What is a C-Section Birth Plan Template?

A C-Section Birth Plan Template is a tool that can be implemented into the care of women who are either requiring or opting for cesarean delivery of their baby immediately in a hospital or birthing center. This type of delivery involves a surgical cut in the uterus and abdomen to deliver the baby.

A birth plan can help women communicate their preferences for childbirth during labor to the birth team handling them and get the best labor and delivery experience they could possibly need. This template typically includes the choices on various aspects of a cesarean birth experience. Although limited, these aspects might consist of:

  • Feeding preferences 
  • Medication preferences
  • Support person preferences
  • Postpartum preferences 
  • Any other preferences 

Having a plan can ease the worries of surgery for mothers concerned about their delivery method. The completed template will help the healthcare professionals who may work with your patient comprehend her and the family's wishes. The template offers preferences about before, during, and after birth.

Some examples of preferences include the following:

  • Having a specific labor and delivery nurse help out
  • Having a birthing stool/birthing chair or birthing tub
  • Keeping umbilical cord blood
  • Having pain medication to manage labor pain

Although healthcare professionals at a hospital or birth center will try their hardest to ensure the plan is followed, there are instances where the preferences may not be observed (or small details may be overlooked) due to the factors surrounding the delivery method.

The plan can be thought of as a communicative tool that allows women and their families to guide the process of giving birth. It can allow for some control in a somewhat uncontrollable birth.

Downloadable C Section Birth Plan Template here

Establish medical direction with our free C Section Birth Plan Template PDF.

How does it work?

The C-Section Birth Plan Template works like any other birth plan template. You can collaborate with your patient on this template or have them complete it at home. We've created a step-by-step process to make this easier to visualize. 

Step 1: Obtain the C-Section Birth Plan Template

Navigate the Carepatron website to obtain the Printable C Section Birth Plan Template. You can complete the template online with your client or print it for them to take home. Either way, you will want to retain a copy for other healthcare professionals later.

Step 2: Communicate with your client

Your client must know what this birth plan entails. Likely, you've already spoken with them about having or opting for a C-section delivery, but it is also essential to remind them that this birth plan can change when the C-section is performed. 

Step 3: Complete the C-Section Birth Plan Template

Now that your patient knows what the C-section Birth Plan Template entails, it's time to complete it. We recommend making the client aware of anything that needs to be in their birth plan, especially for a C-section. Women can fill out the rest of the template on their own time with their families.

Step 4: Utilize the C-Section Birth Plan Template 

Keep a copy of the cesarean birth plan on file for easy access for other healthcare professionals who might care for your woman. Depending on when the form was completed, you may want to revisit the birth plan or change preferences for things as you get closer to birth. Keeping this template on file allows other healthcare professionals to comprehend how the woman/couple/family has planned their C Section delivery.

C-Section Birth Plan example (sample)

Pregnancy, labor, and birth are life-altering experiences for women and their families. Here at Carepatron, we are dedicated to ensuring you can always give your best care to your clients. We've created a completed C Section Birth Plan Template PDF example for your reference.

Download our free C Section Birth Plan example PDF here:

C Section Birth Plan Example

When would you use this template?

There are various reasons why you might choose to implement this template. 


In general, birth plans are a communicative tool that allows parents to decide what will work best for them in this life-changing moment, even in the operating room. Using a cesarean birth plan Template is helpful for all healthcare professionals to know what they are trying to achieve when it comes to this birth in particular.

Whether your woman wants to have skin-to-skin contact, delayed cord clamping, or what their wishes are for an emergency, having a birth plan can make those moments special by everyone already knowing what to do. Including each family member's role during the birth can be helpful and strengthen a family-centered cesarean birth plan.

Education and knowledge

It is essential to recognize the drastic shift in mentality that may occur if a woman needs to have a C Section delivery. By working through the family-centered template with your client, you can ensure you're supplying the answers to any questions they may have and knowledge about this type of birthing process.

You can also make sure the couple and their family consider essential aspects that may be unable to change during delivery and that they may need to work into their plan. 


