Feelings Chart For Adults

Use this feelings chart template for adults to aid them in identifying and expressing their emotions better. Click here for a template and guide on how to use it.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is a Feelings Chart For Adults?

Similar to the feelings chart for kids, a feelings chart for adults is a worksheet where emotions are listed and organized in columns. Compared to its counterpart for children, however, this feelings chart has no images with facial expressions paired with their corresponding emotions. Typically used by practitioners or therapists, this resource is a tool that they can give their clients to help them better identify and communicate their emotions so they may address them accordingly.

Currently, a wide variety of feelings charts are available, and practitioners can choose which ones will suit their needs based on the look and content.

If you’ve stumbled upon our version of a feelings chart for adults searching for the right one for your practice, let us give you more information on what to expect on our template.

Our template comes with more than a handful of emotions organized in a manner wherein all complicated variations of a basic/starting emotion are placed underneath. In addition to that, there’s a dedicated space at the bottom where you or your client can write down notes.

Want to see what our template looks like, or want a copy for yourself? Keep reading for more information on downloading and using our feelings chart for adults template.

Printable Feelings Chart For Adults

Download this Feelings Chart For Adults to help clients better identify their emotions.

How does it work?

Step One: Access the Template

You can access and download a copy of our printable feelings chart for adults by either: 

  • Clicking the “Use Template” or “Download Template” button above
  • Searching “Feelings Chart for Adults” in Carepatron’s template library on our website or app

Step Two: Discuss the Template with Your Client

Before you give your client a copy of the template, we recommend that you explain how they can use it and provide ideas on filling out the dedicated space at the bottom. Don’t forget to encourage them to be as open and honest as possible when answering. 

Step Three: Fill Out the Worksheet

Once they have their hands on your worksheet, they can fill it out. You can suggest that they answer it at the end of the day or after an event that made them feel intense or conflicting emotions. 

Step Four: Discuss with the Client

In your next session, you can process the answers with your client and help them reflect on what happened, why they felt that way, and how they coped with having those feelings. 

Step Five: Securely Store

Don’t forget to store the worksheets your client accumulates in a secure physical location or a HIPAA-compliant EHR like Carepatron.

Feelings Chart For Adults Example (Sample)

We created a Feelings Chart for Adults PDF sample wherein the fictional client has just been told some devastating news. We provided this example to explain to your client how to use the template to their benefit. Feel free to use our example for educational purposes or as a reference. 

View our example below or download the PDF version for free offline use by clicking the “Download Example PDF” button above. 

Download this Feelings Chart For Adults Example:

Feelings Chart For Adults Example (Sample)

When would you use this Template?

Patients can use the feelings chart for adults template when they can’t figure out their feelings, wish to work out their feelings, or when the person they usually talk with isn’t present. 

On the other hand, practitioners can use the feelings chart when the patient is non-verbal, overwhelmed, or has conflicting emotions during a therapy talk session.


Simple to Use

Our free feelings chart for adults template is designed to be an intuitive worksheet anyone can use and understand without further instructions. Should your patient still need guidance, however, you can say that they can check all of the emotions they’re feeling at the moment and, at the bottom of the page, write down what caused them to have those feelings or anything else. 

Improve Self-Awareness 

With our template, clients can more easily identify and verbalize their feelings. By acknowledging their emotions, they unknowingly improve their self-awareness. They will know which situations/circumstances elicit which emotions and discover their coping mechanisms. 

Improved Communication and Understanding

The feelings chart for adults doesn’t necessarily have to be answered by oneself. A practitioner may use it with their clients when they are struggling to express themselves, or friends/couples can use it to verbalize their feelings with one another, especially during conflicts. If used this way, the feelings chart for adults helps facilitate communication and encourages a better understanding of a client or each other. 

Fully Digital

Since our template is entirely digital, you can download, access, and share it with your client on any gadget and vice versa. To add, clients won’t only be able to answer the worksheet at their convenience, but you, who will compile all of the worksheets, will be able to do so with ease since you can save it right on Carepatron, a HIPAA-compliant EHR where you can store documents.

Why use Carepatron as your Feelings Chart For Adults app?

It's because Carepatron isn't only an app where you can customize, fill out, and store your Feelings Chart for Adults template. But, it's also software where you can find other downloadable templates besides the feeling charts for adults—those and additional tools that'll help you raise the caliber level of your practice. 

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Who uses the Feelings Chart For Adults?
Who uses the Feelings Chart For Adults?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Feelings Chart For Adults?

Any adult of any profession can benefit from filling out a feelings chart for adults. However, therapists who conduct sessions will benefit more from a filled-out feelings chart. 

When do you use the Feelings Chart For Adults?

For clients who need assistance in figuring out what they’re feeling or expressing and explaining their emotions to a partner, friend, or therapist. 

Therapists, on the other hand, can use it during their sessions.

How is the Feelings Chart For Adults used?

It’s as simple as ticking the checkbox of their emotion and writing down their thoughts or experiences in the space provided below.

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