Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens

Our Self Esteem Worksheets engage teens in meaningful care. With this resource, you can achieve clinical outcomes, develop positive relationships, and improve client quality of life.

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What is a Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens?

Self esteem is often in the foreground of a teenager’s sense of worth and value. Low self-esteem can have numerous negative consequences, including having difficulty completing schoolwork, finding it hard to maintain relationships, and increasing the likelihood of developing anxiety and depression. The turbulent period of life that is adolescence can leave young people questioning their identity and worth, which is why it is a crucial time to encourage strengthening self-esteem. To help therapists achieve this goal, we’ve designed a that can be easily implemented into any healthcare practice. The worksheet will encourage teenage clients to consider their sense of self-worth and reflect on moments in their life when they felt confident and valued. Hopefully, extracting these responses will be a step in the right direction for teenage clients looking to improve their self-esteem, and they can consequently collaborate with their therapist to devise an effective treatment plan.

Printable Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens

Download these Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens to assist your clients in achieving their goals and desired treatment outcomes.

How To Use This Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens 

The actual process of implementing this self-esteem worksheet into your therapy practice is highly intuitive. To help ensure this is as seamless as possible, we’ve created a brief step-by-step guide:

Step One: Access and save the template

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is access and save the worksheet template. A little further down this page, alongside a completed self esteem worksheet example, you’ll see a link to the template. Clicking on this link will open the worksheet in a PDF reader, where it can either be edited directly or saved to your device for future use. 

Step Two: Give the worksheet to your clients to complete

The worksheet has been designed to be completed by your clients, so the next thing you need to do is make the template accessible to them. You can either print out physical copies of the worksheet or send them an electronic link to the PDF version. Prior to distributing the worksheet, we recommend sitting down with your client and running through it together. You may want to provide some example responses and you should encourage them to ask any questions, in order to ensure they are well-informed and able to complete the worksheet. 

Step Three: Use the completed worksheet during a session

After your client has completed the self-esteem worksheet, they should bring it into their next session so you can go over their responses together. The answers that a client leaves on the worksheet will give you insight into their current self-esteem, as well as highlight areas of their life they are achieving in. Having access to this kind of information will allow you to develop a more effective treatment plan, as you continue to work toward your client’s goals.

Step Four: Store somewhere secure and accessible

Completed self-esteem worksheets need to be stored somewhere secure. They contain confidential information regarding a client and as such, HIPAA-compliant regulations are applicable to them. Because you will most likely refer back to your worksheets to assess a client’s progress or double-check responses, it is also a good idea to store them somewhere accessible.

Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens Example (Sample)

To help you visualize what our template looks like when it has been completed, we’ve included a sample self-esteem worksheet. There is also a link just below that will take you to the PDF version of the template, so you can easily download and save it to your device.

Download these Self Esteem Worksheets Examples (Sample) here: 

Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens (PDF)?

As the title of the worksheet suggests, this resource has been designed with teenage patients in mind. While self-esteem affects everyone, it is a particularly prominent issue for adolescents, which is why we have targeted this resource to that specific demographic. In regard to who is able to implement this worksheet in their practice, the following healthcare practitioners will be most likely to gain benefits:

  1. Counselors
  2. Psychologists
  3. Psychiatrists
  4. Mental Health Therapists 

Additionally, patients who use these worksheets may be experiencing the following issues:

  1. Eating Disorders
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Relationship/Friendship Problems 
  5. Family Issues 
  6. Stress

Why is This Form Useful for Therapists?

This worksheet has a range of uses for therapists, including the following:

Increased organization

Using our worksheet is guaranteed to improve the organization of your therapy practice. Because the template can be accessed, saved, and shared entirely online, you can eliminate printing-related costs while simultaneously automating the worksheet process. Using templates is an important component of working as a therapist but unless these actively improve organization, their beneficial aspects can become redundant.

Insight into the client’s experiences

This worksheet is designed to give you insight into your client’s life experiences. Gathering this data during the early stages of treating your patient will allow you to develop a more effective treatment plan and assist your client in achieving desired clinical outcomes.


