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Check out this high-quality SOAP note template for your chiropractic practice. You can support your clients and ensure that you effectively record all relevant health information.

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What Is A Chiropractic SOAP Notes Template?

SOAP notes are a widely used clinical documentation method, that enables health professionals to broadly assess clients and work towards the highest quality treatment possible. In terms of chiropractors, using SOAP notes is an excellent way to ensure you keep track of client health, and that you implement effective exercises and manipulations that address the root causes of client concerns. are the best way to alleviate pain and see significant improvements in condition over time.

Sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to capture all the essential information needed, without compromising on time efficiency. SOAP notes are designed with this exact need in mind, and they can help boost simplified workflows for chiropractors. You can represent the client's goals, wants, and desires, without spending copious amounts of time on the planning process. SOAP notes lay out all the critical information for you, which includes the subjective, objective, assessment, and plan sections.

Printable Progress Notes Template

Check out these Chiropractic SOAP Note Templates to improve clinical documentation, productivity, and treatment outcomes.

How to Use this SOAP Note Template for Chiropractics 

Chiropractic SOAP notes cover four main sections, with its format being super easy to use across different health contexts and professionals. To develop the best SOAP notes within your chiropractic practice, consider the following steps. 

Step One: Download the PDF template

Before you begin, download the template on your preferred note-taking device. This takes a few seconds, and then once complete, you should open the PDF in your reader software to be able to make the necessary changes to it. 

Step Two: Fill out your credentials

The next step is to enter the date of your session with the client, as well as their name and ID (if applicable), and your own professional information at the top of the page. This can minimize confusion between clients, and allow for easy access to all important information. 

Step Three: Complete the SOAP sections

Complete the SOAP note form by filling out the four relevant subjective, objective, assessment, and plan sections. This should be succinct and touch on all relevant information so that any fellow chiropractor or healthcare professional can pick up where you left off. Doing so provides you with a better understanding of your client's condition, as well as a legal and insurance safeguard.

Step Four: Sign the document

End the SOAP note by signing the document at the bottom of the page. This works towards authorizing the note, and in many states, this is actually enforced within the legislation. 

Step Five: Securely store your SOAP notes 

After you’re happy with your SOAP note, be sure to upload it within secure, HIPAA-compliant software. This protects your patient information and maintains a high level of security against potential data hacks.

Chiropractic SOAP Note Example (Sample)

To help set you on the right track, we’ve created high-quality SOAP note examples with the specific need of chiropractors in mind. You can implement these within your work and/or practice to achieve consistently high results, every time. Prioritize your client's needs, and consider incorporating the following. 

Check out our chiropractic SOAP note example here:

Chiropractic SOAP Note Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Chiropractic Template?

Chiropractors typically fall under the definition of health professionals who assess and treat conditions that pertain to bones, muscles, and joints. If your line of work is within the musculoskeletal area and fits within these defined terms, you will almost certainly benefit from using chiropractic SOAP notes and their templates. 

Chiropractors from different fields will also find the universal SOAP note format useful, with these including:

  • Vitalistic chiropractors - Those within the traditional umbrella of alternative chiropractors can use these notes to achieve high-quality health outcomes.
  • Non-vitalistic chiropractors - Even those that practice through the less common non-vitalistic type will benefit from SOAP notes, and being able to use them in junction with modern medicine. 

Both assistants and qualified chiropractors can also utilize SOAP notes, to ensure that all problem areas are identified, all manipulations are recorded, as well as exercises given. The client’s response to these should also be noted, to ensure that each session builds upon the progress of the previous, with SOAP notes designed to increase the effectiveness of this ritual. The content of the four SOAP note sections will differ between each chiropractor, which is perfectly fine, so long as you cover all bases, and follow the standardized structure.

Why Is This Template Useful For Chiropractors?

