Therapy Worksheet For Teens

Implement our therapy worksheet for teens, and help your adolescent patients achieve their goals. This tool focuses on coping strategies and is both engaging and effective.

By Karina Jimenea on Mar 06, 2024.

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What is a Therapy Worksheet For Teens?

There are many different intervention and treatment methods employed during therapy. The specific treatment plan that is used for each patient will differ depending on that patient’s needs, concerns, and goals. One of the most important aspects of therapy is encouraging patient involvement, which is the area that worksheets target. By distributing worksheets to patients, they can become more engaged and focused outside of sessions, enabling them to effectively achieve their treatment goals. To help therapists incorporate this form of treatment, we have designed a therapy worksheet specifically for teenage patients. Our helps patients cope with and challenge various problems that they may be facing. Asking teens to develop specific and rational coping strategies will help them overcome problems and reduce the likelihood of these issues occurring again. In this guide, we’ve included a step-by-step guide to implementing the worksheet, as well as a comprehensive list of its uses and benefits.

Printable Therapy Worksheets For Teens

Download these Therapy Worksheet For Teens to improve your teen client's treatment progress and therapy outcomes.

How To Use This Worksheet For Teens Therapy 

Implementing the therapy worksheet for teens is an easy process, provided you follow these steps:

Step One: Download the worksheet

The first thing you need to do is access and download the worksheet. We’ve included a link to the template a little further down on this page, which should open in the preferred PDF reader on your device. After you have opened the worksheet, we would recommend downloading and saving it so it can be accessed and used easily at a later date. 

Step Two: Give the worksheet to your patients 

Using your professional expertise, you should be able to identify what patients will benefit from completing the worksheet. You can either give your patients an electronic or a physical copy and although you can complete the worksheet together, we recommend encouraging your patient to complete it outside of session time. This allows them to navigate their own thoughts and emotions and identify coping strategies unique to them. 

Step Three: Use the completed worksheet during a session

When your patient has completed the worksheet, encourage them to bring it into the next session so you can work through it together. The information that they have recorded will give you insight into how they are progressing with their treatment plan, allowing you to identify any areas where they are improving, as well as areas that may require more work.

Therapy Worksheets For Teens Example (Sample)

We have also created a sample completed worksheet to help you visualize what the form will look like after a patient has filled it in. Although the answers on the worksheet will evidently differ between patients, this example should give you insight into the layout and structure. There is also a link to the PDF version of the template, which will allow you to download and save the worksheet to be used at a later date.

Download this Therapy Worksheet Example (Sample) here: 

Therapy Worksheets For Teens Example (Sample)

Who Can Use This Printable Therapy worksheet For Teens (PDF)?

Primarily, this worksheet has been designed to be used by teenage patients who are currently seeking therapeutic treatment. It is essentially the therapist’s professional opinion that will determine whether or not their patients will benefit from using the worksheet, but any number of therapy treatment methods are applicable to the resource. These include:

  1. Grief Therapy
  2. Interpersonal Relationships Therapy 
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  4. Psychodynamic Therapy
  5. Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  6. Substance Abuse Therapy 

Further, patients who use this form may be seeking treatment for a wide range of different reasons, including depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, loss, eating disorders, stress, or relationship problems.

Why is This Form Useful For Therapists?

If you make the decision to implement this worksheet into your therapy practice, you’ll notice it has multiple uses. Some of these include:

Elevate your organization

By sending your patients a link to the electronic version of the worksheet rather than giving them a physical copy, you’ll be able to improve your organization. Staying organized in a healthcare practice is important, especially when it comes to various kinds of documentation. With an online and pre-structured worksheet, you can leave the organization to us. 

Guidance point for therapists

Although these worksheets are largely designed for the patient, they can also be extremely useful for therapists. The answers that a patient leaves on the worksheets will provide therapists with insight into how well their treatment plan is working, allowing them to adjust and alter the intervention when necessary.

Go paperless

Again, if you choose to send your patients an electronic link to the therapy worksheet, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of printing, organizing, and storing physical copies. In addition to simply making your life easier, this will help your practice go paperless.

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Why Use Carepatron For Therapy Worksheet Software?

Carepatron is one of the leading practice management systems currently available. If you are interested in streamlining worksheet distribution and completion, while also enhancing patient engagement, then we recommend signing up for Carepatron today. The platform offers a robust collection of resources, including this therapy worksheet for teens. These worksheets can be sent to patients electronically via the client portal, which also displays appointment and payment information. Additionally, Carepatron takes HIPAA compliance seriously and has sophisticated security protocols and measures in place 24/7. This allows you to store any documentation you have using the software, without worrying about patient privacy. If you are looking for a system that offers more than patient engagement then don’t worry – Carepatron may still be the best fit for you. With mobile health, appointment scheduling, medical billing, clinical documentation, and note-taking features, Carepatron truly is a one-stop shop for therapy practices looking to improve their efficiency.

Therapy Worksheet Software
When to use Therapy Worksheets For Teens?
When to use Therapy Worksheets For Teens?

Commonly asked questions

When to use Therapy Worksheets For Teens?

Essentially, when you use the therapy worksheet is entirely up to you. Using your professional opinion and experience, you should be able to identify which patients will benefit from using the worksheet. This specific template is centered around developing effective coping strategies to deal with problems, so if you are treating a patient who is facing repeated issues in their personal or professional life, then this worksheet may be perfect for them.

Who completes Therapy Worksheets For Teens?

The patient should complete the therapy worksheet. You may decide to run through a worksheet together during a session to help the patient figure out how to respond to each prompt. After this, we recommend giving the patient a copy of the template to take home and complete themselves.

How do I store the Therapy Worksheet?

Therapy worksheets contain confidential information regarding the patient’s personal details and medical status and as such, they are protected by HIPAA guidelines. When you store a copy of each worksheet, you need to ensure they are stored in a location where they are protected by electronic and/or physical safeguards, so patient privacy is guaranteed.

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