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What Is A Therapy Goals Worksheet?

The Therapy goals worksheet consists of a set of questions that helps clients identify their goals regarding their presenting complaints. It provides them with a well-established framework that helps them set and track their therapeutic goals. This type of worksheet typically includes sections for the client's current and desired states, as well as actionable steps that can be taken to reach these objectives. The purpose of using a therapy goal sheet is twofold: it helps ensure sessions are focused on specific issues related to the client’s overall recovery; and it provides an opportunity for therapists to keep track of progress made during treatment, allowing them to adjust interventions accordingly if needed. When complete, it provides clear guidance while still allowing enough flexibility for individual rooms, so they feel like they have ownership over their healing journey. Additionally, specific step-by-step instructions for each achievable goal are completed by clients under the facilitation of the counselor or therapist, making the process easier to follow. Ultimately, having some sort of structure in place when entering into any form of psychotherapy essentially helps both the clients and the therapists stay motivated about the therapeutic process and attain positive results more effectively.

Printable Therapy Goals Worksheets

Download these therapy goals worksheets to improve your client's treatment outcomes and experience.

How To Use This Therapy Goals Worksheet 

We have designed our templates so that they are intuitive to use, whilst being powerful and detailed. You can also find a Therapy Goals Worksheet example on this page with all relevant fields completed. Here are a couple of simple steps that you can follow to get yourself started:


You would want to download the PDF file onto your device first. Our template can be filled directly within the interactive text fields. Alternatively, you can also print it out, if that is more convenient for your clients or patients.


Rather than just throwing the worksheet at your client and expecting them to complete it by themselves, you would want to guide them patiently through each question and make sure they understand the question and have specific instructions on how to answer them. For instance, you would want your clients to write down specific and achievable steps for their goal (i.e. going to bed at 9 pm), rather than something general and vague (i.e. sleeping more).


After you received the worksheets back from your clients, proofread them with your clients. Clarify anything unclear to you, and discuss with your clients to change any goals or steps that are too ambitious, vague, or inappropriate. If done well, this worksheet would be powerful guidance for future therapeutic sessions.


The therapy goals worksheet is part of your client's information, meaning they are part of your client’s privacy and should not be shared without their formal consent. Therefore, you would want to document them in a secure place.

Therapy Goals Worksheet Example (Sample)

To give you a general idea of what each field or question is about, we have created a therapy goals worksheet example based on a mock client profile. You can download it to play around. Once you feel confident about the content of this worksheet, you can download the blank therapy goals worksheet template from this page.

Download this Therapy Goals Example (Sample) here: 

Therapy Goals Example (Sample)

Who Can Use these Printable Therapy Goals Worksheets (PDF)?

Therapy goal worksheets are used by therapists to guide their clients through their goal-setting and planning process. It should mainly be completed by the clients, but with the support and guidance of the therapists. Depending on the level of intervention the client requires, the types of therapists mainly include:

  1. Counsellor
  2. Psychologist
  3. Psychotherapist
  4. Psychiatrist

Other types of therapists are also encouraged to utilize this template if applicable, as having a clear goal and achievable steps are crucial for more productive and positive sessions.

Why Is This Worksheet Useful For Therapists

Tangible Goals

This worksheet is particularly useful for therapists as it facilitates their clients to set tangible goals and make specific plans to achieve them. It allows the clients to turn the ambiguous or abstract concept of alleviation from their condition into something concrete and clear. 

Guidance for Therapist

This worksheet provides therapists with guidance for the treatment or consultation of their clients. It is a reference point for the therapist to keep looking back to adjust the direction of counseling if they have deviated from the original goal. If they were to change the goal, it is still valuable comparison to understand the reason behind the change.

Patient Involvement

The client’s autonomy and involvement are crucial for therapies. The therapy goals worksheet requires the completion of the clients themselves, encouraging the active participation of the clients in the therapeutic journey. The client would also feel more autonomy and control over the therapies, as they make a treatment plan for themselves.

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Benefits of Therapy Goals Worksheet Template

Improved Format

Our therapy goals worksheet template is designed to include the essence of therapy goal-making. It encompasses the exploration of the issue, the setting of goals, and the planning of specific steps. The presentation of the template is well-crafted and easy to navigate.

Streamline Sessions

A pre-designed template relieves you from the stress of a randomized template that is created each time you have a session. A structured and versatile template helps you to streamline the structure of the sessions, allowing you to focus on the therapeutic aspect.

Improved Accessibility

The therapy goals worksheet template is designed with an interactive PDF, meaning all the text fields can be filled out straightaway using most PDF readers. You do not have to worry about drawing individual textboxes, converting them to Word documents, or printing and rescanning every sheet.

Improved Sharability

The PDF format is a highly stable and transferable format of the document. It allows your template to stay in a consistent format while having the ease of sharing regardless of the system of their devices. Its compact size allows it to be transferred even under terrible internet speed while maintaining a sharp display quality.

Security and Privacy

The therapy goals worksheet is part of your client's privacy. This means it should not be shared without your client's formal consent, and you certainly do not want the data to be stolen. The PDF template allows you to encrypt the file, adding an extra layer of protection to your client’s data

Commonly asked questions

What is a Therapy Goals Worksheet?

A therapy goal worksheet is a tool used by therapists to help their clients create a possible solution to their presenting issues. It breaks down complicated issues into individual goals that are more concrete and achievable. It also facilitates the planning of specific steps towards each goal, making the process even more achievable and boosting the confidence of the patient.

When to use Therapy Goals Worksheets?

The therapy goals worksheet is mostly used at the beginning of a series of sessions. It creates a general guidance and reference point for these sessions. The worksheet helps the therapist and patient identify what they want to work on so that therapy can be focused and effective. It also serves as a written agreement between both parties in terms of expectations, goals, objectives, strategies for achieving these goals, etc.

How do I write Therapy Goals Worksheets?

1. A clear statement of the primary goal or desired outcome for therapy

2. Specific target behaviors that need to be addressed to reach this goal

3. Strategies and techniques that will be used during each session, as well as any additional resources available for support outside of sessions such as online materials or books

4. Regular reviews and assessments throughout treatment, which can help track progress over time toward achieving the stated goal(s).

Why Use Carepatron For Therapy Goals Worksheet Software?

Carepatron provides a flexible therapy goals worksheet template that is easy to edit and store. Beyond just completing the templates, Carepatron also offers a simple and intuitive user experience that makes it easy for therapists to quickly schedule appointments with clients, assign them tasks, manage their notes, and track progress all from one platform. Therapists can set up invoices directly in the system which will automatically update as payments are received or when fees change over time – saving both therapist and client valuable time throughout billing cycles. In addition, Carepatron’s secure messaging features between therapists and clients, including video calls through platforms like Skype or Zoom integration, everyone can stay connected while complying with HIPAA regulations regarding the privacy of medical data during therapy sessions online or offline. 

Therapy Goals Worksheet Software

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