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Utilize this free, editable, and downloadable blood pressure log to keep track of your patient’s blood pressure.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is a Blood Pressure Log?

A is a tracker where one can write down their blood pressure over a given period of time. Depending on the log's creator, the template's look and content may vary.

Our blood pressure log template, in particular, comes with the following:

  • Basic patient information
  • Instructions on how to take one’s blood pressure, as well as reminders of what they shouldn’t do before taking measurements
  • A table where they can input the date, time, systolic and diastolic pressure readings every morning and late afternoon or evening
  • Notes where they can place any significant changes, symptoms, etc.

Before a patient fills out their own blood pressure log, aside from asking them to read the instructions on the template, it’s best that you make them aware of the conditions that may affect their blood pressure prior to measurement and how to avoid them:

  • The nervousness of visiting a doctor, also known as white coat syndrome
  • Drinking, eating, exercising, or exerting physical effort doing daily tasks
  • Improper sitting position
  • Stress caused by their environment or an event
  • Recovery from heart surgery, disorder, etc.

Printable Blood Pressure Log

Download this Blood Pressure Log and monitor your patient’s blood pressure.

How does this Printable Blood Pressure Log work?

Step One. Consult with a Physician

Before a patient proceeds to measure their blood pressure daily, one must see if there’s a need to. It’s only when a patient undergoes at least a basic blood test, consults with a physician due to symptoms they’re experiencing, or is at risk of developing hyper/hypotension, should a practitioner request for the patient’s daily measurements. 

Step Two. Access and Fill Up the Template

Get a copy of our blood pressure template by clicking the “Download Template” or “Use this Template” button within this guide or searching for “Blood Pressure Log” in the template library on Carepatron’s website or app. 

Step Three. Set-Up 

Whether one is measuring at home or a health care practitioner measures it at their office or pharmacist, one must have the following to produce results that are as accurate as possible:

  • A quiet environment free from distractions
  • Chair and table preferably as high as the patient’s elbow
  • A sphygmomanometer or a digital blood pressure measurement device

Step Four: Record and Repeat

For accuracy, after taking and recording the first reading, one must take another. This process should then be repeated every morning and late afternoon/evening every day until the end date provided by the physician. 

For a full list of instructions on properly taking one’s blood pressure, one can refer to the ones written on the template. 

Step Five: Make an Appointment

Once one has religiously recorded their blood pressure results, one may check if their blood pressure is normal or on the higher/lower end. Patients are encouraged not to come to conclusions without consulting with their physicians. Hence, another appointment must be made for diagnosis and possible intervention. 

Blood Pressure Log Example (Sample)

Here’s an example of a filled-out blood pressure log template. It may be used as a guide when one is tracking the blood pressure of in-patients. Alternatively, one may download a local copy to give to one’s patient as a reference by clicking the “Download Example PDF” button above.

Download this Blood Pressure Log Example (Sample) here:

Blood Pressure Log Example (Sample)

When to Use These Blood Pressure Log Printable?

Practitioners may request that patients track their blood pressure for overall health reasons. However, patients with the following situations/concerns are highly encouraged to use our printable log:

  • When their blood test results show high cholesterol since there’s a link between high cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • When one feels the symptoms of hypertension, such as headaches, chest pain, dizziness, difficulty breathing, vomiting, blurred vision, and abnormal heart rhythm
  • When one feels the symptoms of hypotension, such as blurry vision, dizziness, fainting, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, or weakness
  • When one is taking medication for hyper or hypotension to see if the medication is effective
  • When one has experienced, has been diagnosed with, or is in recovery from a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease
  • When one is taking other medications wherein they experience the symptoms of hyper or hypotension

Who is this Blood Pressure Log PDF for?

This blood pressure log can be downloaded and edited in PDF form and used by patients of the following practitioners:

  • Obstetricians: To check for pre-eclampsia or eclampsia
  • Endocrinologist or Internal Medicine Doctor: To check if having high blood pressure is affecting their hormones or internal organs
  • Nephrologist: To check for possible kidney scarring or failure
  • Cardiologist or Vascular Neurologist: To check for a risk of a stroke, enlarged left heart, heart failure, aneurysm, etc.
  • Otolaryngologist or Ophthalmologist: To check for risk of damage in blood vessels in the eyes and ears
  • Gynecologists or Urologists: To check the effect of high blood pressure on a person’s reproductive system
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How to use the Blood Pressure Log?
How to use the Blood Pressure Log?

Commonly asked questions

How to use the Blood Pressure Log?

It’s as simple as taking one’s blood pressure and writing the measurements and notes on the appropriate empty spaces on the log.

How to interpret the Blood Pressure Log results?

Though it’s highly encouraged that a patient who tracks their blood pressure consult with a doctor, here’s a general way of understanding the numbers obtained:

  • If one gets 120/80, one has normal blood pressure
  • If one gets 140/90 or higher, one may have prehypertension
  • If one constantly gets 90 for systolic or 25 points lower than one’s normal reading, one may have hypotension
What are the benefits of the Blood Pressure Log template?

There are numerous benefits to using a blood pressure template such as effortless accessibility, reduced time and effort to design one from scratch, and the ability to track the effectiveness of a medication. 

For a more comprehensive list, refer to the Benefits of a Free Blog Pressure Log templates section above.

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