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Discover the Natural Birth Plan Template and how it can be used to empower women during the most beautiful moments of their lives.

By Chloe Smith on May 15, 2024.

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What is a Natural Birth Plan Template?

A Natural Birth Plan Template is a collaborative tool that can help women tell healthcare professionals about childbirth preferences during labor. A birth plan typically includes preferences on various aspects of childbirth that can be controlled at that moment. These aspects might consist of:

  • Labor preferences 
  • Feeding preferences 
  • Medication preferences
  • Support people preferences
  • Birthing position preferences
  • Postpartum preferences 
  • Any other preferences 

A Natural Birth Plan Template is a communicative piece of paper that lets healthcare providers know what the ideal version of childbirth looks like for this woman and her family. This means it can be used anywhere - if a baby decides they want out now! There are many birth plans. However, this template focuses on a Natural Birth Plan. A Natural Birth Plan Template is directed towards women who have a vaginal birth preference. 

It is important to note that the completion of a Natural Birth Plan Template does not mean that childbirth will go exactly that way for the woman. The birth plan will be followed as much as possible by healthcare professionals, but it doesn’t matter if, when you are in active labor, you change your mind about it all. The ultimate goal is a healthy mother and baby, which sometimes means the Natural Birth Plan Template may not be followed. 

Printable Natural Birth Plan

Download this Natural Birth Plan to help women plan for giving birth.

How Does it Work?

The Natural Birth Plan Template ensures that women’s expectations of their birthing experience are met. The template can be filled out with the guidance of the healthcare professional involved in the antenatal portion of their pregnancy. We’ve created a completed Natural Birth Plan Template for your reference.

Step One: Obtain the Template

You can navigate the Carepatron website to the Printable Natural Birth Plan Template. This template is available for download for online completion or printed completion. Retaining a copy for yourself and your client is a good idea. 

Step Two: Talk With Your Client

Once you have obtained the template, it is an excellent time to explore what the woman and partner expect when they enter labor. You can guide them through some of the typical things women request during labor if this is their first pregnancy. Or, if this is not the woman’s first birth, explore what they might want to change or keep the same. 

Step Three: Complete the Template

The woman can complete this template in their own time or collaboratively with the guidance of their dedicated healthcare professional. Women who have complicated or high-risk pregnancies may need the support of their doctor or midwife to include needs for their birth plan that may differ from those who carry low-risk pregnancies. 

Step Four: Utilize the Natural Birth Plan Template

It is a good idea to keep the Natural Birth Plan Template on file so that it is easily accessible by healthcare professionals who may care for your client and can comprehend how the couple has planned their labor and birth. 

Natural Birth Plan Example (Sample)

Pregnancy, labor, and birth are life-changing experiences for women and their families. Here at Carepatron, we are dedicated to ensuring you spend as much time as possible with your client. That’s why we’ve created a completed Natural Birth Plan Template PDF example for your reference. 

Download this Natural Birth Plan Example:

Natural Birth Plan Example (Sample)

When Would You Use This Template?

There are many reasons women opt to have a birth plan. It is essential to recognize that having a birth plan allows women to express their preferences and ensures inclusivity during a monumental moment in their lives. 

Clear Communication

A birth plan is a great way to communicate what the parents expect to others involved in the birth experience. Every birth story is different, and having a straightforward way to share the wants and needs of both the mother and the family will enhance the experience of the woman and healthcare professionals. A birth plan can also help the relationship between the family and practitioner during this incredibly magical moment. 

Special Circumstances

A birth plan can also benefit women who have a high-risk pregnancy or particular circumstances like illness or conditions that may impact their ability to give birth naturally. In these cases, a natural birth plan template can help communicate these needs and expectations of birth to healthcare professionals. 

Plan B

Having a birth plan also allows clients to consider alternatives when it comes to their birth experience. Sometimes, birth doesn’t always go to plan, and that’s okay! Babies might have different ideas when coming into this world, but we can plan for that. Having a birth plan allows open communication about altering plans if something were to happen. 


It is essential to recognize that when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and birth, there are a lot of factors that are out of the control of the woman. By having a birth plan, women can make informed decisions they have control over, which can lead to increased levels of empowerment. 

What do the Results Mean?

The Free Natural Birth Plan Template results reflect the preferences that both the woman and her partner/family have for the duration of labor and delivery. The results of the birth plan created by the client serve as an essential communication tool for the family and other healthcare professionals. It is important to remember that the natural birth plan template results showcase the best-case scenario for the woman. 

Often, birth plans can change slightly or drastically. Plans depend on pain management, headspace when labor begins, or the environment. If the birth happens unexpectedly, and the woman/family is somewhere different, the birth plan might not be accessible. This is why it is essential to stress the importance of flexibility within the results produced in the Natural Birth Plan Template. 

No specific results should be displayed when the template is completed. Common answers may include no pain medications, water-birth, no visitors during active labor, skin-to-skin contact after birth, or even the partner to cut the umbilical cord. Every birth experience is different, so although these are common responses to birthing plans - it is crucial to consider the wishes and expectations of the client during this time of their life while also providing motivational and helpful information about what they may need to include.

Why Use Carepatron as Your Natural Birth Plan App? 

Carepatron is the best place to do all your healthcare admin tasks. We know how valuable the time is that you spend with your clients. That’s why using the Carepatron platform will enhance your ability to provide the best care for mum and baby. 

As a clinical notes software, Carepatron works to provide healthcare practitioners with the most up-to-date technology that helps them to easily navigate patient notes that they use all the time - especially when seeing their pregnant clients often during the end stages of their pregnancy. 

Using Carepatron as your Natural Birth Plan Template App means you can easily access free templates that help give your women the empowerment they require during this fantastic part of their lives. As a Natural Birth Plan Template Software, you’ll have access to various tools that will aid in your care for your pregnant clients. 

Carepatron offers an extensive offer when it comes to pesky administrative tasks. You’ll have access to patient appointment reminder software and Free Patient Record Software that helps track the progress of all clients. Not only do you get access to work-altering software, but you can rely on Carepatron to take care of required payments, appointment scheduling, and much more!

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How to create a Natural Birth Plan Template?
How to create a Natural Birth Plan Template?

Commonly asked questions

How to create a Natural Birth Plan Template?

You can use the ready-to-use Natural Birth Plan Template available for free use on the Carepatron website!

When are Natural Birth Plan Templates used?

Natural Birth Plan Templates are typically used when pregnant women start thinking about how they want their birth experience to go. Natural Birth Plan Templates can be used at any stage of pregnancy. 

How are the Natural Birth Plan Templates used?

The Natural Birth Plan Templates can be used by women and their partner/family in their own time or with the help of their primary physician during their pregnancy. The template requires clients to write down their preferences for when they are in labor. 

Who creates a Birth Plan Template?

You can create your birth plan template, but why not use the free and ready-to-use birth plan template available on the Carepatron website?

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