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Counseling Software for solo practitioners and small teams

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Clinical appointment scheduling

Online Scheduling

Take control of your schedule and calendar from your desktop or mobile app. Use automated appointment reminders and our fully integrated video calling tool to maximize your productivity.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Health Records

Store all your patient information, clinical notes, and documentation safely in your secure clinic system. We autosave, so you'll never lose work again.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Online Payments

Carepatron online or mobile payments make it easier for your clients to pay for your bills.  You save time a massive amount of time while getting paid twice as fast. What a great way to improve your day and cashflow!
Counselor on telehealth session

Counseling software for small practices

Counseling software is one of healthcare’s greatest assets, and with its implementation, you can be sure to elevate the quality of your practice and prioritize your clients’ needs. With the right software, you can streamline business processes all from one place; making it one of the most convenient options for you and your counseling practice. You can be in complete control of your operations with the ability to access and produce document notes from any time and place, as well as conference with clients, schedule appointments, generate reminders, and view billing information. Counseling software is the perfect solution to guarantee patient satisfaction and increase efficiency, as well as ensure that you’re maximizing all your resources and achieving the goals you want to. Why settle for anything less, when you can have the best?

Discover the counseling practice management software you will love

When it comes to counseling software, Carepatron is one of the best options out there and offers a multitude of features that are sure to suit your business needs. With customization across all business operations, you can effectively accommodate client needs, as well as maximize your current resources with room to spare. Communicate with clients from any time and place with video and messaging services, which can significantly reduce overhead costs, as well as access payment information all within one portal. Storing your counseling notes has also never been easier, with round-the-clock security working to keep your records safe, whilst providing easy access for revision and review. Using Carepatron allows all your operations to be streamlined, and ensures you stay organized and on top of your workload, so you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to contacting clients and overseeing operations.
counseling practice management software

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With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone, you can achieve almost anything.
Guide to using telehealth in counseling practice

Guide to using telehealth in counseling practice

Telehealth has the potential to transform any counseling practice while improving the client's therapy journey. Learn more about the very best tools and resources available to telehealth counselors.
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Guide to running the perfect online counseling session

Guide to running the perfect online counseling session

The growth in online counseling over the past two years has been astonishing. Ensure you and your clients benefit from this practice by implementing the best tools and processes.
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Writing a Counseling treatment plan

Counseling software is a godsend when it comes to creating a counseling treatment plan, as our embedded resources can help guide you in exactly what areas to cover, and ensure that you are accurately representing the client’s concerns. Especially for private mental health counseling or therapy practices, it’s important that you spend time within the treatment drafting and processing, as it can lead to much higher clinical outcomes. As first outlined in our telehealth counseling guide, you must cover the essential information such as demographics, concerns, goals, interventions, and progress. It’s best to cover the general background so as to paint a broader picture of your client, before diving into the gritty details. You must also touch on the client’s perspective, and what is concerning them in regards to their mental health, because at the end of the day, you need to evaluate the impact it’s having on their daily functioning. Additionally, you should also detail the client’s goals, and what they hope to achieve within their sessions with you to ensure you both stay on track, and continuously work towards making progress. Any extra information concerning potential interventions or medication should also be discussed and recorded, as these aspects can certainly influence the structure and efficacy of the treatment plan. With counseling software in place, alleviate any and all organizational stresses by recording and storing this information within one platform.
Counseling treatment plan

A therapist's guide to Counseling billing

Managing billing and finances can be a particularly complicated aspect of counseling private practices, and for a lot of practitioners, it’s quite difficult to manage. However, with our counseling billing guide, you can be sure to simplify and streamline your payment details with minimal hassle. Firstly, it’s important that you’re aware of the right codes used in counseling and psychotherapy businesses, as this can make medical insurance much more straightforward. Insurance is everything when it comes to billing, so taking the time to evaluate codes and claims processes can significantly increase your chances of being reimbursed fast. Quite simply, knowing the ins and out of rejections and denials can help you understand what to avoid, and how to overcome these situations. Carepatron’s EHR system is excellent in this regard, as it alerts you to any areas that need specific attention, as well as notifies you about the status of your claims. Failing to become acquainted with billing processes can significantly delay your reimbursements, wasting precious time. With Carepatron, you can guarantee better insurance payouts, in addition to more efficient collection methods of gathering accurate patient information. Having the right records is key to high-quality billing documents, and being able to supply the appropriate information to insurance and billing companies will allow you and your patients to work together more cohesively.
Counseling billing software
Counselor using Counseling note software

Counseling note software

Online counseling note software is also a very common method of note-taking, documenting, and storage when it comes to the evaluation of your client’s needs. Carepatron, as well as other services, offers a variety of software designed specifically with the purpose of notes in mind, and can significantly elevate the quality of your work. You can ensure that you represent your client’s experience, and include all relevant details without wasting hours of time. Such software provides a perfect foundation for you to develop treatment plans and assess client progress, with minimal stress and hassle involved. In other words, it’s a win-win for all. 

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Mental Health Counselor
“We struggled to find a practice management solution that would allow us to efficiently schedule counseling sessions across multiple counselors and make billing as simple as a couple of clicks. Most everything we used or tried required combining various tools that either didn't integrate or needed a lot of time to manually prep invoices and collect payments. Carepatron eliminated all of those issues and paid for itself in the first month.”
Shawnee D.
Mental Health Counselor
Substance Abuse Counselor
“Our practice has been using Carepatron for the last couple of years. It has a breath of fresh air for both our counselors and clients. It is by far the most simple practice management system I have used. It includes all of the key functionality we require to run our business, like client records, patient portals, SMS reminders, treatment templates,  calendar sync, etc. Carepatron has helped our practice team to provide more virtual counseling sessions and reduce our overall admin.”
David T.
Substance Abuse Counselor
Marriage and Family Counselor
“I've been the Carepatron EHR app for six months now and love it. Initially, I used it to manage my patient records, session notes, and clinical documents. Then I started to schedule all of my counseling appointments, SMS reminders (which is a massive win for me), invoicing, and mobile payments. My clients love using the carepatron app. They send me messages, share medical history and pay bills all in one place. I would recommend it to any counselor looking for an excellent practice management app.”
Liu K.
Marriage and Family Counselor
“It is the most accessible Counseling software I have used by a big margin. It has loads of smart features which help me to organize and run my practice. I find it immensely satisfying to know I have been able to reduce my admin and create space for more billable hours while providing better treatment to my clients. It's a true win-win-win!”
Christian B.

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Carepatron puts your entire brings together all of your clinical and practice work in one secure app. It's like getting an assistant, even if you're a counseling business of one.
Telehealth being used
Feb 22, 2024
Telehealth being used
Feb 22, 2024