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Our Solution-Focused Therapy Worksheet is designed to help patients articulate their issues and devise possible solutions. Use this resource to achieve positive clinical outcomes today.

By Joshua Napilay on Jul 17, 2024.


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What is a Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet?

Therapy worksheets refer to resources that are used during therapeutic treatment with a patient. In essence, a Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet is a powerful tool within the framework of Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), a therapeutic approach developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. SFT focuses on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems, making it a brief and future-oriented therapy. The worksheet aligns with the principles of positive psychology, aiming to enhance clients' lives by identifying and building on their strengths and resources.

At the core of SFT is the "miracle question," a technique where clients envision a future where their problems have miraculously disappeared, allowing therapists to explore preferred futures and set positive goals. The worksheet incorporates scaling questions to track progress, exception questions to identify times when the issue is less prominent, and coping questions to understand the client's ability to deal with challenges.

Therapists and practitioners use Solution Focused Therapy Worksheets in sessions to guide clients through a process that focuses on solutions, exercises, and reflective exercises. The worksheets are created to be a helpful resource for therapists, providing a structured form to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. They enable a collaborative relationship between therapists and clients, creating a supportive environment for creating positive change.

The Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet is a versatile tool applicable to various aspects of life, including relationships, personal development, and professional growth. With its emphasis on creating a future-oriented and solution-focused mindset, this worksheet contributes to the success of Solution Focused Therapy sessions, making it an invaluable resource for therapists, clients, and coaching professionals alike.

Solution Focused Therapy Worksheets Template

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Solution Focused Therapy Worksheets Example

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How to use this worksheet for Solution Focused Therapy

We have tried to ensure that implementing our worksheet into your therapy practice is as easy as possible. While you may find some aspects of this process self-explanatory, we have included a step-by-step guide to help ensure implementation is seamless.

Step One: Access and download the worksheet

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is access and download the worksheet. We've included a link to the PDF template further down this page, alongside a completed SFT worksheet example. By clicking on this link, you'll be taken to the PDF version of the worksheet, which can be downloaded and saved onto your device. The PDF document can be edited directly, meaning the entire worksheet can be completed online. 

Step Two: Give the worksheet to the patients

The second step is to give the worksheet to patients. You can print physical copies or send them a link to the electronic version. It is likely a good idea to go over the worksheet with your patients before they complete it so they understand what the resource is asking of them. 

Step Three: Use the completed worksheet to develop a treatment plan. 

As you know, Solution Focused Therapy requires the patient and therapist to collaborate to devise a treatment plan that will lead to the patient achieving their desired outcome. This worksheet gives the patient space to brainstorm possible solutions, which can then be discussed with the therapist. When the patient has completed the worksheet, you should ask them to bring it with them to their next session. You can review it together and add any further pros, cons, or solutions. With this information, you can design a motivating and achievable treatment plan.

Who can use this Printable Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet (PDF)?

The Printable Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet (PDF) is designed for a broad audience within the therapeutic context. Its user base primarily includes individuals seeking therapy or counseling services to guide patients toward positive outcomes efficiently. These individuals can range from those dealing with personal challenges, emotional concerns, or seeking self-improvement to those undergoing formal therapeutic interventions.

Therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals are pivotal in utilizing and guiding this worksheet. They incorporate it as a dynamic and interactive tool within their sessions to facilitate client engagement, goal-setting, and exploring positive solutions. The worksheet becomes a shared resource, promoting collaborative discussions and empowering individuals to participate actively in their therapeutic journey.

The user-friendly nature of the printable worksheet makes it accessible to clients of various ages and backgrounds. It can be employed in individual therapy sessions, group therapy settings, or virtual therapy contexts. Additionally, individuals working on their personal development outside formal therapy may find this tool valuable for self-reflection and goal-setting.

Why is this form useful for therapists?

The Solution Focused Therapy worksheet has various uses for healthcare practitioners. These include:‍

  • Saves time: One of the best aspects of the Solution Focused Therapy worksheet is its ability to save time for healthcare practitioners. Therapists can access the worksheet with a couple of clicks and send it straight to their patients without worrying about any formatting or structuring themselves. While worksheets can be very useful, creating and structuring them is also time-consuming. With our resources, this step is skipped entirely, and you can get straight to implementing them within your practice.
  • Develop a plan: The answers that a patient leaves on the Solution Focused Therapy worksheet will allow you to develop an effective treatment plan, targeting the specific needs of your patients. This worksheet asks patients to describe the problem they are facing and possible solutions. The data gathered from these responses will lead to achievable and motivating goals to help the client achieve positive outcomes.
  • Go paperless: Because the worksheet can be accessed, shared, completed, and stored entirely online, it can assist healthcare practices in going paperless. In addition to being environmentally conscious, reducing paper usage also improves organization and the efficiency of processes.
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Benefits of Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet PDF

Fortunately, implementing this Solution Focused Therapy worksheet into your healthcare practice will yield a wide range of benefits. Some of these advantages include:

Engage patients in their care

Solution Focused Therapy uses interventions that require patient involvement to be successful. This specific worksheet is intended for patients to complete outside of session times, ensuring that responses are authentic and patients have a role in developing their treatment goals. Encouraging such engagement will enable a more direct therapy treatment method, ensuring that patients continuously work toward positive outcomes. 

Less-costly for patients 

Because Solution Focused Therapy develops interventions specifically designed to be short-term, the time a patient receives treatment is quite short. Although this will depend on each client's needs, an expected time frame could be 6-8 weeks. In addition to streamlining the treatment process, this shortened time frame will mean that therapy is less costly and more accessible.

Less time-consuming for therapists 

Reducing the amount of time that a client receives treatment also has benefits for therapists. Specifically, it means that therapists can spend less time on a single client, and are more likely able to treat some different patients within the same time frame. Rather than impacting clinical outcomes, this type of treatment enables more patients to achieve their goals. 

Empower patients to achieve positive clinical outcomes

Engaging patients in their own care by giving them a role in brainstorming and devising solutions to their problems empowers them to achieve positive clinical outcomes. Giving patients the resources and tools they need to overcome issues demonstrates the role they play in managing their own care, helping them avoid similar problems in the future.

Improve communication

Solution focused therapy is fantastic at improving communication between patients and therapists. This specific worksheet enables a collaborative approach to devising solutions to the problems that each patient is facing, an intervention method that is only possible if both parties are good communicators. Additionally, this type of treatment will lead to a stronger and more meaningful relationship between client and therapist.

When should I use a Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet?
When should I use a Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet?

Commonly asked questions

When should I use a Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet?

When you decide to distribute our Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet to your patients is a decision that should be guided by your professional opinion and experience. This specific resource targets problem-solving: asking patients to explain the issue they are facing before brainstorming possible solutions. As such, if you are treating a patient who is attempting to overcome a specific issue in their life, then it is likely that this worksheet will benefit them greatly.

Who completes a Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet?

This worksheet has been designed to be completed by patients. Although Solution Focused Therapy is quite a collaborative approach to treatment, this worksheet will work best when the patient writes their responses outside of session times. This will ensure their answers are both honest and genuine, allowing you to develop a more accurate treatment plan.

How do I write a Solution Focused Therapy Worksheet?

There are a number of different ways that Solution Focused Therapy Worksheets can be written. As we mentioned, this specific resource targets problem-solving, which is especially useful at the beginning of a patient’s treatment journey. Our template includes all of the questions and prompts, making it extremely easy for your patients to complete.

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