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What Is An Acupuncture SOAP Notes Template

SOAP notes are a broadly used notetaking format in healthcare spaces, and can be incorporated to boost the quality of care of acupuncture practices. With acupuncture SOAP notes, you can keep track of client progress, and integrate effective treatments that work towards the root of the problem. You can offer body therapy solutions that actively target troubling client areas, and cover the following areas through a standardized structure.


Here, you comment on all the points relating to your client’s experience. This can be descriptions of their issues, from their perspective with direct quotes, as well as any other feelings or thoughts that they would like shared.


The objective section pertains to observable information, which includes vital signs, physical appearance, as well as medical history, and any test results.


Using the previous two sections, the assessment details a stance on the client’s condition. This may involve diagnosis, but can also be a specific summary.


Finally, this section outlines a future course of action for your client, and what steps need to be taken next.

Printable SOAP Notes For Acupuncture Template

Check out these acupuncture SOAP notes templates to improve your progress notes, productivity, and treatment outcomes.

How To Use This SOAP Note Template for Acupuncture 

It’s super easy to use this SOAP note in your acupuncture practice, and to help make sure you’re on the right track, we’ve highlighted all the important steps you need to take. 

Step One: Download the PDF template

Before you start, download the template through the Carepatron workspace or in the link above. You can click download, and edit the template within your PDF reader software, or print to handwrite it. 

Step Two: Fill out your credentials 

To make sure you don’t confuse your client with another, it’s important to list the date of your session with the client, as well as their name and ID (if applicable). Your professional information should also be at the top of the page to minimize further confusion. 

Step Three: Complete the SOAP sections

Complete the SOAP note form by filling out the four relevant subjective, objective, assessment, and plan sections. This could be concise, and only touch on what you think is relevant. Keep in mind that each section will look a bit different depending on your approach, and the number of problems each client faces. 

Step Four: Sign the document

Finish your SOAP note with your signature and the date to authorize the note, and ensure that you’re protected against any legal and insurance concerns. 

Step Five: Securely store your SOAP notes 

After you’re happy with your SOAP note, be sure to upload it within secure, HIPAA-compliant software to protect all your information. This is especially important within the healthcare space, as your notes contain sensitive, personal information that you do not want to get into the wrong hands.

Acupuncture SOAP Note Example (Sample)

If you want to know what an acupuncture SOAP note looks like, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created an acupuncture SOAP note example of what a completed note looks like, and what you should include. You can execute high-quality health solutions, and work towards effectively alleviating client pain. To increase communication and engagement with your clients through truly representative notes.

Check out our acupuncture SOAP note example:

Acupuncture SOAP Note Example (Sample)

Who Can Use This Acupuncture Template?

There are many different types of acupuncturists who can utilise SOAP note templates within their practice. Due to the universal formatting of SOAP notes, you can incorporate SOAP within a variety of different fields without compromising on quality. Many different types of acupuncture treatment can benefit from tracking the progress through SOAP, including the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Gua sha
  • Moxa
  • Cupping
  • Acupressure
  • Auricular acupuncture

While each area of specialty is different, they can all contribute high-quality SOAP notes to monitor the effectiveness of client treatment. The SOAP's core content may differ, but the essence remains the same across clinical document profession types. As long as you make sure you’re covering all the basics, including the subjective, objective, assessment, and plan components, you’re on the right track to fulfilling notes that outline all client concerns. This is in addition to developing a course of action that directly relates to the issues presented.

Why Is This Template Useful For Acupuncturists

There are various reasons why having SOAP note templates are super useful for acupuncturists, including the following:

  • Good risk management - Having SOAP notes are a great way to record all client information down, and to have a solid paper trail for cases when more evidence is required. You can prevent any problems from arising, especially in legal terms, by providing notes that monitor all relevant issues, and the exact resources that went into treatment.
  • Progress tracking - Naturally, having SOAP notes for each session with your clients means you can effectively monitor their healthcare journey. You can identify weaknesses and target problem areas with ease. 
  • Easy sharing - SOAP notes are a universally accepted format, meaning most healthcare practitioners are familiar with their service. If your client needs a referral, other professionals will be able to easily pick up where you left off.
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Benefits Of Using The Acupuncture SOAP Note Template

In addition to the many practical uses of implementing acupuncture SOAP notes, you can also reap numerous benefits from their integration within your practice. To list a few:

Save time

SOAP notes lay out all the essential information for you, meaning you don’t have to spend time planning what goes into each section. Simply fill out the template, answer each box and heading, and sign at the bottom to complete. Time is money, and we want to help you save it as much as possible.

Greater consistency

With SOAP notes, you can introduce a standardized format that works across all clients. You can provide the same high level of care every time, and ensure that you approach every situation with equal value.

HIPAA compliance

SOAP notes are a legal requirement for many states, and using their format allows you to safeguard both the legal and insurance practices of your practice. You can safely store client information within a practice management software platform, and know that you meet obligations.

Meaningful client relations

Because SOAP notes work with the client to represent their concerns, and can help validate their experience, in turn, you can develop more effective treatment plans that increase satisfaction and engagement. You can build professional client relationships through improved communication, which is always a plus.

Effective organization

Naturally, using SOAP notes means you can execute higher organization across your notes. They can simplify your workflow, and keep all valuable details in one place.

Commonly asked questions

Do I have to be a qualified acupuncturist to use SOAP notes?

No, not at all! If you haven’t received any official training or qualifications in acupuncture, you can still use the format to help you develop your skills.

Do I use a separate SOAP note for each type of treatment used?

You should have one SOAP note per client, per session. This means that if you use a variety of treatment methods, you should still document them within the same SOAP note if it is all within one session. This keeps things simple, and much more manageable!

Can I go beyond one page?

Yes, SOAP notes can exceed more than one page if there are a number of issues that need to be explored. However, keep in mind that your notes should be concise, and only detail critical information. Three pages is perhaps a tad too long, so try not to go beyond this!

Why Use Carepatron For Acupuncture SOAP note?

Carepatron is one of the best practice management systems for creating, updating, and archiving acupuncture SOAP notes. You can access a variety of useful tools within the resource library, as well as an abundance of other helpful templates to integrate into your practice. Standardize your practice, and provide a high level of care for each of your clients who need pain alleviation. 

Additionally, you can have more specific targets that allow you to execute more accurate treatments. Increase the depth of your communication with clients, and carry this over into many other essential business operations such as consultations, online payments, scheduling, and more. Not only this but stay HIPAA compliant with software that prioritizes the security of your and your client's information. You can store SOAP notes within an encrypted platform, that uses round-the-clock monitoring to keep all data safe. Enjoy your peace of mind, as well as a boost in the usefulness of your acupuncture services.

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Do I have to be a qualified acupuncturist to use SOAP notes?
Do I have to be a qualified acupuncturist to use SOAP notes?
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