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Utilize ecomaps for social work to understand a client’s relationships and their effect on the client’s health. Click here for a free copy.

Patricia Buenaventura
Patricia Buenaventura
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What is an Ecomap Social Works?

An ecomap is a diagram or visual representation of a client’s relationships with individuals and organizations that social workers use to gain insight into their clients' relationships and how those impact them. There are several reasons for using an work:

  • To identify the negative influences in a person’s life that can slow down or hinder their recovery
  • To also determine the positive influences in a person's life that can be a source of support
  • To discover an individual’s connection to certain individuals or organizations
  • To understand the dynamics within a group or family and see which relationships affect the dynamics
  • To recognize where resources are coming from and discern where existing resources must be placed, increased, relocated, or lessened due to duplication

An ecomap that has yet to be filled out will look different from one practitioner and the client to another. However, one can expect that the patient and/or the individuals in their family are located in the center, relationships are in circles surrounding the circle in the center, and particular lines will be used to symbolize the dynamic or status of a relationship.

Printable Ecomap Social Work

Download this Ecomap Social Work to understand a client’s relationships.

How does it work?

If you’re a social worker and think you’ll benefit from having an ecomap for your social work practice, keep reading for more information on how to use and download an ecomap template. 

Access and Download the Template

To access and download a copy of our printable ecomap for social workers template, you can do either of the following:

  • Click the “Download Template” or “Use Template” button above
  • Search for “Ecomap Social Work” in Carepatron’s template library on our app or website

Ecomap Social Works Example (sample)

Here’s our example of an ecomap social works PDF template for social workers filled with answers from a fictional client. Feel free to use this example as a reference or when you’re teaching your client how to complete their template. 

Grab a copy of our sample template for offline use by clicking the sample below or the “Download Example PDF” button above. 

Download this Ecomap Social Work Example:

Ecomap Social Works Example (sample)

When would you use this Form?

Our ecomap template designed for social workers can be used for various purposes. Here are a few examples of how to use the template to your advantage. 

  • You can use it to understand an individual’s dynamic with their family and each member’s connection with other individuals or organizations
  • You can use it to discover the different current and potential support systems of a client
  • You can use it to identify which relationships have service duplication or are deprived of resources so effort may be relocated to the deserving relationships
  • You can use it to discern which of the client’s relationships positively or negatively affect the client’s life
  • You can use it to provide a different perspective to a client 



While our free ecomap social works template is tailored for social workers, it offers versatility for other medical professionals who need to examine a client's relationships. This includes therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, among others.

Establish Baselines for Comparison

Social workers can use this ecomap as a foundation to assess whether their guidance in enhancing relationships or reducing time and effort dedicated to individuals or organizations enhances their physical and mental well-being.


In some instances, having visual proof of a client’s relationships made by none other than the client can empower them to decide for themselves which ones they will keep and remove in their lives. 

Fully Digital 

Our templates are entirely digital. You can download a copy, access it on any available gadget, and fill it out on a local PDF editor or right on Carepatron. Furthermore, keeping a digital copy of the document can easily store it in a HIPAA-compliant, secure EMR/EHR like Carepatron. 

Why use Carepatron as your Ecomap Social Works app?

That’s because a variety of practitioners, from general practitioners to therapists, benefit from Carepatron’s tools and features, and you can too!

Using Carepatron’s software or mobile and desktop-friendly app, there’s so much more you can do than download, fill out and store your ecomap social works template. You can automate tasks and streamline processes when you’re doing the following:

Controlling your Schedule

You can control your schedule because appointments can be requested independently by patients. Aside from those, you can add approved requests to your work on your Google Calendar or iCal and effortlessly integrate it with our built-in calendar. Finally, you can send automated reminders to your clients via SMS and email to reduce no-shows. 

Managing Clinical Documents

We have over 1000 PDF downloadable, editable, printable templates of medical documents you can customize so you don’t have to create some from scratch. And if you have any personal records or other documents, you don’t have to manually type them out but scan and upload them on Carepatron. You can create notes within the same app and store them in our secure, HIPAA-compliant storage. 

Handling Online Therapy Payments

You can automate invoice creation, set up reminders, and process payments on Carepatron. Make it easier for people to pay on time by reducing the effort it takes for patients to pay, adding reminders, and increasing payment options. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to access Carepatron’s tools and features for free. Sign up on Carepatron today!

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Who uses the Ecomap Social Works?
Who uses the Ecomap Social Works?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Ecomap Social Works?

Though designed for social workers, other medical practitioners like therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists can use this ecomap for social works template. 

When do you use Ecomap Social Works?

You can use the ecomap social work template whenever you deem it necessary. You may give it to a patient before a session and use the completed version during your conversation.  

How are the Ecomap Social Works used?

It’s as simple as filling out the circles and drawing lines for patients. Social workers can use it as a tool and resource for their sessions or research. 

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