Our worksheet is pre-formatted, allowing you to quickly and easily distribute it to your patients without having to worry about any design elements. Using a structured worksheet will inevitably save you time without compromising the quality of the resource.

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Benefits of Self Esteem Worksheets for Teens Template

In addition to the aforementioned uses, this worksheet is guaranteed to benefit both therapists and clients. Some of the advantages associated with using the worksheet include:

Engage the client in their own care

One of the best advantages of using a worksheet in therapeutic treatment is the way it encourages clients to become engaged in their own care. This self-esteem worksheet asks clients to reflect on their own life experiences, allowing them to be actively involved from the very beginning of treatment. Therapy treatments are unlikely to be successful if clients aren’t completely committed to seeing results, and this worksheet is one of the best ways that you can enable such commitment.

Develop an effective treatment plan

The information that the client includes on the treatment plan will likely be used by the therapist to develop a treatment plan. Because the data is coming directly from the client, it is likely to be accurate and honest. Therapists can use this information and, in collaboration with their clients, identify specific goals and objectives to work towards.

Teach teenagers life skills from an early age

As we have mentioned, learning how to improve self-esteem from a young age will greatly benefit individuals. Teenagers can be taught coping mechanisms and specific strategies that will allow them to continuously focus on increasing their self-esteem, hopefully preventing any future negative health consequences. 

Assess client progress

While this worksheet is primarily designed to encourage clients to reflect on their achievements and experiences, the information can also be used to track client progress. Therapists can look back on worksheets and determine where clients have made significant progress, as well as areas that may require further improvement. It’s important to remember that treatment plans fluctuate and as you assess a client’s improvement, you can correspondingly adjust intervention strategies.  

Develop a meaningful client/therapist relationship

As I’m sure you know, one of the best indicators for achieving positive clinical outcomes is establishing a trusting and honest relationship between clients and therapists. Although this is an outcome that takes time, using worksheets to obtain honest and useful information can be greatly beneficial. By responding to your client’s answers with empathy and care, you can demonstrate to them that you value their needs and are willing to prioritize their well-being.

Commonly asked questions

When to use Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens?

When you decide to use this self esteem worksheet for teens is entirely up to you. You may find yourself with a client who is being specifically treated for self esteem reasons, or it may be a side effect of a different issue. Regardless of the reason, if you think your client could benefit from completing this worksheet then no harm would come from distributing it. Additionally, we would recommend giving them the worksheet as early into the treatment journey as possible, as it is a fantastic resource for developing a plan.

Who completes Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens?

The self esteem worksheet for teens has been designed to be completed by clients. However, this can be dependent on the specific client’s needs and general capabilities, and you may find it is an easier process if you assist them in completing it. This is completely fine, provided the answers included on the worksheet have been mainly dictated by the client, as they should be an honest reflection of the client’s experiences.

Where should I store completed Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens?

Because these documents contain confidential information, they need to be stored according to HIPAA guidelines. There are a couple of ways that this can be done. You can either store them in a physical location that has adequate security, or you can use a HIPAA-compliant EHR system. While both of these options are fine, we recommend using an EHR platform, as these are often the most secure and have the additional advantage of being highly accessible.

Why Use Carepatron For Self Esteem Worksheet Software?

One of the best decisions that therapy practices can make in today’s digital age is to invest in powerful practice management software. There is an abundance of solutions available in the current market, but there are many reasons that support Carepatron as the frontrunner. If you are looking for access to resources like this self esteem worksheet, then Carepatron is the way to go. With a resource library equipped with a vast number of templates and worksheets, your practice will be able to easily elevate client engagement. Carepatron also allows you to store these documents on its HIPAA-compliant platform, ensuring client information is protected at all times. With over 10,000 healthcare practitioners currently using the software, Carepatron is known for its versatility. It offers clinical documentation, appointment scheduling, mobile health, client engagement, and medical billing solutions, guaranteed to improve the administrative and clinical procedures at your clinic.

Self Esteem Worksheet Software
When to use Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens?
When to use Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens?
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