This chiropractic SOAP note template will provide immense usefulness to chiropractors, with some reasons including the following:

  • Simple progress tracking - SOAP notes are a great way to monitor your patient’s health progress, and how their symptoms alleviate over time. You can develop a greater understanding of their concerns, and thus, work towards more effective chiropractic treatment. 
  • Body visualizations - Because the SOAP note template incorporates visuals of the body, this makes for very easy annotation when you need to outline the specifics of the sources of a client’s pain. You can target specific body areas, which makes for easier understanding. 
  • Easy referencing - SOAP notes provide the date of each session, as well as other personal details, which make for a solid paper trail in case you’re ever needing to refer back to information.
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Benefits Of Using The Chiropractic SOAP Note Template

As well as their usefulness, there are a variety of benefits to using chiropractic SOAP notes, including the following points.

Effective management

With SOAP notes, you can organize all relevant information to be accessible from one place, without having to worry about managing each individual SOAP note. You can standardize your notes, and have consistency across your records.

Save time

Naturally, this means that you can also save time on creating, drafting, and editing your templates, as the outline is already completed for you. This way, you know exactly what areas to expand upon, and there’s a dedicated space for each important characteristic so you’re only spending time on the absolute essentials. 

Greater communication

Because SOAP notes provide a simplified format, you can ensure that you’re noting all important information that highlights obvious client concerns. You can have an overview of all potential contributors to client pain, and develop a more effective treatment plan that addresses each of these issues. This higher form of communication means fellow chiropractors and healthcare professionals can benefit from your notes, especially in the case of referrals. 

Meaningful client relationships

SOAP notes are designed to represent the client’s condition, goals, and responsiveness to treatment, meaning they place clients at the forefront. You can work with clients, and provide more holistic assessments that consider their experience and health objectives. 

Legal and insurance

SOAP notes are also beneficial as they protect your practice against potential legal cases, and can also result in higher reimbursements when it comes to insurance claims. SOAP records keep track of all health interactions, including the equipment, medications, and treatment used. This is highly effective for safeguarding your work, and ensuring that you monitor all expenses accurately.

Commonly asked questions

How long should a SOAP note be?

This is a great question, however, there is no black-and-white answer. A good rule of thumb is to stick to 1-2 pages, as anything beyond that is considered too excessive. Being succinct and concise is key when it comes to SOAP notes!

Can I edit SOAP notes once they’re finished?

Yes, you can edit SOAP notes, even if you’ve uploaded them into a system. However, make sure to sign and date each amendment you make for record-keeping purposes.

What makes a good SOAP note?

Every chiropractor will approach SOAP notes differently, and that’s okay. However, to ensure your SOAP notes are of the highest quality, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind:

  • Stay neutral - Remember that you are professional, and your notes should reflect this. Avoid any strong statements that suggest bias and personal opinion. No one should be able to tell who is writing the note, besides a qualified chiropractor. 
  • Check grammar - While you’re not writing essays, it is still important to have the right terms, grammar, and spelling in place. Other healthcare practitioners will be able to better understand your notes, and you can maintain a professional tone. 
  • Be specific - Make sure that you’re as specific as possible, without being overly wordy. This will work towards higher treatment outcomes and greater legibility. 

Why Use Carepatron For Chiropractic SOAP notes?

When it comes to developing, maintaining, and preserving SOAP notes, Carepatron is one of the best practice management systems on the market. You can easily apply chiropractic SOAP notes, and execute their standardized style to a high degree to ensure accurate assessment and evaluation of client conditions. Carepatron’s extensive template collection and resource library will also boost the quality of your exercises and treatments of client pain, through a more streamlined approach that prioritizes high outcomes.  

Additionally, using Carepatron’s voice-to-text transcription services means you write SOAP notes in a much shorter amount of time. You don’t have to worry about planning your note process, and instead, you can focus on improving chiropractic techniques, and alleviating client pain. Once you’ve completed the SOAP notes, you can also store them within Carepatron’s HIPAA-compliant system, which is incredibly effective in protecting your information. With over 10,000+ healthcare professionals utilizing Carepatron’s platform, you’re in reliable hands.

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How long should a SOAP note be?
How long should a SOAP note be?
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