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A thoughtful therapist aid worksheet that targets replacing negative thoughts, empowering patients to improve their clinical outcomes and quality of care.

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What is s Therapist Aid Worksheet?

A therapist aid worksheet is a resource that therapists use during treatment with a patient. When they are treating a patient who they think will benefit from regularly completing a worksheet, then the form can be distributed for them to complete in their own time. Using worksheets is a fantastic way to keep patients focused on their goals, and enables them to reflect on any progress they have made, or areas that require improvement. The patient typically brings the completed worksheet into their next session, where it is used as a conversation point and to further develop the treatment plan. Therapist aid worksheets can vary greatly in what they are aiming to achieve, and we have tried to ensure this template is applicable to as many different areas of therapy as possible. For this reason, our therapist aid worksheet targets patients who are attempting to combat negative thoughts. The worksheet allows them to identify these thoughts before challenging them and replacing them with new, positive ones. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can easily incorporate the worksheet into your practice, before highlighting some of the many uses and advantages of the template. Let’s get started!

Printable Therapist Aid Worksheets

Download these Therapist Aid Worksheets to improve your client's treatment outcomes and experience.

How to Use This Template for Therapist Aid Worksheets

The process of implementing the therapist aid worksheet into your healthcare practice is extremely simple. Although some of these steps may be self-explanatory, following this guide will help you access, store, and utilize the worksheet with ease.

Step One: Access and save the template

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is access the therapist aid worksheet. We have included a link to the resource further down on this page, and when you click on it the worksheet will open in your device’s PDF reader. The template is editable by simply clicking on the different sections, so you can either make the relevant changes directly on your device or save it to be used at a later date.

Step Two: Distribute the worksheet

It is a good idea to have the worksheet saved in an accessible location so that when you are treating a patient who will benefit from the document, you can distribute it easily. Although the worksheet can be completed over any period of time, we recommend distributing it to patients weekly, to allow the process of challenging negative thoughts to become routine. 

Step Three: Use the completed worksheet during your sessions

When a patient completes the worksheet, you should ask them to bring it into your next session so you can use it as a discussion point. These worksheets will highlight areas that the patient is perhaps having difficulty with, as well as demonstrate to you any improvement that they may have made. 

Step Four: Store the worksheet securely

Completed therapist aid worksheets contain confidential information regarding a patient’s health condition and as such, they are protected by HIPAA guidelines. You need to ensure that you are storing the completed worksheets somewhere they are protected by electronic and physical safeguards, to guarantee patient privacy at all times.

Therapist Aid Worksheet Example (Sample)

To help you visualize what the therapist aid worksheet will look like in action, we’ve created a sample completed document. While the responses on these worksheets will vary widely between patients, this example should give you an insight into how the worksheet functions. We’ve also included a link to the template, and clicking on it will take you to the PDF version, which you can then save onto your device.

Download this Therapist Aid Example (Sample) here: 

Therapist Aid Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Therapist Aid Worksheet (PDF)?

This worksheet has been designed to be primarily used by practitioners working in the mental health field. Some of the healthcare providers who will benefit from the resource include:

  1. Psychologists 
  2. Mental Health Therapists
  3. Counselors
  4. Social Workers
  5. Occupational Therapists 

In regards to patients, the worksheet is reasonably usable by any individual who is learning how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. If you are a therapist specializing in treating children, you may find that the worksheet is suitable for those aged 12 and over.

Why is This Form Useful for Therapists?

Our therapist aid worksheet has varied uses for practitioners. Some of these uses include the following:

Saves time

Implementing this worksheet into your practice will help you to save time. The structure and layout have already been completed, so all you need to do is access and distribute the document. Utilizing tools that elevate the quality of care without adding significantly to your workload is important, and this worksheet aims to do just that. 


The worksheet will also play a role in improving organization. While having access to documents, forms, and worksheets is highly useful, if these aren’t stored properly it can make the processes at your practice much more complicated. Because our worksheet can be stored, shared, and edited online, you won’t have to worry about handling excess physical copies and can instead keep everything systematically organized.

Go paperless

This leads to the next point, which is how well these worksheets facilitate going paperless. While you can choose to print out a physical copy, we recommend keeping them stored online, in order to reduce the number of documents you are handling and improve your organization.

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Benefits of Therapist Aid Worksheets Doc

Additionally, the therapist aid worksheet will result in a range of benefits for the therapist, patient, and wider practice, including the following:

Engage the patient in their treatment

One of the best benefits of using the therapist aid worksheet is how well they engage patients in their own treatment. While one-on-one therapy sessions have immense value, it is just as important to be encouraging patients to focus on their goals outside of session times. Giving a worksheet to patients enables them to consistently target their goals and work towards better outcomes.

Obtain insight into patient progress

Although these worksheets aren’t necessarily designed to assess patient progress, they nevertheless provide insight into how well a patient is progressing. You will be able to compare worksheets from different weeks to determine whether your patient has improved their ability to combat negative thoughts. Conducting a comparison and assessing improvement is also fantastic in that it allows patients to visualize their own progress and see how far they have come.

Apply new skills to everyday life

Although therapeutic treatments and interventions differ, most therapists will introduce skills to their patients to help them improve their day-to-day lives. You can think of the worksheet as an accountability tool that highlights how well patients have been applying these new skills within their everyday life.

Adapt and develop treatment plans

By assessing the completed worksheets, you will be able to identify whether or not your patients have been improving. This type of patient-driven data is useful for adapting treatment plans, as you may realize that a specific area of treatment has been overlooked. On the other hand, you might notice that your patient has made considerable progress, and has essentially mastered challenging their negative thoughts.

Empower patients to achieve clinical outcomes

Ultimately, implementing the therapist aid worksheet into your practice will empower patients to achieve clinical outcomes. The worksheet encourages a collaborative approach to treatment, wherein patients and therapists work together to devise an effective treatment plan and work towards goals.

Commonly asked questions

Are therapist aid worksheets helpful?

Yes, therapist aid worksheets are extremely helpful. Not only do they empower patients to be involved in their treatment, but they also diversify the interventions used by therapists. With that being said, you may find yourself treating a patient who isn’t responding well to the worksheet and that is completely fine. Patients all have individual needs and experiences, and ensuring you tailor your treatment to these is the most important thing.

How should you use a therapist aid worksheet?

Again, how you use this worksheet will depend on the needs of your patients. However, we would typically recommend distributing the worksheet to patients and asking them to complete them every week. When they have been filled in, you should use the worksheet during therapy sessions to discuss the patient’s progress and experiences in their day-to-day life.

How many worksheets should my patients complete?

Just like with any therapeutic intervention, it is a good rule of thumb to use the worksheets until you notice they don’t have any more value. The exact time period for this will evidently differ between patients and it is your responsibility to ascertain whether the worksheet is helping.

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Therapist Aid Worksheet Software

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