SOAP Notes for Dental Template

A simple PDF dental SOAP Notes template designed for use by dentists, orthodontists, or dental nurses.

By Katherine Ellison on Jun 20, 2024.


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SOAP Notes for Dental Template PDF Example
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What Is A Dental SOAP Notes Template?

Dentists need to take detailed and precise notes for their clients, and this dental SOAP No

tes template is designed to help them do just that! Our dental SOAP Notes template makes it easy for dentists to follow the internationally used SOAP note-taking layout in their notes.

This dental SOAP Notes template is a PDF download that can either be printed out and annotated or can be kept completely online and edited digitally.

SOAP is an acronym that splits the notes into Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan sections. In your you will need to include objective details on tooth condition, affected tooth location, and radiological reports, as well as subjective information on the patient’s dental history and habits, your assessment of the patient’s tooth condition, and proposed treatment plan. Luckily, our dental SOAP Notes template includes separate spaces for all of these as well as a pre-made header for you to fill in the all-important patient details like their name, date of birth, and the date of their appointment.

Printable SOAP Notes Template

Check out these Dental SOAP templates to improve clinical documentation, productivity, and clinical outcomes.

How To Use This SOAP Note Template for Dental 

Use our dental SOAP Notes template for keeping the notes at your dental clinic organized from the moment you start writing. This template is super simple to use and to get started all you have to do is follow these steps. 

Step One: Hit Download on the PDF

Our dental SOAP Notes template is ready and waiting for you to download. You can download the PDF and fill it in electronically, or print out a paper copy and fill it in by hand if you prefer. 

Step Two: Patient Information

Every time you use our dental SOAP Notes template, you are going to need to fill in a few things. These are the patient’s name, date of birth, and the date of their appointment with you. We have included spaces for these at the top of the template to make sure these important details are always included. 

Step Three: Complete the Body of the Template

While you can fill out the four sections in any order you like, the order provided can be a useful guide to structuring an interaction with your patient. The information you include in the four sections depends on what you consider to be the most important points, and this will generally look different for everyone. 

Step Four: Make sure your notes are securely stored

If you’ve finished filling in the template, the last thing to do is to make sure you store the finished document somewhere secure in compliance with HIPAA, but also where it can be easily accessed and referred to in the future. By keeping the PDF as a digital version in the Carepatron workspace, you can rest assured it will be there for you to access whenever you need, and that it is stored in a HIPAA-compliant, secure way.

Dental SOAP Notes Example

Want to see what this template looks like once it’s all filled in? We have included a sample version of our dental SOAP Notes with all the sections already completed. While different dental practices might use this template a little differently,  

Take a look at our example dental SOAP Notes to get an idea of how the template can be used and what a finished version of the dental SOAP Notes might look like. 

Check out and download the SOAP Note example here: 

SOAP note for dental example

Who Can Use this Dental Template?

Anyone in the dental profession can use this dental SOAP Notes template including dental and orthodontic nurses, dentists, periodontists, or orthodontists. Our dental SOAP Notes template is simply laid out with spaces for the four key parts of SOAP Notes, allowing you the flexibility to take notes within each section however you like.

Since we have kept this template universal, anyone who needs to keep SOAP notes on their dental patients can use this template, regardless of what sort of notation is commonly used where they are located.

Why Is This Template Useful For Dentists?

Simple structure makes referring back to your notes easy

Keeping it simple and concise not only saves time when taking notes, but it also saves time when you need to read back over your notes to find key information. When you need to find something from your past patient notes, you will know which section to look at right away.

Save time with pre-formatted notes

We’ve laid out the four SOAP sections for your dental notes already, so you can get right into note-taking. 

Streamline your workflow

Opening up a template with pre-made spaces for patient information and four headings already filled in for you will help you ensure you are consistently recording the important information for every patient. Using a standard template for note-taking, like our dental SOAP Notes template, can help you to create a streamlined, simplified workflow- making your practice more efficient.

Why Use Carepatron For Dental SOAP notes?

With Carepatron you can create, write, edit, store and access your dental SOAP Notes in one easy-to-access place. Using Carepatron for your dental SOAP Notes means you don’t need to worry about the security of your clinical records, as Carepatron is HIPAA certified for secure patient health information storage. 

Get all the benefits of an electronic health record system for your dental notes, like data safety, security, and shareability, along with all that Carepatron has to offer.

Carepatron gives your dental clinic a whole suite of practice management tools, such as appointment scheduling, live audio transcription, video conferencing, bill and payment management, and a library of useful templates and resources. Carepatron’s client portal allows your patients to access their dental records digitally, saving you time transferring information between different systems.

Dental note app
What makes SOAP notes useful for dentistry?
What makes SOAP notes useful for dentistry?

Commonly asked questions

What makes SOAP notes useful for dentistry?

Using our dental SOAP Notes template allows you to separate subjective information, like your patient’s dental history or primary concerns, from the objective information you obtain from dental examination or radiology. Keeping these two types of information separate makes it easier to find the key information when you need to refer back to your notes, i.e. for a follow-up patient. Additionally, having a dedicated space to note your assessment and dental plan for your patient helps keep your notes clear and readable.

Why do I need to use a template for my dental notes?

Using a structured template like our dental SOAP Notes template gives you the flexibility to adapt the SOAP Notes to your preferred workflow while keeping your notes shareable and readable. Some practitioners may prefer a less structured method of taking clinical notes, but we think using a template can be super helpful for balancing the individual styles of different practitioners by ensuring the dental notes are readable and clearly structured.

Where do I write findings from a dental x-ray?

Objective data, like radiology reports from dental x-rays, get written in the Objective section of the dental SOAP Notes template.

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