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This client intake form improves healthcare outcomes and patient experiences while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

By Ashleigh Knowles on May 15, 2024.

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What Is A Client Intake Form

A client intake form is a questionnaire that clients fill out before their appointment with you. Typically, improve the onboarding process by gathering all relevant client information pertaining to their personal details. This includes information such as their first and last name, address, cell phone, gender, date of birth, insurance plans, social security number, emergency contacts, health concerns, and more. Using client intake forms, you can schedule relevant appointment information, and of course, treat them for their health concerns. Client intake forms contain all the critical information needed to store the client within your database and treat them with utmost care.

All different healthcare professionals use client intake forms, and if you’ve been in any clinical setting, you’re likely to have encountered them before. They’re considered standard practice, and help support you in your healthcare evaluations. Stay organized, and have greater control over your health experience and services.

Printable Client Intake Form Template

Explore these Client Intake Form templates to improve your healthcare intake process and HIPAA compliance.

How To Use This Template For Client Intake Forms

Client intake forms contain a lot of information, and it’s important that you fill them out correctly. Failure to do so could lead to miscommunication and redundant treatment. To help you out, we’ve created a client intake form template for you to use within your practice, which should help you get started. Simply follow these steps to start using it.

Step One: Access and download the PDF

The first thing you need to do is download the client intake form by clicking the link. This should then open on your preferred device, where you can edit and customize the template to your liking. All sections can be edited, so you don’t have to worry about handwriting if that’s not your thing.

Step Two: Fill out the client intake section

The next step is to fill out all client intake sections. Because this contains personal information that directly relates to contact details, as well as the identification of a client, it is imperative you that take care. Make sure that all your sections are free of spelling mistakes, contain the right numbers, addresses, and such, and that if you have any queries, they are flagged to be followed up with the patient.

Step Three: Save the document securely

Once you’ve completed the client intake form, you must make sure that the document is secure within an encrypted database. PHI hacks are one of the most common healthcare threats, so it’s important you consider the necessary precautions to avoid this from happening. If you choose to go with practice management software, which is recommended, make sure it is HIPAA compliant with encryption in place.

Client Intake Form Example (Sample)

To view what a client intake form looks like, check out our client intake form example. Using this sample, you can integrate this structure for all your client information, and ensure that you don’t miss a thing. If you want to know what a completed client intake form looks like, we’ve also curated a high-quality example for you to check out - for free!

Download this Client Intake Form Example here: 

Client Intake Form Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Client Intake Form (PDF)?

Client intake forms are typically used within hospital and clinic settings, where administrative teams work with large databases of clients. Client intake forms are a great way to manage and control patient information whilst staying organized. However, this is not an exclusive form. Client intake forms can be used for any healthcare practice where you would like to keep track of information and curate standardized onboarding processes that identify important details without fuss. 

Various healthcare professionals include:

  1. Doctors
  2. Nurses
  3. Physical therapists
  4. Occupational therapists
  5. Speech therapists
  6. Psychiatrists
  7. General Practitioners
  8. Dentists
  9. Psychologists
  10. Counselors
  11. Acupuncturists 

However, there is a wide range of clinicians that may not be listed, who also benefit from implementing client intake forms.

Why Is This Form Useful For Clinicians

There are many reasons that hospitals and healthcare practices incorporate client intake forms, including the following:

  • Simplified workflow - Client intake forms structure all clinical information into one sheet, meaning that you don’t have to converse with clients in a game of telephone tag. Retrieve all the information you need without compromise.
  • Organized information - Keep all the relevant client documents and contact information in one place. You no longer have to pursue multiple files to get to the important client details. Instead, it’s all at your fingertips.
  • Increase accuracy - Using client forms means you can update them regularly to ensure that all information is accurate to the patient’s condition and standard of care.
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Why Use Carepatron For Client Intake Form?

Carepatron is a premier practice management software that can assist you in creating accurate client intake forms. You can improve clinical results and adhere to a standardized format that is valued by a wide range of healthcare providers. Retrieve all relevant client information, whilst leaving plenty of time for you to care for your patients. With Carepatron, you can access the high-quality resource library to evaluate intake guides and templates, and not only that, but you can also store your forms within the platform. Rest easy knowing your patient information is in good hands, with HIPAA-compliant encryption procedures storing all data safely and securely. With 24/7 customer support, you can receive all the help you need. 

Additionally, you can benefit from a multitude of services, including appointment scheduling, reminders, calendar syncing, video and messaging consultations, medical billing procedures, as well as many more. Join a professional network of over 10,000+ healthcare professionals, and start prioritizing both your and your client's needs.

Client Intake Software
Can my clients retrieve intake forms once they’re complete?
Can my clients retrieve intake forms once they’re complete?

Commonly asked questions

Can my clients retrieve intake forms once they’re complete?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, this is a requirement for all healthcare businesses. Clients have the right to view and edit their intake forms at any time.

Am I allowed to comment on the client intake forms?

The client intake forms are strictly made with the purpose of gathering information about the client for their appointment, and for aftercare. If you want to make notes during the session, it is recommended that you adopt a note-taking format. Client intake forms are not designed for patient notes, so make sure to avoid putting your commentary on the forms!

Do my patients need to complete a client intake form for each visit?

You don’t need to create a client intake form for every visit, especially as follow-ups tend to use the same information. It is recommended that clients complete an intake form for each new type of appointment they see for you. If it’s an ongoing issue where you meet regularly, then that’s okay. However, if you’re client has a new health condition, and hasn’t seen you in a while, then it’s always good practice to provide them with a client intake form - especially if information may need updating!

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