects, resentments, fears, and harmful actions.
  • Consider the underlying causes and motivations behind their harmful behaviors and patterns.
  • Identify specific instances where they have harmed others emotionally, physically, or otherwise.
  • Explore how alcohol addiction has played a role in their actions and decisions.
  • Reflect on their readiness to share this inventory with others and their higher power.

Completing this worksheet is an essential part of the recovery process in AA, as it helps individuals gain clarity and self-awareness about their past behavior, paving the way for personal growth and healing. Sharing this inventory with another human being, often a sponsor or trusted fellow AA member, provides accountability and support.

Printable AA Step 5 Worksheet

Download this AA Step 5 Worksheet to help patients during recovery.

How to use the AA Step 5 Worksheet

Download a Printable AA Step 5 Worksheet

Begin by searching for and downloading a printable AA Step 5 Worksheet from reputable sources like the official AA website or Careatron. Ensure that it's free and readily accessible.

Find a Quiet and Reflective Space

Set aside dedicated time in a quiet, private space to focus without distractions. This step requires deep introspection.

Gather Necessary Materials

Collect writing materials, such as pens, pencils, or a computer if you prefer digital input. Have your previous work from Steps 1-4, if applicable, as it will be referenced during the process.

Read the Instructions

Carefully read through the instructions provided on the worksheet. This will give you a clear understanding of how to proceed and what is expected in this step.

Begin the Inventory

Start with Step 1 by listing your resentments, fears, and character defects. Write down any specific incidents that come to mind where these played a role in your actions or reactions.

Delve into the Details

Describe each resentment, fear, or character defect you list. Describe the situation, who was involved, what happened, and how it made you feel. This is a crucial step in understanding the root causes of your behavior.

Consider Your Part

Reflect on your role in these situations. Be honest and take responsibility for your actions, recognizing where you were at fault.

Review and Edit

After completing your inventory, review it thoroughly. Edit for clarity, honesty, and completeness. This is a personal document, so it's essential to be candid.

Seek a Trusted Confidant

Find a trusted individual to share your inventory with. In AA, this person is often a sponsor or another member with more experience. Ensure they are willing to listen without judgment.

Share Your Inventory

Schedule a meeting with your chosen confidant and read your inventory to them. This step can be emotionally challenging but is a pivotal part of the process.

Listen and Reflect

After sharing, be open to feedback and insights from your confidant. They can provide valuable perspectives and support for your continued growth.

Continue the Journey

Remember that Step 5 is just one part of the AA program. After completing it, move on to Step 6 and beyond, continuing your journey of self-improvement and recovery.

AA Step 5 Worksheets Example (Sample)

The template provides a structured approach to using the AA Step 5 Worksheet, a vital tool in Alcoholics Anonymous. It outlines the steps clearly and concisely, offering guidance on utilizing this resource effectively. Users are encouraged to download a printable version, set aside a reflective space, gather materials, and carefully read instructions.

The template then emphasizes the importance of listing resentments, fears, and character defects, delving into details, taking responsibility, and seeking a trusted confidant for sharing and reflection. It concludes by highlighting the continuation of the recovery journey beyond Step 5.

Download this AA Step 5 Worksheet Example:

AA Step 5 Worksheets Example (Sample)

When Would You Use This Form?

The AA Step 5 Worksheet is a valuable resource that various practitioners and individuals can utilize within Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and addiction recovery. Here are scenarios in which relevant practitioners appropriately use this form

Addiction Counselors and Therapists

Addiction professionals can introduce the AA Step 5 Worksheet as a part of their therapy sessions for clients in recovery. It serves as a structured tool to guide clients through acknowledging past wrongs and exploring the underlying causes of their addiction.

AA Sponsors

Sponsors play a crucial role in guiding newcomers through the 12-step program. They can use the AA Step 5 Worksheet to facilitate the completion of Step 5, helping sponsees inventory their resentments, fears, and character defects and providing a supportive environment for sharing.

Group Therapy Sessions

In group therapy settings focused on addiction recovery, therapists can incorporate the AA Step 5 Worksheet as an individual or group activity. This encourages participants to delve into their experiences, fostering peer support and insight.

Rehabilitation Centers

Rehab centers often integrate AA principles into their treatment programs. The AA Step 5 Worksheet can be a structured exercise in these settings, aiding residents in addressing their past actions and contributing to their overall recovery plan.

Self-Help and Support Groups

Beyond AA meetings, various self-help and support groups for addiction recovery can introduce the AA Step 5 Worksheet to members. This provides a structured means for individuals to work on their inventory in a group context.

Individual Self-Reflection

Anyone on the path to recovery, whether actively involved in AA or not, can use the AA Step 5 Worksheet for personal reflection and growth. It's a valuable resource for anyone seeking to address past wrongs and character defects as part of their recovery journey.


Structured Self-Examination

These worksheets offer a structured approach to self-examination, helping individuals systematically identify and acknowledge resentments, fears, and character defects, which is vital for personal growth.

Personal Accountability

By listing past wrongs and taking responsibility for one's actions, AA Step 5 Worksheet users gain a sense of personal accountability, a cornerstone of addiction recovery.

Emotional Healing

Sharing one's inventory with a trusted confidant provides a cathartic release, promoting emotional healing and reducing the burden of guilt and shame.

Guidance in Recovery

For newcomers to AA or those unfamiliar with the 12-step process, these free worksheets serve as an accessible guide, ensuring they navigate Step 5 effectively and remain on the path to recovery.

Enhanced Support

AA Step 5 Worksheets foster community and support, as individuals often share their inventories with sponsors or peers, receiving valuable feedback and encouragement.

Why use Carepatron as your AA Step 5 App?

Carepatron is a user-friendly platform for implementing and managing Alcoholics Anonymous Step 5 worksheets. The app is user-friendly, secure, and confidential, allowing users to self-disclose in a safe digital environment.

It also offers robust data management and storage capabilities, allowing users to securely save and access their Step 5 worksheets for ongoing reflection, sharing, and personal progress tracking.

Carepatron fosters a sense of community among users, enabling them to connect with the platform's sponsors, peers, or trusted confidants. The AA Step 5 software allows customization to align with individual preferences and recovery goals, and users can track their progress and achievements.

The platform offers a comprehensive recovery ecosystem, providing tools and resources for individuals, sponsors, and practitioners involved in recovery. The data-driven approach provides valuable insights for therapists, counselors, and sponsors, allowing for more practical guidance and support.

In summary, Carepatron's AA Step 5 app and software provide an ideal digital environment for individuals in Alcoholics Anonymous to engage with Step 5 effectively and efficiently. It combines user-friendliness, privacy, data management, community support, customization, and a comprehensive recovery ecosystem to facilitate this critical aspect of addiction recovery.

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Can I use digital tools or apps for Step 5?
Can I use digital tools or apps for Step 5?

Commonly asked questions

Can I use digital tools or apps for Step 5?

Yes, digital tools and apps, like Carepatron, are designed to assist individuals in completing and managing their Step 5 inventory. These tools provide a secure and convenient way to engage in the recovery process.

How often should I revisit Step 5 in my recovery journey?

The frequency of revisiting Step 5 varies from person to person. Some individuals may review it periodically as part of their ongoing self-improvement, while others may focus on it once during their initial recovery. It ultimately depends on individual needs and goals.

Can I use Step 5 Worksheets for issues beyond alcohol addiction?

While Step 5 is a part of the AA program designed explicitly for alcohol addiction recovery, the concept of self-inventory and sharing can be adapted for addressing other personal issues and emotional healing outside of addiction recovery. However, consulting with a qualified therapist or counselor for guidance is essential.

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