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Access a free Prayer Journal Template and help your clients set goals and reflect on their spiritual journey. Download the PDF and example in this guide.

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Ericka Pingol
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What Is a Prayer Journal Template?

Keeping track of prayers in a Prayer Journal Template is a personal way of deepening one's spiritual practice, providing a space for profound reflection and self-discovery. By meticulously documenting prayers, individuals can observe the evolution of their spiritual journey and reflect on their own beliefs, desires, and aspirations.

Individuals may notice recurring themes or patterns in their prayers with each entry in the Prayer Journal Template. These recurring themes can be gentle reminders of the areas in their lives that require attention, nurturing, or even surrender. Additionally, the journal can shed light on unanswered prayers, prompting individuals to explore their possible reasons and encouraging them to seek growth and understanding.

This journal can also help set and track spiritual goals. Individuals can gain clarity and focus in their spiritual practice by articulating specific intentions and aspirations. Regularly reviewing and monitoring progress towards these goals can provide a sense of accountability and motivation, empowering individuals to stay committed to their prayer life and continue their personal and spiritual growth journey.

Printable Prayer Journal Template

Download this Prayer Journal Template to help clients deepen their spiritual practice.

How Does It Work?

Our free Prayer Journal Template lets you help your clients monitor their spiritual progress in a user-friendly format. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Access The Template

Download the printable Prayer Journal Template using the link on this page. Alternatively, you may get a copy from the Carepatron app or our resources library.

Step 2: Discuss How It Works

Explain the purpose and functionality of the Prayer Journal Template to your client. Encourage them to set aside time each day or week for prayer and reflection and to use the journal for self-discovery.

Step 3: Client Completes The Journal

Give your client at least a week to complete the journal. Remind them to be honest and open with their responses. Encourage them to write freely and without judgment, allowing them to express their thoughts and emotions fully.

Step 4: Review And Discuss

Schedule a follow-up session with your client to review their completed Prayer Journal Template. Use this time to discuss any recurring themes or patterns that may have emerged and provide guidance and support as needed.

Step 5: Continue The Practice

Encourage your client to continue using the Prayer Journal Template regularly. Offer suggestions for incorporating their spiritual practice into their daily routine and remind them of the benefits of reflecting and setting intentions for personal and spiritual growth.

Prayer Journal Example (Sample)

The team at Carepatron has created a sample Prayer Journal PDF to help guide you and your clients through the process. You can use this sample when discussing the template with your clients and as a reference for how to complete the journal.

Download The Free Prayer Journal Example

Prayer Journal Example (Sample)

When Would You Use This Template?

You can use this Prayer Journal Template with clients looking to deepen their spiritual practice and gain insight into their thoughts, emotions, and goals. Moreover, you can use this template to:

Enhance Self-Awareness

Our template is an excellent resource for promoting self-awareness. You can use it to encourage clients to reflect on their thoughts, emotions, and actions. They can better understand themselves and make positive changes by identifying patterns and triggers.

Set Intentions and Goals for Personal and Spiritual Growth

You can also use our template to help clients set intentions and goals for their personal and spiritual growth. It provides a structured framework for clients to reflect on their beliefs, values, and desires.

Reflect on and Process Emotions

Writing down thoughts and emotions can be a powerful tool for processing them. The Prayer Journal Template allows clients to record their feelings and explore their emotional responses to daily events.

Connect with Spirituality

The template includes prompts and reflections encouraging clients to connect with their spirituality. It can help individuals deepen their spiritual practice, strengthen their faith, and build a closer relationship with a higher power.

Benefits of Free Prayer Journal Template

Our free  Prayer Journal Template offers numerous benefits for both you and your clients. Some of these include:

100% Digital

This printable template is entirely digital, making it easily accessible and convenient for your clients. They can access it on their devices, fill it out at their own pace, and save it for future reference.


You can customize the template to suit your client's needs and preferences. You can adjust the prompts and sections if they prefer a more structured or open-ended approach.

Streamlined  Communication

The template provides a structured format for clients to communicate their thoughts and emotions to you. This can help streamline communication and allow you to understand your client's needs better.

Versatile Tool

You can use the Prayer Journal Template in various ways, such as individual therapy sessions, group counseling, or spiritual retreats. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for any practice.

When are Prayer Journal Templates used?
When are Prayer Journal Templates used?

Commonly asked questions

When are Prayer Journal Templates used?

Prayer Journal Templates can be used anytime but are especially helpful during stress, uncertainty, or spiritual reflection.

How are the Prayer Journal Templates used?

Therapists and counselors can recommend the Prayer Journal Template to their clients for self-reflection and communication. The client can fill out the template independently or during a session with their therapist.

How long does it take to complete the Prayer Journal Template?

The time to complete the template will vary depending on the individual's pace and how much they choose to write. It is designed for clients to fill out at their own pace, so there is no specific time limit.

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