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What is a TLC medical exam?

A Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) medical exam, an essential step for obtaining a TLC driver's license, assesses if an individual's physical and mental health meets the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s stringent standards.

The TLC medical exam evaluates the applicant's medical history, including any pertinent details from their family's medical history. During the TLC medical exam, a licensed physician or healthcare provider performs various tests and health screenings to determine if the applicant can operate a vehicle and provide transportation services safely.

The results of this evaluation will be recorded on a TLC Medical Certification Form or a TLC medical exam form, which must be submitted along with other required documents for the TLC application process. The attending healthcare provider must also sign this TLC medical clearance form, indicating the applicant's overall physical and mental fitness to hold a TLC driver's license.

Candidates under 50 with driver's licenses frequently undergo a TLC medical exam every two years. Meanwhile, those over 50 years old are required to do so annually. This ensures that the individual's physical and mental fitness has not changed significantly since their previous evaluation.

Printable TLC Medical Certification Form

Download this TLC Medical Certification Form to determine if an applicant can operate a vehicle and provide transportation services safely

Who needs a TLC Medical Certification Form?

Healthcare professionals may need to give TLC Medical Certification Forms to their patients applying for a TLC driver's license. Here are several instances where an individual would require a TLC medical exam:

  • If they plan to drive a taxi or limousine in New York City
  • If their current TLC driver's license is expiring and needs to be renewed
  • If they have had any health conditions that may affect their ability to drive safely
  • If they are changing the type of vehicle they will be operating (e.g., switching from driving a taxi to a limousine)
  • If they are transferring their TLC license from another state or country

It is important to note that the requirements for a TLC physical exam may vary depending on the type of vehicle being operated and the specific regulations set by each state or country.

In addition to determining physical fitness, the TLC physical exam includes checks for infectious diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis.

How to use this free TLC medical form

Our TLC Medical Certification Form is free and easy to use. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Download the TLC physical form

Get a copy of the free TLC form using the link on this page. You can also download it from the Carepatron app or our resources library, including useful templates like the medical exam report form.

Step 2: Use the digital form or print the form

You can choose to use the digital form or print it. We recommend using the digital form as it is easier to fill and can be shared with your patients electronically.

Step 3: Fill out the TLC medical clearance form

Ensure you include all the required information for the TLC physical exam, such as your patient's details, medical history, and any current health conditions affecting their driving ability.

Step 4: Sign the TLC medical form

After completing the form, sign it and submit it to the TLC and any other necessary documentation.

TLC Medical Certification Form example (sample)

We have created a sample completed TLC Medical Certification Form to illustrate how you can use the free template for your clients. Feel free to view it here or download a PDF copy for reference.

Download this free TLC Medical Certification Form example here:

TLC Medical Certification Form example (sample)

Benefits of free TLC Medical Certification Form

Here are some benefits of using Carepatron's free TLC Medical Certification Form:

Fully digital

Our TLC Medical Certification Form is fully digital, making it easy to fill out and sign electronically. This eliminates the need for printing, scanning, or mailing physical copies of the form.


By using our accessible TLC Medical Certification Form, healthcare providers can save time by quickly filling out and signing the form digitally in just a few minutes.

Easy record-keeping

With the digital format of our TLC Medical Certification Form, you can easily save and access completed exam records for future reference.

Compliant with regulations

Our TLC Medical Certification Form complies with all applicable regulations and guidelines set by state or country authorities. This ensures that all necessary information is included and adequately documented in the form.

Free to use

Our TLC Medical Certification Form is free, making it accessible for all TLC drivers and healthcare providers.

What are the requirements for TLC medical exam eligibility?
What are the requirements for TLC medical exam eligibility?

Commonly asked questions

What are the requirements for TLC medical exam eligibility?

To be eligible for a TLC medical exam, you must have a current and valid TLC driver's license in the respective state or country. You may also need additional documentation, such as proof of insurance or vehicle registration.

When should I schedule my TLC medical exam?

It is recommended to schedule a TLC medical exam at least 45 days before a current certification expires.

How long is a TLC medical exam?

A TLC medical exam typically takes about 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the specific requirements and any additional tests or evaluations needed.

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