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By Karina Jimenea on Jul 05, 2024.


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What is a Who Am I Worksheet?

The pursuit of self-awareness, rooted in ancient wisdom like the Greek maxim "Know thyself," is critical for making informed decisions and grasping personal strengths and weaknesses. This understanding empowers individuals to set realistic goals, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life. With self-awareness, people can navigate challenges with confidence and resilience, cultivating stronger relationships and personal growth.

The Who Am I Worksheet can help individuals explore their inner selves. It prompts the examination of values, strengths, and passions. Engaging with this worksheet is a purposeful journey to understanding and developing one's core identity. This resource, comprised of self-reflection questions or prompts to which an individual responds, is a launching point for self-awareness, inviting people to pause, reflect, and actively participate in creating their identity in this world.

How do you use the Who Am I Worksheet?

The Who Am I Worksheet transforms into a dynamic instrument for ongoing self-discovery and personal development. The organized style and guiding statements guide your clients through a meaningful investigation of their identity and equip them to negotiate life with greater clarity and purpose. To use the worksheet, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Save the worksheet

Download the worksheet template from our website. Save it somewhere you can readily access it, especially during your sessions with your client.

Step 2: Prepare the environment

Encourage your client to find a quiet, comfortable place to concentrate without distraction. They may play soothing music or light candles to create a reflective mood.

Step 3: Start with personal information

To establish context, enter your client's name, the current date, and, if relevant, your name as a counselor or life coach on the worksheet.

Step 4: Respond to the guiding statements

Guide your clients as they work through the worksheet, responding to the 25 guiding statements to elicit self-reflection. Encourage them to answer truthfully and deliberately, digging into their thoughts, feelings, and values.

Step 5: Reflect on insights

After finishing the worksheet, consider the patterns, themes, and insights their responses offer. Help them process the meaning behind those.

Step 6: Set actionable goals

Assist them in identifying concrete goals or activities based on their thoughts to align their life more closely with their beliefs and aspirations. This step converts reflection into measurable development.

Step 7: Save and revisit

You can save the completed worksheet for later use. Provide a copy and encourage them to return to it regularly to track personal development and adjust their goals as their individuality evolves.

Who Am I Worksheet example (sample)

Explore the Who Am I Worksheet PDF sample template with fictional responses for a personalized journey of self-discovery. Conveniently uncover your client's strengths, values, and aspirations in a fun way. Using worksheets like this one offers a guided reflection process, providing a valuable tool for personal growth.

Download this Who Am I Worksheet example here: 

Who Am I Worksheet example (sample)

When would you use this Who Am I Worksheet?

The Who Am I Worksheet is designed for those who need to begin a journey of self-discovery, clarify their identity, and foster personal growth. This resource is handy for adults negotiating life's challenges, as it provides a disciplined and intelligent approach to introspection.

Career transitions

The worksheet for adults becomes a guiding companion during career transitions, whether considering a new position, industry, or change in professional trajectory. It assists individuals in identifying their abilities, passions, and values, providing a strategic perspective as they pursue a more rewarding and purposeful profession.

Life achievements

The worksheet can reflect on key life events such as graduations, birthdays, or even the start of a new year. It enables people to evaluate their accomplishments, set new goals, and connect activities with their changing sense of self. As a result, they approach each new phase with a strong sense of their identity and purpose.

Relationship reflections

When relationships change or difficulties are encountered, the worksheet can be used for self-reflection. It allows individuals to investigate beliefs, communication methods, and expectations and better understand their role in relationships. This knowledge can help improve the quality of interactions with others.

Personal development activities

The worksheet provides an organized way to self-discovery for those on a constant personal improvement journey. It promotes a proactive approach to becoming the best version of oneself by identifying areas for growth, recognizing fundamental beliefs, and setting intentional goals.

What are the benefits of using this Who Am I Worksheet?

Incorporating the Who Am I Worksheet into your client's self-discovery journey yields benefits supported by research findings and practical applications. 

Kreibich et al. (2020) investigated the role of self-awareness in identifying obstacles to personal goals in a series of studies. The research, encompassing both correlational and experimental approaches, measured and manipulated self-awareness in participants. 

The findings consistently supported the hypothesis that individuals with higher levels of dispositional and situational self-awareness are more adept at identifying obstacles to their goals. This suggests a crucial role for self-awareness in recognizing and overcoming challenges in pursuing personal goals, with implications for personality and self-regulation research.

In a nutshell, here are more specific benefits one can acquire from using the worksheet:

  • It encourages individuals to examine and explain their values, strengths, and objectives, increasing self-awareness. 
  • Clients clarify their goals and values by systematically addressing the guiding statements in the worksheet. 
  • Reflecting on personal values and beliefs with the worksheet helps one make educated decisions that are true to one's authentic self. 
  • The self-reflection process in completing the worksheet helps to enhance emotional intelligence. 
  • The worksheet lets people express their views and feelings, promoting excellent communication skills. 

Remind your clients that exploring who they are may take some time, and each person's experience may differ.

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Kreibich, A., Hennecke, M., & Brandstaetter-Morawietz, V. (2020). The effect of self-awareness on the identification of goal-related obstacles. https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/b5tcp

How long does it usually take to accomplish the Who Am I Worksheet?
How long does it usually take to accomplish the Who Am I Worksheet?

Commonly asked questions

How long does it usually take to accomplish the Who Am I Worksheet?

The time to complete the Who Am I Worksheet varies, but individuals often spend 30 minutes to an hour reflecting on and answering the questions.

How can the Who Am I Worksheet help?

The Who Am I Worksheet facilitates self-reflection, providing insights into one's values, strengths, and goals, fostering personal growth and clarity.

Is this Who Am I Worksheet suitable for kids?

The complexity of the questions may be challenging for younger children, but teenagers and young adults can benefit from it with some guidance.

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