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If you’re looking for a powerful tool for your clients to communicate their feelings healthily, "I" Statements Worksheets can help improve relationships and thought expression. Download now for free!

By RJ Gumban on Mar 06, 2024.

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What is an "I" Statements Worksheet?

Addressing our emotions without holding others accountable for them isn't easy. But this is where the “I” Statements Worksheets come into the picture.‍

Thomas Gordon introduced the concept of “I” statements in the 1960s as an effective communication tool. The “I” statements will make a difference between “you” statements, which can tend to put the blame on and make presumptions about the other person.

They are centered around expressing the person's feelings and thoughts instead of blaming or making assumptions about others. The “I” statements are helpful in clearly communicating the speaker's needs without conflicts and misunderstandings. This can support an individual, interpersonal communication technique by using assertive communication skills and expressing feelings. These can be positive feelings or negative feelings.

So, “I” statement worksheets usually have prompts that guide individuals to express their thoughts, needs, and feelings. And they can do it assertively while also addressing conflicts. I Statements enable clients to take responsibility for their thoughts and feelings, which is also helpful for expressing gratitude. Improve relationships with others, and break down barriers for good.

Printable “I” Statements Worksheet

Download this “I” Statements Worksheet and help teach your clients how to verbally express their emotions in an effective way.

How to use this "I" Statements Worksheet

Using the “I” Statements Worksheet is not complicated. Here's how you can go about it: 

Step 1: Download the PDF

First, you must access the PDF and download it to your device. You can access the PDF through the link provided on this page.

Step 2: Brief your clients

Once your download is complete, you must brief your client about the activity and worksheet. Explain how the “I” Statements Worksheet works, and they can complete filling it out.

Step 3: Fill out the “I” Statements Worksheet

This depends on your setting or how you want the worksheet filled out. But first, you need to fill out the “Scenarios” part based on your practice or what your client is experiencing.

Then you can give this as an exercise to your client or help them fill out the worksheet. Most importantly, you must ensure they understand this worksheet's process and purpose.

Step 4: Review and analyze the worksheet

After completing the worksheet, you must analyze it to absorb the information based on the client's answers.

"I" Statements Worksheets example (sample)

The “I” Statements Worksheet can be a bit overwhelming, especially for the first time. So, this is an “I” Statement example to give you an idea of what it looks like and how to fill it out correctly.

Download this “I” Statements Worksheet Example (Sample) here:

"I" Statements Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who can use these Printable "I" Statements Worksheets (PDF)?

The “I” Statements Worksheets can be used by many people who want to get in touch with their emotions healthily. Typically, this worksheet is used by psychologists or counselors to engage with their clients during counseling sessions. Communication problems can often leave therapists and clients unable to keep their conversation moving and may trigger defensiveness. Individuals who utilize the "I" Statements effectively may be more likely to keep their therapy going positively.

Teachers can also use the Free "I" Statements Worksheets to encourage students to communicate and assert their feelings in a well-grounded way. This can ease a tense situation between the students as well as taking responsibility. By teaching students about expressing feelings, they may be able to resolve conflicts with peers and understand their feelings.

Overall, professionals who deal with people's mental health, relationships, and well-being can use these Printable "I" Statements Worksheets to help others communicate their feelings effectively while improving their conflict resolution skills.

Why are "I" statements useful for counselors?

The “I” Statements Worksheets are useful for counselors because they can:

Encourage clients to express their feelings

Clients can express themselves without resorting to toxic and damaging ways. If one of your therapeutic goals for your clients is to help them improve their communication skills and how they express themselves, then the “I” Statements Worksheets are perfect for you and your clients. Clients can use this worksheet to express positive feelings and improve interpersonal relationships.

Provide necessary support

Once you know how your clients feel about certain situations, it will be easier for you to provide them with suitable solutions to improve their mental health and well-being.

Practical tool for any sessions

The “I” Statements Worksheets can be a practical tool for any session. Whether you are a family counselor, marriage counselor, or psychologist, this worksheet can benefit your clients.

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Why use Carepatron as an "I" Statement software?

Carepatron is the best way to manage your “I” Statements Worksheets because it will store your documents safely. It's HIPAA compliant, so rest assured all your data is protected. And that's crucial in ensuring your credibility.

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What is an "I" Statements Worksheet?
What is an "I" Statements Worksheet?

Commonly asked questions

What is an "I" Statements Worksheet?

“I” Statements Worksheets are designed to help individuals express their feelings in a non-confrontational way. Using the “I” statements shifts the focus from blaming others to confronting their emotions.

How do I write "I" Statements Worksheets?

You can use this as a guide: “I ______ when _______ because________” 

Write about your feelings based on the worksheet’s scenarios. Make sure it’s in a way that won’t offend the listener or the other party to practice healthy expression.

Who uses "I" Statements Worksheets?

“I” Statements Worksheets can be used by individuals and couples in therapy, parents, teachers, and individuals who want to acknowledge their emotions.

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