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Check out our body image worksheets to improve body image and self-esteem. Our worksheets are designed to assist clients in recognizing and challenging negative attitudes and beliefs, and serve as an effective tool for positive body image development.

By Ericka Pingol on Jun 20, 2024.

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What is a Body Image Worksheet?

A positive body image is characterized by a realistic, appreciative perception of one's physical appearance, and it's a crucial component of overall well-being.

Developing a healthy body image involves acknowledging the vast diversity of body shapes and sizes and respecting one's unique physique. It is not merely the absence of body image concerns but also encompasses the recognition of personal value beyond physical attributes. Embracing these characteristics leads to self-acceptance and promotes a positive attitude toward nutrition and physical activity.

Mental health professionals may use a Body Image Worksheet to help individuals assess their body image and identify areas of improvement. This worksheet can also serve as a tool to develop strategies and techniques for building a positive body image.

By incorporating this worksheet into therapy sessions or personal self-care routines, individuals can develop a healthy body image and positive body image characteristics about themselves. They can then explore body image concerns and develop coping mechanisms to overcome these insecurities and improve their self-worth.

Printable Body Image Worksheets

Download these Body Image Worksheets and help guide your clients toward their desired treatment outcomes.

How to use this Body Image Worksheet

To help you get on the right track, we've created a body image worksheet for you to incorporate right away. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Body Image Worksheet

The first step, although obvious, is to download the body image worksheet. All you have to do is click the links on this page, which should open automatically within your designated PDF reader software. The sections are editable, meaning you can alter them to suit your needs.

Feel free to print the worksheet or work on it electronically.

Step 2: Distribute the Body Image Worksheet

You then need to give the body image worksheet to your clients to fill out. You should complete the worksheet alongside your patient during your session to gain the most value. Alternatively, you can distribute the body image worksheets as homework exercises for the client to complete outside office hours.

During your following session, you can go over and work through the results.

Step 3: Store securely

Once completed, you must securely store the body image worksheet to safeguard the client's information. These worksheets contain susceptible and personal information, and only authorized users should have access. Using HIPAA-compliant regulations and standards means you can provide your clients with the highest level and quality of care.

Body Image Worksheet example (sample)

To help you better understand what a body image worksheet looks like in action, feel free to view our examples. We have created a blank worksheet for you to integrate within your practice right away, as well as an example so you can better understand the level of quality required. Sometimes, witnessing these worksheets in action is a good learning tool for having a greater depth of knowledge than body image.

Download this Body Image Worksheet example (sample) here:

Body Image Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who can use this Body Image Worksheet PDF?

Many clients suffer from body image distortions and face tremendous challenges in overcoming their mental health state. These clients fall under many mental health umbrellas, including those with eating disorders as well as individuals who are diagnosed with depression.

However, body image is something we all are vulnerable to at times. So, many different healthcare practitioners work with body-image-suffering clients who might benefit from these worksheets. Regardless of the size of your organization or how long you've been in the business, these worksheets are the perfect supplementary tool to boost the quality of your sessions across various specializations.

Some professionals who may particularly benefit from these worksheets include the following: 

  • Psychiatrist
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • Psychotherapists

Why is this worksheet helpful for therapists?

These body image worksheets have many practical uses for therapists and other mental health professionals. These include the following: 

Enhance organization

These worksheets are a highly effective way to improve the organization at your practice. With these worksheets, you can evaluate multiple dimensions of a client's perception of their body image and work towards productive action steps to help them overcome specific challenges they face. You don't have to compile multiple resources with all the essential information in a concise format.

Identify insecurities

Naturally, with these body image worksheets, you can better identify client insecurities through noninvasive processes. As we're sure you know, various factors contribute to body image, with this worksheet aiming to pinpoint each of them while allowing the client to stay in the driver's seat.

Simplify workload

Having these worksheets compiling helpful information means you don't have to lift a finger when planning. Streamline your business processes and work towards an efficient workflow prioritizing your and your clients' needs.

Benefits of Body Image Worksheet template

There are also a variety of benefits when it comes to incorporating these body image worksheets, including the following:

Boost confidence

These worksheets are an excellent supplementary tool to work towards boosting confidence within the clients. You can help clients recognize their negative thought patterns and the biases they tell themselves to promote positive mental health and greater confidence. Empower clients to regain control over their self-perception and instill healthy habits for greater strength in their daily lives.

Remember, confidence is critical regarding the client's ability to reprogram and rewire their self-images, which makes this worksheet a superb therapy aid.

Increase self-esteem

Part of the confidence equation includes self-esteem, meaning you can kill two birds with one stone with this worksheet. Answering our prompts and questions within the worksheet is a great way to help clients view their bodies kindly and with a positive mindset.

By doing so, clients can enhance their self-worth, have more respect for their looks, and find value in their physicality.

Save time

Additionally, with these worksheets, you can save tremendous time. These worksheets cover a range of dimensions comprising body image and self-esteem levels and do not require extensive planning or additional knowledge. You can prioritize other business processes and get back to doing what you do best: assessing and treating your clients' needs.

Strengthen patient connections

With these worksheets, you can also significantly strengthen patient connections. You can work to understand better your client's state of mind and how they perceive themselves without invading their personal space. These worksheets allow clients to have direction over their healthcare journey without fear of judgment.

The success of client improvements and recovery often relies on their relationships with others, you included. These worksheets are great for connecting and communicating within a safe space to facilitate higher outcomes.

Promote healthy habits

Of course, these worksheets also promote healthy habits among clients. These worksheets encourage clients to examine their beliefs and thought patterns regarding their bodies and help patients reconcile false beliefs and negative cognitive processing to improve their self-image.

Clients can work to regularly maintain positive and representative thinking that works towards inducing better physical practices over time.

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What role does appreciating body functionality play in developing a positive body image?
What role does appreciating body functionality play in developing a positive body image?

Commonly asked questions

What role does appreciating body functionality play in developing a positive body image?

Recognizing and valuing what the body can do, rather than just how it looks, is central to fostering a positive body image. The worksheet includes exercises focused on appreciating the body's functionality, which may improve gratitude for its capabilities and role in daily life.

How can the Body Image Worksheet help individuals feel more comfortable in their skin?

The Body Image Worksheet encourages individuals to evaluate their thoughts and beliefs about their body image and provides strategies for challenging negative self-talk. By addressing problematic thought patterns, individuals can better accept their bodies and feel more at ease in their skin.

Can individuals with body dysmorphic disorder benefit from using the Body Image Worksheet?

Yes, individuals with body dysmorphic disorder can benefit from using the Body Image Worksheet as part of their treatment plan. The worksheet provides a structured approach to addressing negative body image thoughts and behaviors, which are common in BDD.

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