Undergoing a surgical birth experience can be worrying for women and their families. There may be issues with the baby's birth, the baby's health, needing to undergo an elective cesarean birth due to medical reasons, or even being surrounded by hospital staff and a likely sizeable medical team.

Having a cesarean section template completed before going into labor may help the woman feel more empowered about her decision/recommendation to have a C Section delivery. Some uncontrollable things may arise during the delivery process, but there are some things that the woman and her family can look forward to having control over.

When completing this template, you can work to empower your patient by highlighting controllable aspects of this type of birth.

What do the results mean?

Likewise, with other birth plans provided by Carepatron, no specific results are expected to be identified. 

The ‘results' of the Free C-section birth Plan Template will reflect the woman and her family's preferences for their labor and delivery process. These preferences serve as a valuable communication tool for healthcare professionals to follow to make the birthing process run smoother and cater to the family's needs and preferences. 

The preferences identified within the template are the ‘best-case scenario.' It is important to reiterate that caring physicians will do everything to keep the active birth plan current. Still, the actual birthing experience may leave the plan slightly altered, completely altered, or even disregarded in emergencies.

The flexibility of the laboring and after-birth preferences should also be stressed when creating the plan. Many women may feel ignored if the birth plan is not followed, and unforeseen circumstances during the delivery process can lead to the rest of the after-birth care plan being altered or dismissed. 

Every cesarean birthing process is different, and women experience this delivery differently even though there are no specific results that should be displayed. There are standard answers to the labor and after-birth processes that may arise.

Other birthing types

C-section isn't the only kind of birthing type that expecting mothers can opt for. Here are some other types:

Natural birth

Also known as vaginal birth. This type of childbirth doesn't rely on medications. Instead, it relies on relaxation techniques and controlled breathing. Some expecting mothers like the challenge of natural birth, and it makes them feel empowered. We have a Natural Birth Plan Template for this type of birth, just in case you need it.

We also have the Mama Natural Birth Plan Template, which is similar to the Birth Plan Template we linked earlier. The difference is that the former asks what expecting mothers prefer when it comes to having support people, pain relief techniques they want, what kind of atmosphere they want, and what to do after giving birth.

The latter has more preference options for mobility, food and drinks, fetal monitoring, interventions needed, delivery positions, pushing techniques, perineal support, cord clamping, and more.

Vaginal birth after cesarian (VBAC)

This is an option for those who have given birth via C-section before. There are expecting mothers who want to opt for a vaginal birth for their next one, but this one requires them to undergo a screening test to see if they're eligible for it. Undergoing VBAC has a risk of bursting or tearing open the C-section scar. Those with vertical C-section scars are not eligible. Our VBAC Birth Plan Template can be a useful tool in this process.

We also have a general template that can accommodate different birth types: our Birth Plan Template. If you'd rather use a general template than a specific one like this C-Section Birth Plan Template, check that out and see if it's to your liking!

Why use Carepatron as your labor and delivery software?

Carepatron is the ultimate healthcare professional software system for labor and delivery for numerous reasons. 

Carepatron houses a variety of tools that are designed to make the lives of healthcare professionals easier. Using our platform, you can look forward to a safe and secure place to store your electronic patient records. We know how valuable it is to be able to keep clinical notes about your clients as well as what their preferences are for any medical treatment. 

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How do you create a C-Section Birth Plan Template?
How do you create a C-Section Birth Plan Template?

Commonly asked questions

How do you create a C-Section Birth Plan Template?

Carepatron has already done most of the hard work! We have created a template for your pregnant clients that you can download and use within your practice. We've left an open box at the end so you can add any other preferences for the big day.

When are C-Section Birth Plan Templates used?

C-Section Birth Plan Templates are used in replacement of a Natural Birth Plan Template for women who are likely to undergo a C-Section birth or who have opted to have this type of delivery.

How are the C-Section Birth Plan Templates used?

Practitioners can use the C-Section Birth Plan Templates to develop a plan for C-section delivery. Women can take this template home and discuss with their families the delivery process and their preferences for a C-section birth.

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